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6 issues per year. Hematology is an international journal, publishing original and review articles in the field of general hematology, including oncology, pathology, biology, clinical research and epidemiology. Of the fixed sections, annotations are accepted on any general or scientific field: technical annotations covering current laboratory practice in general hematology, blood transfusion and clinical trials, and current clinical practice reviews the consensus driven areas of care and management.

Hematology aims to bridge the interests and practices of both those carrying out laboratory work and those whose main inclination is towards patient care. The journal provides a forum where the clinical aspects of any published material will be emphasised.

The editors welcome papers from all related areas of research including:

- general hematology
- oncology
- pathology
- biology
- clinical research
- epidemiology
- thalassemias and leukemias

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Sample Table of Contents - Volume 15, Number 1, February 2010
Stem Cell Transplantation: Discussion Paper

Whither the bone marrow transplant?
pp. 1-3(3)
Authors: Ruiz-Argüelles, Guillermo J.

Early cytomegalovirus infections following allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a comparison between non-malignant and malignant haematological disorders
pp. 4-10(7)
Authors: Islam, Md Serajul; Anoop, Parameswaran; Rice, Phil; Benjamin, Reuben; Datta-Nemdharry, Preeti; Gordon-Smith, Edward C.; Marsh, Judith C.W.

In vitro cell cycle dynamics of primitive hematopoietic cells from human umbilical cord blood
pp. 11-20(10)
Authors: Alvarado-Moreno, Antonio; Chávez-González, Antonieta; Cérbulo, Arturo; Arriaga, Lourdes; Mayani, Hector

Predictive value of 18F-FDG hybrid PET/CT for the clinical outcome in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma prior to and after autologous stem cell transplantation
pp. 21-27(7)
Authors: Qiao, Wenli; Zhao, Jinhua; Wang, Chun; Wang, Taisong; Xing, Yan
Hematological Malignancy

Factors associated with severe sepsis: prospective study of 94 neutropenic febrile episodes
pp. 28-32(5)
Authors: Jeddi, Ramzi; Achour, Mériem; Amor, Ramzi Ben; Aissaoui, Lamia; Bouterâa, Walid; Kacem, Karima; Lakhal, Raihane Ben; Abid, Héla Ben; BelHadjAli, Zaher; Turki, Amel; Meddeb, Balkis

Nilotinib significantly induces apoptosis in imatinib resistant K562 cells with wild-type BCR-ABL, as effectively as in parental sensitive counterparts
pp. 33-38(6)
Authors: Ekiz, Huseyin Atakan; Can, Geylani; Gunduz, Ufuk; Baran, Yusuf

Expression of WT1 gene in multiple myeloma patients at diagnosis: is WT1 gene expression a useful marker in multiple myeloma?
pp. 39-42(4)
Authors: Saatci, Cetin; Caglayan, A. Okay; Kocyigit, Ismail; Akalin, Hilal; Kaynar, Leyla G.; Altuntas, Fevzi; Eser, Bulent; Demir, Muzaffer; Cetin, Mustafa; Ozkul, Yusuf

Aberrant expression of NK cell receptors in Epstein-Barr virus-positive ?d T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders
pp. 43-47(5)
Authors: Zhang, Yu; Ohyashiki, Junko H.; Shimizu, Norio; Ohyashiki, Kazuma

Characterization of conserved CDR3 sequence of TCR a- and ß-chain genes in peripheral blood T-cells from patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
pp. 48-57(10)
Authors: Yin, Qingsong; Tan, Huo; Chen, Shaohua; Yang, Lijian; Ye, Jingmei; Li, Yangqiu
Congenital Anemia

Clinical, genetic and cytogenetic study of Fanconi anemia in an Indian population
pp. 58-62(5)
Authors: Korgaonkar, Seema; Ghosh, Kanjaksha; Vundinti, Babu Rao

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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