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Oman Oil and Gas Report Q3 2011 - Product Image

Oman Oil and Gas Report Q3 2011

  • ID: 1866933
  • July 2011
  • Region: Oman
  • 89 Pages
  • Business Monitor International

The Oman Oil and Gas Report provides industry professionals and strategists, corporate analysts, oil and gas associations, government departments and regulatory bodies with independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on Oman's oil and gas industry.

We forecast that Oman will account for 1.0% of Middle East regional oil demand by 2015, while providing 2.8% of supply. Middle East regional oil use rose to an estimated 7.6mn b/d in 2010. It should average 7.9mn barrels per day (b/d) in 2011 and then climb to around 8.9mn b/d by 2015. Regional oil production was 22.83mn b/d in 2001 and averaged an estimated 24.5mn b/d in 2010. After an estimated 25.7mn b/d in 2011, it is set to rise to 30.5mn b/d by 2015. Oil exports are growing steadily, because demand growth is lagging the pace of supply expansion. In 2001, the region was exporting an average of 17.85mn b/d. This total will have eased to an estimated 16.88mn b/d in 2010 and is forecast to reach 21.54mn b/d by 2015. Iraq has the greatest export growth potential, followed by Qatar.

In terms of natural gas, the region consumed an estimated 391bn cubic metres (bcm) in 2010, with demand of 487bcm targeted for 2015, representing READ MORE >

Executive Summary

SWOT Analysis
- Oman Political SWOT
- Oman Economic SWOT
- Oman Business Environment SWOT

Oman Energy Market Overview
- Regional Energy Market Overview
- Oil Supply And Demand
- Table: Middle East Oil Consumption (000b/d)
- Table: Middle East Oil Production (000b/d)
- Oil: Downstream
- Table: Middle East Oil Refining Capacity (000b/d)
- Gas Supply And Demand
- Table: Middle East Gas Consumption (bcm)
- Table: Middle East Gas Production (bcm)
- Liquefied Natural Gas
- Table: Middle East LNG Exports/(Imports) (bcm)

Business Environment Ratings
- Middle East Region
- Composite Scores
- Table: Regional Composite Business Environment Rating
- Upstream Scores
- Table: Regional Upstream Business Environment Rating
- Oman Upstream Rating – Overview
- Oman Upstream Rating – Rewards
- Oman Upstream Rating – Risks
- Downstream Scores
- Table: Regional Downstream Business Environment Rating
- Oman Downstream Rating – Overview
- Oman Downstream Rating – Rewards
- Oman Downstream Rating – Risks

Business Environment
- Legal Framework
- Infrastructure
- Labour Force
- Foreign Investment Policy
- Tax Regime
- Security Risk

Industry Forecast Scenario
- Oil And Gas Reserves
- Oil Supply And Demand
- Gas Supply And Demand
- Refining And Oil Products Trade
- Revenues/Import Costs
- Table: Oman Oil And Gas – Historical Data And Forecasts 2008-2015
- Other Energy
- Table: Oman Other Energy – Historical Data And Forecasts
- Key Risks To BMI’s Forecast Scenario

Long-Term Oil And Gas Outlook
- Oil And Gas Infrastructure
- Oil Refineries
- Table: Refineries In Oman
- LNG Terminals
- Table: LNG Terminals In Oman
- Gas Pipelines

Macroeconomic Outlook
- Table: Oman - Economic Activity

Competitive Landscape
- Executive Summary
- Table: Key Companies In Oman’s Energy Sector
- Overview/State Role
- Licensing And Regulation
- International Energy Relations
- Table: Key Upstream Players
- Table: Key Downstream Players

Company Monitor
- Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
- Shell Oman Marketing Company
- Oman Oil Company (OOC)
- Occidental Petroleum (Oxy)
- RAK Petroleum
- Oman Refineries And Petrochemicals Company – Summary
- Total – Summary
- BP – Summary
- MOL – Summary
- PTTEP – Summary
- Petrogas – Summary
- Oilex – Summary
- Tethys Oil – Summary
- Circle Oil – Summary
- Petroci/Rex Oil and Gas – Summary
- Others – Summary

Oil And Gas Outlook: Long-Term Forecasts
- Regional Oil Demand
- Table: Middle East Oil Consumption (000b/d)
- Regional Oil Supply
- Table: Middle East Oil Production (000b/d)
- Regional Refining Capacity
- Table: Middle East Oil Refining Capacity (000b/d)
- Regional Gas Demand
- Table: Middle East Gas Consumption (bcm)
- Regional Gas Supply
- Table: Middle East Gas Production (bcm)
- Oman Country Overview
- Methodology And Risks to Forecasts

Glossary Of Terms
- Oil And Gas Ratings: Revised Methodology
- Introduction
- Ratings Overview
- Table: BMI Oil And Gas Business Environment Ratings: Structure
- Indicators
- Table: BMI Oil And Gas Business Environment Upstream Ratings: Methodology
- Table: BMI Oil And Gas Business Environment Downstream Ratings: Methodology

BMI Methodology
- How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts
- Energy Industry
- Cross checks
- Sources

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