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Theatrical Film Distribution in Russia

  • ID: 1836417
  • Report
  • January 2011
  • Region: Russia
  • 80 Pages
  • Nevafilm JSC
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This report provides a complete guide to selling films in Russia through theatrical distribution. A description of the legal aspects of film distribution, a history of the growth of the market and its current state, the key players, market trends, and growth perspectives is provided.

This report offers a cross-section of the current state of Russia's film market, including the following aspects:

- public film screening market (cinema exhibition);
- sales of physical copies of audiovisual products (DVD, Blu-ray);
- sales of exhibition and viewing rights to audiovisual works in digital format, without the use of physical media (broadcast on television or over the Internet).

Films in Russian distribution

Around 300-350 films are released in Russian cinemas each year. This number dropped slightly during the crisis of 2009, but rose again in 2010, reaching 338 films, along with 25 alternative shows designed for digital cinemas.

Peculiarities of Russian distribution

In late 2008, devaluation of the rouble prompted by the global economic crisis and a drop in oil prices seriously affected the cost of prints. After a certain point, this forced distributors to start considering cutbacks in the scale of their releases. As a result, 2009 saw a growing number of second-run cinemas forced into this category by distributors unhappy about the results of previous releases. The cinemas were given a choice: get the film 3-4 weeks after its premiere, or pay a high “minimum guarantee” fee to recoup the distributor's film printing and logistics and advertising expenses, and bring the exhibitor the expected profit.

It didn't take the cinemas long, however, to find a way out, as they began installing digital projection equipment. Desire to join the ranks of first-run “premiere” cinemas became one of the driving forces behind the transition to digital technology for exhibitors in smaller cities. As a result, the number of second-run cinemas in Russia did not have time to grow, and the average film release period in Russia remains short (an average of two weeks).

Film distribution and exhibition market volume

Russia's box office receipts are growing at an ever more impressive pace: around 40% per year (in dollar terms), with the exception of the crisis of 2009, when, for the first time in modern Russian history, box office figures in hard currency showed negative growth (12%), caused by devaluation of the rouble during late 2008 – early 2009).

Still, even then, the rouble volume of the film distribution market continued to grow, albeit at a lower rate (currently at 13%). However, the results for 2010 so far show that the Russian theatrical distribution crisis is over, and the box office receipts have nearly reached a billion dollars.

Film ticket prices

In the last few years, an increase in the average ticket price has remained the principal driving force behind the growth in Russia's gross box office receipts. This is true both for prices in roubles and in their dollar equivalent, although the latter also reflect variations in the currency exchange rates, particularly since the rouble's devaluation in 2009, when the average ticket price in hard currency terms fell by 21%.


The Russian cinema exhibition market is highly fragmented. It has around 500 players, including 82 cinema chains and more than 400 independent cinemas. Of the chains on Russia's market, 21 operate on a nationwide level (managing cinemas in several federal districts), 8 operate on a regional level (working on the territories of several regions within a single federal district), and 53 local operate locally (each functioning within a single Russian region).

Film distribution

As at December 2010, a total of about 30 companies are operating on the Russian film distribution market (not counting regional film and video rental organizations and companies launched for the exhibition of a single film). The majority of companies (14) represented on the market work with independent films produced for a mainstream audience. Nine companies work primarily with arthouse films; five represent major Hollywood studios (although as a rule, their program is not limited to these releases), and one company works exclusively with alternative digital content.

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  • 20th Century Fox CIS
  • Chekhov-Center
  • Imperiya Kino
  • Kinoplex
  • Mirage Cinema
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1.1 The overall structure of the Russian film distribution market
1.2 Legal aspects of theatrical film distribution in Russia
1.2.1 Regulatory agencies governing the industry
1.2.2 Key legislation
1.2.3 Basic legal framework, rights and restrictions
1.2.4 Mandatory fees and tax incentives
1.3 Development history of the film distribution market
1.4 Current market status
1.4.1 Film distribution infrastructure – exhibition
1.4.2 Films in Russian distribution
1.4.3 Peculiarities of Russian distribution
1.5 Film distribution and exhibition market volume
1.6. Film ticket prices
1.7 Principal market players
1.7.1 Exhibition
1.7.2 Film distribution
1.8 Trends and predictions for future development

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