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Asia-Pacific Food Retailing: Opportunities and Implications - Product Image

Asia-Pacific Food Retailing: Opportunities and Implications

  • Published: May 2011
  • Region: Asia
  • 42 Pages
  • Business Monitor International


  • Ad Ani
  • Carrefour
  • Hanoi Trade Corporation
  • Kpi Co Ltd
  • Pantaloon Retail
  • Seven Eleven
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The Growth of Asia Food Retailing Opportunities and Implications

The spread of organised grocery retail will continue to gather pace among Asian Pacific economies. This trend, however, is particularly pronounced in the region’s emerging markets, as rapid urbanisation and an ongoing liberalisation of retail foreign direct investment (FDI) regulations encourage growth in organised grocery retail sales. Examining the relative attractiveness of organised grocery retail markets, this report highlights three distinct groups in the Asia Pacific region and concluded that the most exciting long-term growth opportunities lie with the underdeveloped retail markets of India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

As the concept of organised retail gets more entrenched in emerging Asian economies, this report aims to examine in this report the impact of an ongoing spread of organised retail on various key stakeholders, which includes traditional retailers, consumers, suppliers as well as farmers.

While this report sees the proliferation of organised retail as a blessing for emerging market consumers, providing benefits such as cost savings and the assurance of quality, the same certainly READ MORE >

Executive Summary
The Growth Of Asia Food Retailing Opportunities And Implications
Key Takeaways
BMI Industry Forecasts

Chapter 1
Asia Pacific Organised Retail Sectors
Identifying Relative Value And Opportunities
Chart: A Three-Tiered Hierarchy
Organised Retail As A Proportion Of Grocery Retail Sales (%) (2011 Versus 2020)
First Tier: Modern Retail Well-Entrenched, But Growth Could Start To Stagnate
Chart: Developed Markets Leading The Pack
2011 GDP Per Capita (Us$) And Proportional Contribution Of Organised Retail To Grocery Retail Sales In 2011 (%)
Second Tier: Exciting Long-Term Rewards On Offer
Chart: Very Dynamic Growth
China, Malaysia & Thailand: GDP Per Capita % Chg Y-O-Y & Mgr Sales Growth, In Local Currency Terms, % Chg Y-O-Y
Third Tier: Underdeveloped Mgr Sectors Leave Massive Room For Growth
Table: Total Mass Grocery Retail Sales, In Local Currency Terms
Indicators: Australia (Aud Bn), China (Cny Bn), Hong Kong (Hkd Bn), Indonesia (Idr Bn),
India (Inr Bn), Japan (Jpy Bn), South Korea (Krw Bn), Malaysia (Myr Bn), Philippines (Php Bn),
Thailand (Thb Bn), Taiwan (Twd Bn), Vietnam (Vnd Bn)

Chapter 2
Implications Of An Ongoing Spread Of Modern Retail
Traditional Retailers Have The Most At Stake
Impact On Traditional Retailers
Chart: Growing Dominance Of Modern Retailers
Lhs: Hong Kong Mass Grocery Retail Sales, Hkd Bn And Rhs: Singapore Mass Grocery Retail Sales, Sgd Bn
Impact On Suppliers And Farmers
Impact On Consumers

Chapter 3
China Mass Grocery Retail Sector Outlook
Holding Massive Long-Term Appeal
Chart: Rising Affluence Drives Spread Of Modern Retail
China - Lhs: Gdp Per Capita, Us$ And Rhs: Mass Grocery Retail Sales, % Chg Y-O-Y
Swot: China Mgr Industry
Chart: Discount Store Sub-Format Set To Outperform
China - Mgr Sub-Sectors Growth Forecast, % Chg Y-O-Y
Table: China Mgr Indicators – Historical Data & Forecasts
Indicators: Supermarkets (Cny Bn), Hypermarkets (Cny Bn), Discount Stores (Cny Bn),
Convenience Stores (Cny Bn), Total Mass Grocery Retail Sector (Cny Bn), Total Mass
Grocery Retail Sector Growth, % Y-O-Y
Table: Key Players In China’s Mass Grocery Retail Sector
Company: Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Lianhua Supermarket Holdings, Rt -Mart, China Resources
Vanguard Supermarkets, Dashang Group, Shanghai Bailian Group, Beijing Wumart,
Metro Jinjiang, Beijing Hualian Hypermarkets, Hualian Supermarket Co, Tesco, Cp Seven Eleven,
Auchen, Kpi Co Ltd
4 Business Monitor International Ltd
Asia-Pacific Food Retailing: Opportunities And Implications
India Mass Grocery Retail Sector Outlook
Indian Mgr Sales Set To Soar As Mgr Sector Gradually Liberalises
Chart: Very Low Incomes
2011 GDP Per Capita, Us$’
Swot: India Mgr Industry
Looking Ahead
Table: India Mgr Indicators–Historical Data & Forecasts
Indicators: Supermarkets (Inr Bn), Hypermarkets (Inr Bn), Discount Stores (Inr Bn),
Convenience Stores (Inr Bn), Total Mass Grocery Retail Sector (Inr Bn), Total Mass
Grocery Retail Sector Growth, % Ch G Y-O-Y
Table: Key Players In India’s Mass Grocery Retail Sector
Parent Company: Pantaloon Retail, Shopper’s Stop, Rpg Enterprises Retail,
Consumer Protection And Guidance Society, Tata Retail, Aditya Birla Retail, Reliance Retail,
Metro Cash & Carry, Nilgiri’s Franch Ise Pvt Ltd, Godrej Aadh Ar, Ad Ani, Home Stores Ind Ia Ltd
Indonesia Mass Grocery Retail Sector Outlook
Convenience And Supermarket Sectors To Outperform Through 2015
Chart: One Of The Gang!
Real GDP Growth, % Chg Y-O-Y
Swot: Indonesia Mgr Industry
Chart: Supermarkets Leading Retail Sales Growth
Supermarkets, Hypermarkets And Convenience Store Sales Growth, % Chg Y-O-Y
Table: Indonesia Mgr Indicators–Historical Data & Forecasts
Indicators: Supermarkets (Idr Bn), Hypermarkets (Idr Bn), Convenience Stores (Idr Bn), Total Mass
Grocery Retail Sector (Idr Bn), Total Mass Grocery Retail Sector Growth, % Ch G Y-O-Y
Table: Key Players In Indonesia’s Mass Grocery Retail Sector
Parent Company: Pt Carrefour Ind Onesia, Pt Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk, Pt Hero
Supermarket Tbk, Pt Matahari Putra Prima Tbk, Pt Ramayana Lestari Sentosa Tbk,
Pt Ind Omaret Prismatama, Pt Lion Superind O, Pt Makro Indonesia **, Pt Alfa Retailind O Tbk
Vietnam Mass Grocery Retail Sector
BMI Sees Plenty Of Upside In Vietnam’s Mgr Sector
Chart: Economic Boom Lifts Purchasing Power
Vietnam: Gdp Per Capita, Us$ (Lhs) And Real Gdp Growth, % Chg Y-O-Y (Rhs)
Swot: Vietnam Mgr Industry
Table: Vietnam Mgr Indicators–Historical Data & Forecasts
Indicators: Supermarkets (Vnd Bn), Hypermarkets (Vnd Bn), Convenienc E (Vnd Bn),
Total Mass Grocery Retail Sector (Vnd Bn), Total Mass Grocery Retail Sector Growth,
% Ch G Y-O-Y
Table: Key Players In Vietnam’s Mass Grocery Retail Sector
Parent Company: Saigon Co-Op, Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam, Cp Group, Groupe Casino,
Hanoi Trade Corporation, Vietnam National Textile And Garment Group, Saigon Trading
Corporation, Dairy Farm International Holdings, In Timex Hanoi, An Ph Ong Company

Chapter 4
Global Retailers’ Prospects In Asia
Wal-Mart And Tesco’s Asian Prospects Looking Particularly Bright
Asian Exposure Key To Supporting Future Growth
Chart: Tesco: An Enviable Asian Profile
Asia Sales, Us$Mn
Wal-Mart and Tesco Well-Poised In China
Chart: Limited Appetite For Carrefour’s Higher-Value Positioning
Selected Countries Gdp Per Capita (Us$), 20
And In Emerging Asia
Chart: Wal-Mart & Tesco Have Strong Financing Capacities
Selected Retailers Debt-To-Ebitda Ratio
Wal-Mart and Tesco’s Strong Financial Clout To Support Expansionary Ambitions

Chapter 5
Global Retailers’ Emerging Market Exposure
Big Western Retailers Need More Em Exposure
Chart: Still A Lot More That Can Be Done
Selected Retailers Emerging Market Proportional (%) Contribution To Annual Sales
Chart: The Action Is Clearly In Emerging Markets
Selected Retailers Revenue Growth 5 Year Geometric (%) (Average)
Similar Emsi Scores
Russia Exemplifies What Can Be Done In Ems

Global Company Profiles
Wal-Mart Stores
Company Overview
Swot: Wal-Mart Analysis
Emerging Markets Increasingly Important
Table: Wal-Mart Annual Sales & Contribution By Business Unit/Region (%)–Fiscal Year To January
Indicators: Us Sales, Us$Bn, International Sales, Us$Bn, Sam’s Club, Us$Bn, Us Sales Contribution, %,
International Sales Contribution, %, Sam’s Club Contribution, %
Tesco Plc
Company Overview
Chart: Mature
UK Mass Grocery Retail Sales - 2002-20
Swot: Tesco Analysis
Emerging Markets Growth Crucial
South East Asia Exposure Key To Em Strategy
Precious Scope For Retail Growth Domestically
Table: Tesco Annual Sales–Fiscal Year To February
Indicators: Group Sales (Including Value Added Tax), Gbp Bn, Growth, % Ch G Y-O-Y
Sales By Geographic Breakdown, Excluding Value Added Tax: UK Sales, Gbp Bn, Rest Of Europe
Sales, Gbp Bn, Asia Sales, Gbp Bn, Us Sales, Gbp Mn
Company Overview
Chart: Discount Challenge Affecting Already Ailing Hypermarket Segment
France Hypermarket Sales - 2003-20
Swot: Carrefour Analysis
Revamp Strategy Necessary, Stronger Focus On Price To Follow?
Chart: Carrefour’s Falling Margins
Operating Profit Margin (%)
Table: Carrefour Sales By Business Unit/ Region (Eur Bn)–Fiscal Years To December
Indicators: Carrefour Franc E Sales, Carrefour International Sales, Maxidisc Ompte
Carrefour Top Five Markets By Annual Sales Proportional Contribution To Group Revenues
(%) - Fiscal Years To December: Franc E, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Belgium
Chart: France Reliant, Brazil And China Crucial
Carrefour Top Ten Markets By Annual Revenue Contribution (%) - December 2010 Year End
Carrefour Re-Focusing Em Strategy On Core Markets
Carrefour Arguably Has Most Riding On Ems
Casino Guichard-Perrachon
Company Overview
Chart: Growth Will Have To Come Mostly From Ems
France Mass Grocery Retail Sales (Eur Bn), 2001 - 20
Swot: Casino Analysis
Chart: Changing Focus
Casino France Sales Breakdown
France Weakness Holding Back Growth
Chart: Casino Holds Steady As Revamp Hits Carrefour’s Margins
Selected Retailers Historical Operating Profit Margin (%)
Em Focus Pivotal
Table: Casino Sales By Business Unit/Region–Fiscal Years To December
Indicators: France Sales, Eur Bn, Latin America Sales, Eur Bn, As Ia Sales, Eur Bn, Other
International Business Sales, Eur Mn Casino Proportional Contribution To Group Sales By

- 4 Business Monitor International Ltd
- Ad Ani
- Aditya Birla Retail
- Alfa Retailind O Tbk
- An Ph Ong Company
- Auchen
- Beijing Hualian Hypermarkets
- Beijing Wumart
- Carrefour
- China Resources
- Cp Group
- Seven Eleven
- Dairy Farm International Holdings
- Dashang Group
- Godrej Aadh Ar
- Groupe Casino,
- Hanoi Trade Corporation
- Hero
- Home Stores Ind Ia Ltd
- Hualian Supermarket Co
- In Timex Hanoi
- Ind Omaret Prismatama
- Kpi Co Ltd
- Lianhua Supermarket Holdings
- Lion Superind O
- Makro Indonesia
- Matahari Putra Prima Tbk
- Metro Cash & Carry
- Metro Jinjiang
- Nilgiri’s Franch Ise Pvt Ltd
- Pantaloon Retail
- Ramayana Lestari Sentosa Tbk,
- Reliance Retail,
- Rpg Enterprises Retail,
- Rt - Mart
- Saigon Co-Op
- Saigon Trading
- Shanghai Bailian Group
- Shopper’s Stop
- Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk
- Tata Retail
- Tesco
- Vanguard Supermarkets
- Vietnam National Textile And Garment Group
- Wal-Mart

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