Oilgae Guide to Algae-based Waste Water Treatment

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The Oilgae Guide to Algae-based Wastewater Treatment was prepared as a response to the tremendous need in the market for a detailed resource that provided a compendium of practical data, insights and case studies for algae-based wastewater treatment efforts worldwide.

For industries and companies both large and small keen on exploring the potential of using algae for bioremediation of waste water and sewage, this comprehensive report will be an invaluable guide.

The focus of the report is to provide guidance that can facilitate actions on the part of the commercial sector and the academia. Hence, inputs and data that have been provided have a slant towards real life case studies and experiments.


- The report focuses on the potential of algae waste water treatment, and provides critical inputs and expert intelligence on current efforts, bottlenecks, costs and challenges facing this vital segment.

- The report comprises details of efforts being done in the field of algae-based waste water and sewage treatment. Special focus is provided on details with regard to the costs, and cultivation of strains which can thrive in waste water and sewage.


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Section I - Algae Grown in Sewage & Wastewater

- Introduction
- Current wastewater treatment practices
- Problems with current practices
- Where do algae fit in?
- Algae-Based Wastewater Treatment vs. Traditional Methods

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Using Algae
- Introduction
- Composition of Municipal Wastewater
- Algal Strains grow well in Municipal Wastewater
- Algae-based Municipal Wastewater treatment process
- Algae-based Municipal Wastewater treatment systems - Design and Construction
- Advantages
- Cost
- Case Studies
- Research and Updates

Industrial Effluent Treatment Using Algae
- Introduction
- Composition of Major Industrial Effluents
- Algal Strains used in various industrial effluent treatments
- Algae Based Effluent Treatment Plant for Industrial Wastewater
- Algae Based Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Design and Construction
- Industry Specific Algae based Waste Treatment and Effluent Treatment
- Advantages of Industrial Effluent Treatment Using Algae
- Cost
- Case studies
- Research and Experiments

Nutrients Requirements of Algae
- Carbon Requirements
- Nitrogen Requirements
- Phosphorus Requirements
- Micronutrients

Harvesting of Algae from HRAP
- Introduction
- Sedimentation
- Flotation
- Dissolved Air Flotation
- Suspended Air Flotation
- Filtration Harvester
- Chemical precipitation

End use of Algae Grown in Wastewater
- Introduction
- Various end uses considered for algae grown in waste water
- Fuel Applications of Wastewater Grown Algae
- Non-fuel Applications of Wastewater Grown Algae
- Other Non-fuel Applications

Challenges and Barriers
- Introduction
- Factors Affecting Microalgal Culture
- Challenges Associated with Algae based Wastewater Treatment Systems
- Disadvantages of Algae based Wastewater Treatment Systems

Companies in the Algae - Based Wastewater Industry
- Introduction
- Company profiles

Algae Cultivation in Wastewater - Q&A

Sewage & Wastewater Reference
- Associations
- Universities
- Wastewater Treatment - Current Trends

Section 2 - Algae for Fuels

I. Concepts & Cultivation

Energy from Algae - Introduction
- Algae
- Energy from Algae
- History & Current Status of Energy from Algae
- Algae Energy & Alternative Energy
- Big Challenges & Big Payoffs
- Energy Products from Algae
- Determining the Optimal "Energy Product"
- Algae to Energy - Summary of Processes for Each Energy Product
- Trends & Future of Energy from Algae
- Factoids

Algal Strain Selection
- Importance of Algal Strain Selection
- Parameters for Strain Selection
- Strains with High Oil Content & Suitable for Mass Production
- Strains with High Carbohydrate Content
- Strains & Factoids
- Challenges & Efforts

Algae Cultivation
- Introduction & Concepts
- Algaculture
- Infrastructure for Algae Cultivation
- Different Methods of Cultivation
- Algae Cultivation - Factoids
- Worldwide Locations with Algae Farms & Algae Cultivation
- Algae Cultivation Challenges & Efforts
- Research & Publications
- Reference

Algae Grown in Open Ponds, Closed Ponds & Photobioreactor
- Introduction
- Open-Ponds / Raceway-Type Ponds and Lakes
- Details on Raceway Ponds
- Algal Cultivation in Open Ponds - Companies and Universities
- Challenges in Open Pond Algae Cultivation
- Algae Cultivation in Open Ponds - Q&A
- Algae Cultivation in Closed Ponds
- Algae Cultivation in Closed Ponds - Case Studies
- Algae Cultivation in Closed Ponds - Q&A
- Algae Grown in Photobioreactors

- Concepts
- Types of Bioreactors Used for Algae Cultivation
- Parts & Components
- Design Principles
- Costs
- PBR Manufacturers & Suppliers
- Photobioreactors - Q&A
- Research Done on Bioreactors and Photobioreactors
- Challenges & Efforts in Photobioreactor
- Photobioreactor Updates and Factoids
- Useful Resource

- Introduction
- Methods of Harvesting
- Case Studies & Examples
- Trends & Latest in Harvesting Methods
- Challenges & Efforts

II. Energy Products From Algae

Biodiesel from Algae
- Introduction to Biodiesel
- Growth of Biodiesel
- Biodiesel from Algae
- Why Isn't Algal Biodiesel Currently Produced on a Large-scale?
- Oil Yields from Algae
- Methods to Extract Oil from Algae
- Converting Algae Oil into Biodiesel

Hydrogen from Algae
- Introduction
- Methodologies for Producing Hydrogen from Algae
- Factoids
- Current Methods of Hydrogen Production
- Current & Future Uses of Hydrogen
- Why Hasn't The Hydrogen Economy Bloomed?

Methane from Algae
- Introduction
- Methods of Producing Methane from Algae
- Methane from Algae - Other Research & Factoids
- Traditional Methods of Methane Production
- Methane - Current & Future Uses
- What's New in Methane?

Ethanol from Algae
- Introduction
- Ethanol from Algae - Concepts & Methodologies
- Efforts & Examples for Ethanol from Algae
- Examples of Companies in Algae to Ethanol
- Algae & Cellulosic Ethanol
- Current Methods of Ethanol Production
- Ethanol - Latest Technology & Methods

Other Energy Products - Syngas, Other Hydrocarbon Fuels, Energy from Combustion of Algae Biomass
- Syngas and its Importance to Hydrocarbon Fuels
- Production of Syngas
- Products from Syngas
- Syngas from Algae
- Producing Other Hydrocarbon Fuels from Algae
- Direct Combustion of the Algal Biomass to Produce Heat or Electricity
- Trends in Thermochemical Technologies
- Reference - Will the Future of Refineries be Biorefineries?
- Examples of Bio - based Refinery Products
- Reference

Algae Meal / Cake
- Introduction
- Properties
- Uses
- Industries that Use Left - over Algae Cake

III. Industry & Market Information

Cost of Making Oil from Algae
- Introduction
- Cost for:
- Cultivation
- Harvesting
- Extraction
- Conversion to Fuel
- Representative Cost of Biodiesel Production from Algae
- Costs - Reference

Potential for Existing Companies in Related Industries Entering Algae Energy Domain
- Introduction
- Industries with Synergistic Benefits from Algae Energy
- Case Studies


Apex Bodies, Organizations, Universities & Experts
- Introduction
- Organizations
- Universities & Research Institutes
- Algae Energy Developments around the World

Culture Collection Centers
- Introduction
- List of Algae Culture Collection Centre

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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