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Infotainment Report 2011 Product Image

Infotainment Report 2011

  • Published: June 2011
  • Region: Global
  • 142 Pages
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  • Alpine Electronics
  • Blaupunkt
  • Continental
  • Ford
  • JVC
  • MOST Cooperation
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This report assesses key trends in infotainment, and considers many of the market drivers and market barriers for the various participants in the infotainment eco-system. The report reviews the activities of many industry forums active in developing standards for infotainment hardware and software.

The report also includes a comprehensive review of infotainment sub-systems and technology, including satellite radio, DAB, HR radio, internet radio, Bluetooth, navigation, telematics, voice recognition and smartphone integration strategies. Furthermore, the report analyses the latest developments of the major suppliers in this sector.

Background to this Research

While some OEMs are responding to economic pressures with a range of “value” vehicles, promoting fuel efficiency and safety, others are focusing on product innovation and differentiation inside the vehicle in an attempt to win customers hearts as well as their heads, and – consequently – a larger share of their wallet.

Nowhere is this product innovation more apparent than in the area of infotainment systems. Infotainment is considered by most OEMs as important to the brand and often a key differentiator in the car-buying decision, with a customer appetite for functionality driven not by the brand but by experiences with consumer electronics.



Infotainment trends to watch 2011-12

Human Machine Interface:
The Cloud
Software in the car

Industry Challenges

Driver Distraction
Product Development Cycles
In-vehicle integration challenges
Opportunities for the Aftermarket
Regional differences


Connected vehicle applications

1. Embedded Telematics Solutions
2. Tethered Connectivity Solutions
3. Remote Terminal Solutions
4. Remote Skin Approach

The New Value Chain - Automotive Apps Store


Satellite Radio
HD Radio
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
Internet Radio in the Car
Navigation Systems
Example smartphone A2DP application – Ford Sync
In-Vehicle Voice Control


Car Connectivity Consortium
CE4A - Consumer Electronics for Automotive
GENIVI Reference Platform
IEEE1394 Auto
MOST Cooperation


Alpine Electronics


Autonet Mobile






Multi Media Platform
Continental Case Study: The Telematics App Store:
Car View
Mobile View
Partner View
Service Configuration and Certification
Applications and Services:
Eco-System Partners

Delphi Corporation


Toyota Entune
iPhone Integration and Drowsy Driver System
Microsoft Collaboration
Dual View Screen Technology
Blue Harmony


Fiat's Blue&Me
Delphi / Audi




Johnson Controls



Magneti Marelli

BMW Entry Level Platform
Fiat's Blue&Me
Overview of PSAs RTx Series
Other Areas:


Fiat Blue&Me
MyFord Touch



Peiker Acustic




Current Products

List of Figures

Figure 1: Infotainment feature availability (Source: iSuppli)
Figure 2: Generic connected vehicle application groups
Figure 3: Enhancing embedded solutions by bringing in off-board functionality
Figure 4: Augmenting Mercedes Head Unit with smartphone apps – cradle solution
Figure 5: Nokia Terminal Mode
Figure 6: Range of options for delivering apps to the car
Figure 7: Range of typical automotive apps
Figure 8: Distribution of Sirius vs XM by OEM
Figure 9: Pioneer DEH-P7200-HD Radio
Figure 10: Sony CDX-GT700HD
Figure 11: HD Radio Convertor Boxes from JVC and Kenwood
Figure 12: Ford Sony DAB radio in the Ford Grand C-MAX
Figure 13: Philips CEM3000B digital radio
Figure 14: Sony Cdx-Dab6650 DAB radio with MP3, CD and FM stations
Figure 15: Bosch RNS Navigation System in 1997 Ford Mondeo
Figure 16: Renault TomTom Carminat
Figure 17: Ford MyFord Touch Navigation
Figure 18: Entune Speech Recognition
Figure 19: GENIVI Platform Vision (courtesy GENIVI)
Figure 20: Potential applications for IEEE1394 Auto
Figure 21: MOST interfaces to consumer electronics

Further Figures

Figure 1: Alpine MRX-V60 and PXA-H800
Figure 2: Alpine RUX-C800
Figure 3: Alpine CDE-123 CD receivers showing different audio modes
Figure 4: Alpine CDE124-SXM head unit
Figure 5: Alpine INA-W910
Figure 6: Audiovox GM OE-styled multimedia & navigation system - OGM1
Figure 7: Audiovox Universal OE Multimedia & Navigation System
Figure 8: View from Audiovox rear camera, showing standard, birds eye and corner views
Figure 9: AudioVox CarLink App
Figure 10: Audiovox AVDBR1 Blu-ray player
Figure 11: Audiovox PS2 installation
Figure 12: Autonet CarFi product
Figure 13: Blaupunkt New York 800
Figure 14: Blaupunkt 410 BT Tuner
Figure 15: Blaupunkt San Francisco 310
Figure 16: Blaupunkt Atlanta 110
Figure 17: Bosch RNS 310 for VW
Figure 18: Nissan Connect system by Bosch
Figure 19: Bosch Navigation iPhone App
Figure 20: Bosch Head Unit in Smart fortwo
Figure 21: Bosch Head Unit in Opel Corsa
Figure 22: Corsa CD500 Navi
Figure 23: Jaguar XJ Dual View screen
Figure 24: BOSE CENTREPOINT system in 2010 Mazda CX-7
Figure 25: Ferrari Scaglietti 612 head unit
Figure 26: BOSE Audio in Renault Koleos
Figure 27: BOSE audio system on Chevrolet Volt
Figure 28: Clarion NAX-700 (1993)
Figure 29: Clarion AutoPC (1998)
Figure 30: Clarion VRX755VD
Figure 31: Clarion HDD AV Navigation System
Figure 32: Clarion NX501
Figure 33: Clarion NZ501
Figure 34: Clarion CX501
Figure 35: Clarion NZ501
Figure 36: CRASVIA NX10
Figure 37: Smoonavi 710
Figure 38: Conti Black Panel Centre Stack Concept
Figure 39: Conti Multi Media Platform
Figure 40: Conti RNS 510 Multimedia System
Figure 41: Conti Flat Panel Radio
Figure 42: Continental AUTOLINQ approach
Figure 43: AutoLinQ concept showing different use conditions
Figure 44: AutoLinQ head-unit
Figure 45: AutoLinQ - web-based navigation
Figure 46: Conti view of OEM App Store
Figure 47: AutoLinQ customer groupings
Figure 48: AutoLinQ Sample Apps: Traffic View and Address Book
Figure 49: Tyre Pressure App
Figure 50: Delphi Connected Navigation Radio for Audi
Figure 51: Car-aware flexible smartphone OS
Figure 52: Delphi s Software Radio (Source: Delphi)
Figure 53: Delphi s Receiver Roadmap (Source: Delphi)
Figure 54: Delphi Cockpit Concept
Figure 55: Delphi Smart Fob with NFC
Figure 56: Toyota Entune Display
Figure 57: Denso concept showing iPhone mounted in steering wheel
Figure 58: Denso Blue Harmony concept
Figure 59: Toyota Venza - Denso Nav system
Figure 60: Toyota Lexus Nav System
Figure 61: DAB Display, developed with Elektrobit s GUIDE
Figure 62: Audi A5 Gesture Recognition System
Figure 63: Fiat s Blue&Me implementation showing driver controls and displays
Figure 64: Ford SYNC device and remote display
Figure 65: Delphi Navigation solution for Audi A1
Figure 66: Navigation screens for Audi A1 using Elektrobit Street Director
Figure 67: Harman infotainment system in Hyundai Equus
Figure 68: Forward view of Harman augmented reality nav display
Figure 69: Mercedes E Class showing Harman Kardon system
Figure 70: BMW X5 Harman Soundsystem
Figure 71: Ferrari FF cockpit with JBL QuantumLogic system
Figure 72: Intel IVI Reference Design
Figure 73: IVI Reference Platform Implementation
Figure 74: IVI Reference Platform Architecture
Figure 75: Bluestar TIVI Product in the Hawtai B11
Figure 76: Johnson Controls VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
Figure 77: JCI Connected Centre Stack Display
Figure 78: JCI Connected Centre Stack
Figure 79: JVC KW-HDR720 HD Radio with Pandora
Figure 80: JVC KW-NT50HDT Navigation with Clear Channel Radio
Figure 81: JVC KD-R520 USB/CD Radio with iPhone interface
Figure 82: JVC-AVX840
Figure 83: Arsenal KW-ADV794 Multimedia
Figure 84: Integrated navigation system manufactured by Kenwood and JVC for the first time (for Japanese consumer markets
Figure 85: KIV-700 Digital Media Receiver
Figure 86: Kenwood DNX9980HD Navigation system co-developed with Garmin
Figure 87: Kenwood KVT-696 Entertainment System with Optional Navigation module.
Figure 88: Kenwood KDC-X-995 CD 1-DIN Receiver
Figure 89: Blue&Me - connection of MP3 player in USB slot
Figure 90: Blue&Me - connection kit for iPod/iPhone
Figure 92: Blue&Me initiation switch on steering wheel – note the Microsoft logo
Figure 92: Blue&Me switch array, in vehicle headliner, showing SOS call and Concierge service
Figure 93: Blue&Me MAP Navigation display, integrated into instrument cluster
Figure 94: Blue&Me TomTom integrated screen
Figure 97: Peugeot central console showing RT4
Figure 97: RT4 control panel
Figure 97 Main RT4 control screen
Figure 98: Marelli thirdgeneration Telematics unit for PSA
Figure 99: Panasonic Uconnect Touch 8.4N
Figure 100: Uconnect on Dodge Charger
Figure 101: Fender branded speaker in VW Jetta
Figure 102: Saab 9-5 Navigation System
Figure 103: Honda DVD Entertainment System
Figure 105: Honda Odyssey Rear-seat Entertainment System
Figure 104: CY-VHD9401N RSE system
Figure 106: Parrot Gateway Module
Figure 107: Parrot ASTEROID receiver
Figure 108: Detachable faceplate on ASTEROID
Figure 109: Parrot ASTEROID in VW
Figure 110: Delphi head unit for Audi, including Parrot telephony
Figure 111: Aha Radio app on Pioneer AVIC series
Figure 112: Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT
Figure 113: Pioneer AVIC-X930BT
Figure 114: Pioneer Smart Cradle for iPhone
Figure 115: Pioneer App Radio - Image courtesy CrunchGear
Figure 116: Pioneer MVH Series media receivers
Figure 117: Sony head unit in Ford Flex
Figure 118: Sony head unit in Ford C-Max
Figure 119: Sony Xplod aftermarket infotainment system
Figure 120: Visteon Integrated Centre Panel
Figure 121: Visteon Demo Infotainment Platform
Figure 122: Visteon infotainment platform display
Figure 123: Visteon DVD/CD Platform
Figure 124: Visteon Thin Profile Audio
Figure 125: Visteon Digital Audio Card
Figure 126: Visteon Innovation Radio
Figure 127: Visteon Rear-seat USB Module

- Audi
- Autonet Mobile
- Alpine Electronics
- Audiovox
- Blaupunkt
- Bosch
- Clarion
- Continental
- Denso
- Delphi
- Elektrobit
- Fiat
- Ferrari
- Ford
- Haran
- Johnson Controls
- Kia
- Kenwood
- Mercedes
- Microsoft
- MOST Cooperation
- Magneti Marelli
- Pioneer
- Panasonic
- Parrot
- Peiker Acustic
- Toyota
- Volkswagen

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