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2010 Business Connectivity Wireline and Wireless Report Card

  • ID: 1843358
  • Report
  • August 2010
  • 205 Pages
  • Atlantic-ACM
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  • AT&T
  • Cogent
  • Fibertech
  • One Communications
  • Qwest
  • Sprint
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ATLANTIC-ACM' s fifth annual Business Connectivity Report Card study is an industry-wide, survey-based study that enables small- and medium-sized business and enterprise customers to provide feedback on multiple carriers, including wireless carriers (new this year), in a variety of service and product categories, and to evaluate carrier operations. The report is based on more than 5,000 individual carrier ratings and features business/enterprise customer ratings of carrier performance over multiple service and operational categories from the past 12 months of service. The resulting data provides carriers with an overview of strengths and weaknesses from the customers' point of view, and allows them to directly compare their own performance to that of competitors. In addition, the analysis enables business class customers to make informed choices when selecting carriers.

Who Needs This Report:

- Metro Providers
- Competitive Telecom Service Providers
- Financial Analysts
- Investment Bankers
- Enterprises
- Metro Partners
- Wireless Telephone Companies
- Internet Service Providers
- Consultants
- Investors

Why You Need This Data:

- Back Your Market Entry or Investment Strategy
- Support Product Development Plans
- Identify Investment Opportunities
- Pursue Market Growth Areas
- To Compare Your Operations with Other Carriers
- To Compare Carriers When Selecting a Service Provider
- Study the Competition and Specific Competitors
- Present Investors with Hard Industry Facts
- Gain Invaluable Data on Customer and Partner Preferences
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  • AT&T
  • Cogent
  • Fibertech
  • One Communications
  • Qwest
  • Sprint
  • MORE
Executive Summary

I.Industry Background
- i.Business Market Sizing
- ii.Trends and Influences Driving the Market
- iii.Business Product Definitions

II.Business Connectivity Report Findings
- i.Methodology and Respondent Overview
- a.Regions of Operation
b.Primary Revenue Driver
c.Respondent Title and Influence
d.Monthly Telecom Spend and Company Size
e.Product Penetration
f.Average Contract Lengths
g.Expected 12-Month Spending Change
h.Migration Trends
- i.Drivers of Purchase/Customer Priorities
- ii.Wireline Carrier Ratings
a.Customer Experience Touch Points Ratings
b.Data Products Price and Quality
c.Voice Products Price and Quality
d.Overall Cust. Experience Scores
e.Cust. Experience Scores by Business Type
f.Y/Y Product Quality Scores
g.Y/Y Product Price Scores
- iii.Wireless Carrier Ratings
a.Customer Experience Touch Points Ratings
b.Products Price and Quality
c.Overall Cust. Experience Scores
d.Y/Y Product Scores

III.Carrier Case Studies
- i.Wireline Case Studies
f.Level 3
g.One Communications
j.RCN Metro
l.tw telecom
- ii.Wireless Carrier Ratings
a.AT&T Mobility
b.Sprint Wireless
d.Verizon Wireless

Table of Figures
- 1.2009 Revenue Share by Product Category
- 2.Business Market Revenue by Product
- 3.Business Data ProductsRevenue: 2009  2015e
- 4.Business Voice Products Revenue: 2009  2015e
- 5.Total Real U.S. GDP and Unemployment Rate by Year: 1Q07  1Q10
- 6.Quarterly Corporate Profits (without IVA and CCAdj)*
- 7.2009 Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity
- 8.Y/Y Entrepreneurial Rate
- 9.Total Real Value Added to U.S. GDP by Information, Communications, and Technology Industries
- 10.Consumer Sentiment: January 2006  June 2010
- 11.ARRA Stimulus Funding
- 12.Top 15 States: Stimulus Funds and Number of Jobs Funded
- 13.Total Number of Reachable Businesses
- 14.Total Number of Reachable and Connected Anchor Institutions
- 15.Medicare and Medicaid EMR Provided Incentives for Eligible Professionals
- 16.Immediate Home Energy Savings
- 17.Estimated 2030 Smart Grid Payoff
- 18.Proportion of U.S. Businesses by Number of Employees
- 19.2010 VoIP Penetration Rate by Business Size
- 20.U.S. VoIP Subscribers: 2007  2013e
- 21.M2M Connections: Leading Wireless Carriers in 1Q10 vs. Total Estimated Connections in 2014
- 22.Total Wireless Data ARPU as a Percent of Total Wireless Revenue ARPU: AT&T and Verizon
- 23.Mobile-Only Data Users in the U.S.: 2009  2014e
- 24.4G Deployment Timeline: 2010  2013
- 25.Business VoIP Revenue and Share: Select Major Cable Providers
- 26.Cable Modem Network Architecture
- 27.DSL Network Architecture
- 28.FTTx Revenue: FiOS and U-verse
- 29.Depiction of Direct Internet Connection
- 30.Star Topology Network
- 31.Bus Topology Network
- 32.Primary Rate Interface Product Depiction
- 33.VoIP
- 34.AT&T 3G Laptop Connect Customers: 1Q07  2Q10
- 35.Wireless Penetration in the United States (percent)
- 36.Number of Metropolitan Areas in which Business Respondents Purchase Local Service
- 37.Primary Revenue Driver
- 38.Respondent' s Title
- 39.Respondent' s Influence in Purchase Decisions
- 40.Monthly Telecom Spending
- 41.Number of Employees
- 42.Product Penetration
- 43.Average Contract Lengths by Primary Business Model (in months)
- 44.Contract Length Distribution: 2009 vs. 2010
- 45.Average Contract Length
- 46.Expected 12-Month Change in Spending* by Product
- 47.Products Reported as Migration Targets
- 48.Product Origins of Ethernet Migrations
- 49.Product Origins of VoIP Migrations
- 50.Drivers of Purchase
- 51.Drivers: Industry vs. Media
- 52.Drivers: Industry vs. Education
- 53.Drivers: Industry vs. Fin Srv/Insurance
- 54.Drivers: Industry vs. Healthcare
- 55.Drivers: Industry vs. Legal
- 56.Drivers: Industry vs. Manufacturing
- 57.Drivers: Industry vs. Real Estate
- 58.Drivers: Industry vs. Retailer/Wholesaler
- 59.Drivers: Industry vs. Transportation/Utilities
- 60.Drivers: Industry vs. Travel/Hospitality
- 61.Ratings
- 62.ILEC/IXC Brand
- 63.CLEC/Cable/Fiber Brand
- 64.ILEC/IXC Sales Reps
- 65.CLEC/Cable/Fiber Sales Reps
- 66.ILEC/IXC Provisioning/Installation
- 67.CLEC/Cable/Fiber Provisioning/Installation
- 68.ILEC/IXC Network Performance
- 69.CLEC/Cable/Fiber Network Performance
- 70.ILEC/IXC Billing
- 71.CLEC/Cable/Fiber Billing
- 72.ILEC/IXC Customer Service
- 73.CLEC/Cable/Fiber Customer Service
- 74.Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 75.Overall Data Quality
- 76.Overall Data Price Competitiveness
- 77.Overall Data Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 78.ATM/Frame Relay Quality
- 79.ATM/Frame Relay Price
- 80.ATM/Frame Relay Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 81.Cable/DSL/FiOS/U-verse Internet Access Quality
- 82.Cable/DSL/FiOS/U-verse Internet Access Price
- 83.Internet Access Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 84.Collocation Quality
- 85.Collocation Price
- 86.Collocation Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 87.Dedicated Internet Access Quality
- 88.Dedicated Internet Access Price
- 89.DIA Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 90.Ethernet Quality
- 91.Ethernet Price
- 92.Ethernet Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 93.ISDN (PRI) Quality
- 94.ISDN (PRI) Price
- 95.ISDN (PRI) Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 96.IP VPN Quality
- 97.IP VPN Price
- 98.IP VPN Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 99.Local Private Line Quality
- 100.Local Private Line Price
- 101.Local Private Line Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 102.Long Haul Private Line Quality
- 103.Long Haul Private Line Price
- 104.Long Haul Private Line Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 105.SONET Ring Quality
- 106.SONET Ring Price
- 107.SONET Ring Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 108.Web Hosting Quality
- 109.Web Hosting Price
- 110.Web Hosting Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 111.Overall Voice Quality
- 112.Overall Voice Price
- 113.Overall Voice Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 114.Circuit-Switched Voice Quality
- 115.Circuit-Switched Voice Price
- 116.Circuit-Switched Voice Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 117.Conferencing Quality
- 118.Conferencing Price
- 119.Conferencing Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 120.VoIP Quality
- 121.VoIP Price
- 122.VoIP Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 123.Wireline Customer Experience Touch Points
- 124.Wireline Customer Experience Touch Points by Primary Revenue Driver
- 125.Wireline Product Quality Ratings Averages: 2009 vs. 2010
- 126.Wireline Product Price Ratings Averages: 2009 vs. 2010
- 127.Wireless Operations Average
- 128.Wireless Brand
- 129.Wireless Sales Reps
- 130.Wireless Sales Reps: Professionalism/Integrity/Technical Expertise
- 131.Wireless Sales Reps: Proactive/Consultative Selling
- 132.Wireless Provisioning/Installation
- 133.Wireless Network Performance
- 134.Wireless Billing
- 135.Wireless Customer Service
- 136.Wireless Customer Service: Technical Skills/Ability to Solve Problems
- 137.Wireless Customer Service: Courtesy/Professionalism
- 138.Wireless Product Quality
- 139.Wireless Product Price
- 140.Wireless Broadband Connectivity Card Quality
- 141.Wireless Broadband Connectivity Card Price
- 142.Wireless Broadband Connectivity Card Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 143.Wireless Data Quality
- 144.Wireless Data Price
- 145.Wireless Data Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 146.Wireless Voice Quality
- 147.Wireless Voice Price
- 148.Wireless Voice Quality and Price Competitiveness
- 149.Wireless Customer Experience Touch Points
- 150.Wireless Product Quality Ratings Averages: 2009 vs. 2010
- 151.Wireless Product Price Ratings Averages: 2009 vs. 2010
- 152.AT&T Network Map
- 153.AT&T Year in Review
- 154.CenturyLink Network Map
- 155.CenturyLink Year in Review
- 156.Cogent Network Map
- 157.Cogent Year in Review
- 158.Comcast Network Map
- 159.Comcast Year in Review
- 160.Fibertech Network Map
- 161.Fibertech Year in Review
- 162.Level 3 Network Map
- 163.Level 3 Year in Review
- 164.One Communications Network Map
- 165.One Communications Year in Review
- 166.PAETEC Network Map
- 167.PAETEC Year in Review
- 168.Qwest Network Map
- 169.Qwest Year in Review
- 170.RCN Metro Network Map
- 171.RCN Metro Year in Review
- 172.Sprint Network Map
- 173.Sprint Year in Review
- 174.tw telecom Network Map
- 175.tw telecom Year in Review
- 176.Verizon Network Map
- 177.Verizon Year in Review
- 178.XO Network Map
- 179.XO Year in Review
- 180.AT&T Mobility Network Map
- 181.AT&T Mobility Year in Review
- 182.Sprint Network Map
- 183.Sprint Wireless Year in Review
- 184.T-Mobile Network Map
- 185.T-Mobile Year in Review
- 186.Verizon Wireless Network Map
- 187.Verizon Wireless Year in Review
- 188.Wireline Customer Experience Touch Points Average: 2008 -2010
- 189.Wireline Data Product Quality Scores
- 190.Wireline Data Product Price Scores
- 191.Business Market Revenue by Product
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- AT&T
- CenturyLink
- Cogent
- Comcast
- Fibertech
- Level 3
- One Communications
- Qwest
- RCN Metro
- Sprint
- tw telecom
- Verizon
- XO
- T-Mobile
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown