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China Postdoctoral Forum on Materials Science and Engineering

  • ID: 1849389
  • July 2011
  • Region: China
  • 300 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc
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Series: Advanced Materials Research, Volume 266

Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2010 China Postdoctoral Forum on Materials Science and Engineering, October 19-21, 2010, Zhengzhou, China

These peer-reviewed papers deal with the scientific and technical aspects of ceramic materials, metallic materials, alloys, polymers and computational materials science. The aim of the proceedings was to provide up-to-date data for scientists and engineers working in the materials field. The book will also be a good learning resource for graduate students in the related specialties of Chemistry and Materials Science.

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Table of Contents (69 papers, 10 per page listed)

Fabrication of Hierarchical SnO2 Nanocrystals and their Sensing Properties to Volatile Organic Compound Vapors
De Liang Chen, Tao Li, Li Yin, Rui Zhang, Xin Jian Li p1
Composition-Dependent Ultraviolet up-Conversion Luminescence in Yb3+-Ho3+ Co-Doped Germanium- Phosphate Glasses
Yan Min Yang, Wei Zhang, Shan Du, Zhi Ping Yang p5
Solvothermal Synthesis of Phase-Pure CuInS2 Hierachical Nanostructure Using Single-Source Molecular Precursor
Jing Li, Yong Cai Zhang, Ming Zhang p9
Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of N, Cd-Codoped TiO2
Hong Tao Gao, Yuan Yuan Liu, Xian Zhao p13
Morphology-Controlled Synthesis of 1D ZnO Nanostructures by Hydrothermal Technique
Zhi Duan Cai, Lin Dong, Guo Xi Cao, Xing Yan Zhang, Shao Kang Guan p17
Study on the Electrochemical Performance of Carbon-Coated LiFePO4 Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
Rong Yang, Er Wei Kang, Bai Ling Jiang, Xiao Ping Song p22
Effects of pH and Dispersant Concentration on Properties of Li1.075Nb0.625Ti0.45O3 Aqueous Suspension
Shao Chun Li, Yong Juan Geng, Qi Long Zhang, Hui Yang p26
Synthesis of Surface-Modified Oil-Soluble Silica Nanospheres and Investigation of their Tribological Behavior
Xiao Hong Li, Jing Jing Huang, Tian Cong Cai, Zhi Jun Zhang p30
Study on the Radial Resistivity Variation of the Gas Doped Floating-Zone Single-Crystal Silicon
Xue Nan Zhang, Shu Liang Gao, Xu Guang Zhang, Jian Hong Li, Yan Jun Wang, Xiang Li, Hao Ping Shen, Ji Hui Wang p34
Viscoelastic Analysis of Asphalt Mastic Based on Micromechanics
Jiu Peng Zhang, Li Xu, Jian Zhong Pei p38
Temperature Dependent Photoluminescence of Fe-Doped TiO2 Nanowires Prepared by Hydrothermal Method
G.Z. Rong, Duo Wang Fan, C.B. Wang, X.M. Ling, S.F. Miao, X.S. Niu p42
Optimized Synthesis of Water-Soluble and Small-Size CdSe Quantum Dots
Jiao Yun Xia, Jun Long Tang p46
Fabrication of Needle Nano-ZnO in the Pores of Expanded Graphite
Ying Chen Zhang, Hong Yan Wu, Min Cong Zhu, Song Jian Zhao, Deng Xin Li p51
Synthesis and Performance of Porous TiO2
Ying Chen Zhang, Hong Yan Wu, Min Cong Zhu, En Qiang Wang, Deng Xin Li p55
Preparation and Thermal Conductivity of Y2Ce2O7 Ceramic Material
Hong Song Zhang, Su Ran Liao, Wei Yuan, Shao Kang Guan p59
Fabrication and Characterization of Ceramic Floor Tiles from Coal Gangue
Hong Liang Xu, De Liang Chen, Hai Long Wang, Hong Xia Lu, Rui Zhang, Shao Kang Guan, Qin Fu Liu p63
Study on Heat Treatment of Aluminum Nitride (Y2O3) Ceramics Sintered at High Pressure
Xiao Lei Li, Li Ying Wang, Er An Zai, Hong An Ma, Xiao Peng Jia p68
Experimental Study on Lump Iron Ores as Sintering Hearth Layer
Zi Wei Ying, Jing Kun Yu, Li Xian Xu p72
Grain Size Control and Ethanol Sensing Properties of Calcined SnO2 Nanoparticles
Yu Wang, Xiao Lin Jia, Lin Dong, Shao Kang Guan p76
Zn0.9Co0.1O/ MCM-41 Composite: Synthesis and Magnetism
W. B. Liu, Ying Tang Zhang, X. X. Li, S. X. Liu, Z. Y. Chen, P. Che p80
Development of Microstructure of Semi-Solid A356 Alloy by Alternating Electromagnetic Stirring
Wen Liu, Ji Qiang Li, Xu Ding p84
Effect of Ni70Mn25Co5 or Fe55Ni29Co16 on the Growth of Type-II a Large Diamonds with Al as Nitrogen Getter
Shang Sheng Li, Ning Luo, Xiao Lei Li, Tai Chao Su, You Mou Zhou, Yi Shun Zhang, Xiao Peng Jia p89
Experimental Research and Numerical Simulation Analysis of Sodium Expansion in Tib2-Carbon Cathodes during Aluminum Electrolysis
Qing Sheng Liu, Hai Feng Tang, Fang Hui, Ji Lai Xue p93
Sulfation of Calcined Raw Meal in the Kiln Inlet Housing for the Cement Industry
Xiao Yan Li, Zhi Juan Hu, Xu Chu Ye, Wei Min Yu, Cong Xi Tao p98
Study on Non-Isothermal Crystallization Kinetic of Tundish Covering Fluxes
Li Feng Sun, Hong Po Wang, Chun Lai Liu, Yong Zou, Mao Fa Jiang p102
Synthesis of Hollow Carbon Hemispheres in the Magnesium Carbonate-Metallic Li System with the Help of CHBr3
Jia Fu Chen, Zhi Min Chen, Yan Cao, Qun Xu p106
Study on Carburizing and Quenching Cracks of Large Low-Alloy Gears
Zi Rui Pang, Hai Lun Yuan, Jin Wu Xu, Cheng Ming Wang p110
Effects of Fineness on Activity Character of Fly Ash
Zhong Tao Luo, Bao Guo Ma, Jiu Jun Yang, Jun Xia Liu p114
Ultra Convenient Synthesis of Lanthanide Based Magnetic-Fluorescent Hydrogels for Multimodal Cellular Imaging
Bing Di Chen, Yong Yong Li, Bing Bo Zhang, Bo Zhang, Yu Lian Wu, Dong Lu Shi p118
Grey Prediction on Sheared Edge Quality in Precision Blanking Process for Micro IT Parts
Bo Wang, Jing Bo Chen p122
Shear Behavior of CFRP Prestressed Concrete Beams without Stirrups
Zuo Hu Wang, Xiu Li Du, Jing Bo Liu p126
Numerical Simulation of a First Normal Stress Difference-Based Model for Shear-Induced Crystallization of Polyethylene
Jin Yan Wang, Jing Bo Chen, Chang Yu Shen p130
Experimental Study on Water Stability of Asphalt Mixture
Yu Qing Yuan, Dan Ying Gao, Jun Zhao, Ji Yu Tang, Shao Hua Zhai p135
Evaluation on the Linear Viscoelastic Behaviors of Swelling Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Block Copolymer
Ling Ge Huang, Wan Jie Wang, Lin Tang, Zhi Gang Shi, Yan Xia Cao, Jing Wu Wang p139
Investigation on the Rheological Behaviors of Styrene- Butaidene- Styrene Block Copolymer Solution
Wan Jie Wang, Hao Guo, Xia Xu, Yan Xia Cao, Jing Wu Wang p143
POSS-NH2/Cyanate Ester Resin Organic-Inorganic Hybrids: Curing Reaction and Dielectric Properties
Zeng Ping Zhang, Shuan Fa Chen, Jian Zhong Pei p147
Modification of L Zeolite and Hydroisomerization of N-Dodecane over Pt/L Catalysts and Pt/SAPO-11 Catalyst
Li Han, Jing Jing Xu, Qin Wang, Dong Yan Wei, Jian Feng Wang, Jun Xu, Yi Liang Chen, Rui Zhang p151
Synthesis and Safety Evaluation of a New Enteric Coating Material
Xiao Lin Lai, Hua Jiang Deng, Zong Hua Wang, Jian Hua Guo p157
Morphology and Tribological Behaviors of In Situ Polymerized Nano-SiO2/Polyacrylate Nanocomposites
Xiao Lan Hu, Yan Jie Li, Yan Ming Dong p161
Morphology of a Functional POSS/Bismaleimide Nanocomposite and its Monitoring Phase Separation with a Thermoplastic Blend
Xiao Lan Hu, Rong Lu Yu, Gang Liu, Xiao Su Yi p166
Shape-Memory Behavior of Poly(L-Lactide)/Poly(e-Caprolactone) Blends
Hai Qing Dong, Li Jian Liu, Yong Yong Li p171
Laboratory Study of Pavement Performance of Basalt Fiber-Modified Asphalt Mixture
Yuan Xun Zheng, Ying Chun Cai, Ya Min Zhang p175
Effects of SiO2 and In Situ Crosslinking on the Swelling and Thermal Properties of Poly(vinyl Alcohol)/SiO2 Hybrid Films
Jie Liu, Ke Yong Tang p180
Pristine Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes from Ethanol Flame as a Reinforcement in Polystyrene Composite
Xiang Qi, Long Ren, Guo Lin Hao, Jun Li, Peng Fei Fang, Chun Xu Pan, Jian Xin Zhong p184
Rapid Synthesis of Cyclomatrix Polyphosphazene Spheres and their Application for the Production of Microporous Carbon Spheres
Jian Wei Fu, Qun Xu p188
Seismic Performance of Corroded RC Circular Columns Strengthened with Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Jian Hui Li, Zhao Zhong Chang, Ying Li, Zong Cai Deng p192
Piezoresistive Effect of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Epoxy Resin Coating
Jian Lin Luo, Qiu Yi Li, Tie Jun Zhao, Sheng Wei Sun p196
Solid Phase Synthesis of Novel Fullerene Nucleotides Conjugates
Jing Zhang, Ya Dong Zhang p200
Synthesis and Characterization of Tungsten Micro-/Nanoparticles Using Tungstate-Based Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Nanobelts as Precursors
De Liang Chen, He Jing Wen, Rui Zhang, Xin Jian Li p204
Determination of Gold Surface Mechanical Behavior in Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Coupled Service Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Quan Wang, Ran Hu, Jin Zhang, Ping Yang p209
Corrosion Mechanism of Atmosphere Spacein Oil Tank Containing Sulfur
Xue’e Zhao, Xin Li Wei, Shi Fei Liu p213
Preparation of (Mo,Nb)Si2 Ternary Alloys by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis
Pei Zhong Feng, Shuai Zhang, Xiao Hong Wang, Wei Sheng Liu, Jie Wu p219
Surface/Interface Synergetic Effect-Induced Great Optical Spectral Change with Ag Content for Ag Nanoparticles Dispersed in Mesoporous SiO2
Pei Sheng Liu, Jin Lian Hu, Wei Ping Cai, Yun Lu p223
Investigation on Ti-Deoxidized Products Inducing Formation of Intragranular Ferrite
Jiang Hua Qi, Jie Wu, Jin Ping Suo, Zheng Liang Xue p229
Fracture Mechanisms Anisotropy of AZ31 Magnesium Plate under Impact Loading Condition
Yong Biao Yang, Zhi Min Zhang, Fu Chi Wang p233
Preparation of a Low Carbon Steel with Ultrafine Grained Microstructure through Rare Earth Micro-Alloying
Cheng Jun Liu, Hong Liang Liu, Mao Fa Jiang p237
Effect of Ar Purification on Microstructure and Properties of High Strength Gray Cast Iron
Juan Yang, Sheng Xin Liu, Qi Fei Hou, Hua Wei Sun, Yu Fu Sun, Shao Kang Guan p241
Microstructure and Erosion-Corrosion Behavior of Hot-Dipping Al-Mn Alloy Coatings on Low Carbon Steel
Xin Mei Li, Ping Kuan Lu, Qiang Hu, Xiao Feng Dong, Bei Jing Fang p246
Effect of HCl Concentration on the Pickling Behavior of SUS430 Stainless Steel
Pei Yang Shi, Lin Di, Jun Wei, Mao Fa Jiang, Cheng Jun Liu p250
Crystallographic and Electrochemical Characteristics of Melt-Spun Ti45Zr30Ni25RE3 (Y, La) Alloys
Bao Zhong Liu, Yan Ping Fan, Bao Qing Zhang p254
A Multiphase-Field Microstructure Numerical Simulation of AL-Cu Eutectic Alloy
Jin Jun Tang, Jian Zhong Jiang, Li Qun Hou, Da Hui Chen, Hua Zhang p258
Study of Electrochemical Inhomogeneity of Zinc in Zinc/Steel Couple during Galvanize Corrosion by Wire Beam Electrode
Da Lei Zhang, You Hai Jin, Yan Li, Xiao Tang p263
Effect of Plastic Deformation on Microstructure Evolution of a High Strength X100 Pipeline
Li Hua Qi, Jing Niu, Long Yang, Yao Rong Feng, Jian Xun Zhang p267
Electrochemical Synthesis of Zirconium Ethoxide and the Electrochemical Behaviors of Zirconium in the Process
Sheng Hai Yang, Guo Feng Huo, Jiao Yun Xia, Hai Ping Yang p275
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold-Rolled TRIP Steel Sheets
Cai Nian Jing, Xiao Hui Chen, Ming Gang Wang, Qi Zhong Tian, Zuo Cheng Wang p280
Bake Hardening Behavior of Cold-Rolled Dual Phase Steel Sheets
Cai Nian Jing, Xiao Hui Chen, Ming Gang Wang, Qi Zhong Tan p284
Phase Stability of Nb-Mo Alloys
Xiao Bo Li, Ping Zhang p288
Halogen-Exchange Fluorination of Chlorinated Benzaldehydes and Diphenyl Ketones Promoted by Microwave
Zheng Yong Liang, Chun Xu Lü p292
Deformation Behavior and Microstructure Characterization of AZ31 Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion: Effect of Extrusion Temperature
Ke Ke Sun, Shu Bo Xu, Cai Nian Jing, Yu Shuang Huo, Gui Qing Wang p296

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Ed. Deliang Chen

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown