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The need for wireless policy has never been greater. AOTMP research indicates that wireless expenses represent 35% of total telecom spend, and this percentage will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, with recent increases in the number of Smart Devices containing sensitive company-related information and the number of applications being deployed onto these devices, companies must ensure effective policies are in place in order to deter inappropriate behavior and to avoid potentially damaging consequences. In short, all of these events are driving enterprises to think more broadly about their wireless policies.

More enterprises have a documented wireless policy today. In fact, AOTMP research indicates that 81% of all enterprises have established a formal wireless policy. AOTMP research indicates that enterprises have been able to reduce their wireless expenses, on average, by 21% by establishing a wireless policy along with continuous compliance monitoring and enforcement efforts. Specific policy attributes driving cost reductions in wireless expense include:

- Outlining who is eligible for a wireless device
- Having documented approval processes

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Policy & Governance


Wireless Policy Best Practice Considerations

Key Findings Summary

Appendix A: Telecom Environment Management Scope

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Table of Figures

Figure 1 Enterprise Wireless Policy Adoption Trend
Figure 3 Company Headquarters
Figure 2 Respondent Title / Role
Figure 4 Company Size
Figure 5 Wireless Policy Adoption Trend – By Industry
Figure 6 Overall Effectiveness of Policy
Figure 7 Frequency of Policy Updates
Figure 8 Group(s) Responsible for Monitoring / Enforcing Policy Compliance
Figure 9 Does Policy Address Employee Liable Devices
Figure 10 Does Policy Address Elements of Security
Figure 11 Does Company Require Password Protection on Devices
Figure 12 Enterprises Accessing Company Proprietary Information via Devices
Figure 13 Enterprises Allowing Access to Customer Information via Devices
Figure 14 Policy Lifecycle Overview
Figure 15 Sample Policy Outline
Figure 16 Policy & Governance Considerations
Figure 17 Security Considerations

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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