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Deep Frying: Chemistry, Nutrition and Practical Applications, 2nd Edition

  • ID: 1838625
  • May 2007
  • 461 Pages
  • AOCS Press
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Since the first edition of Deep Frying was published in 1996, there have been many changes to the U.S. FDA Dietary Guidelines and nutritional labeling laws, and improvements in frying technology and practices have made a significant impact on the industry. This book will cover everything you need to know to create fat and oil ingredients that are nutritious, uniquely palatable and satisfying.

Key topics covered:

- Physical Characteristics
- Nutrition
- Application
- Evaluation
- Regulation

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Part 1: Overview
- Production and Composition of Frying Fats
- Storage and Handling of Finished Frying Oils
- Initial Quality of Frying Oil

Part 2: Physical Characteristics
- Volatile Odor and Flavor Components Formed in Deep Frying
- Isomeric and Cyclic Fatty Acids as a Result of Frying
- Formation and Analysis of Oxidized Monomeric, Dimeric, and Higher Oligomeric Triglycerides
- Formation, Analysis, and Health Effects of Oxidized Sterols in Frying Fat

Part 3: Nutrition
- Role of Fat in the Diet
- Nutritional and Physiological Effects of Used Frying Oils and Fats
- Physiological Effects of trans and Cyclic Fatty Acids
- The Chemistry and Nutrition of Non-nutritive Fats

Part 4: Application
- Dynamics of Frying
- Foodservice Frying
- Industrial Frying
- Practical Foodservice Frying: Troubleshooting

Part 5: Evaluation
- General Considerations for Designing Laboratory Scale Fry-Tests
- Designing Field Frying Tests
- Evaluation of Used Frying Oil
- Evaluation of Passive and Active Filter Media
- Sensory Evaluation of Frying Fat and Deep-Fried Products

Part 6: Regulation
- Regulation of Frying Fat and Oil
- Environmental Concerns
- Options for Reducing/Eliminating trans Fatty Acids in Deep Fat Frying and Labeling Implications
- Current and Future Frying Issues

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown