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Construction Equipment Rental Market Report - UK 2011-2015 Analysis Product Image

Construction Equipment Rental Market Report - UK 2011-2015 Analysis

  • Published: July 2011
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • 102 Pages
  • AMA Research


  • AB 2000
  • A-Plant
  • Gamble Jarvis Plant
  • HSS Hire Service Group
  • Liebherr-Rental Ltd
  • Selwood Ltd
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AMA Research are pleased to announce the publication of the Third Edition of ‘Construction Equipment Rental Market Report – UK 2011-2015 Analysis'. Incorporating original input and primary research, this updated report represents a unique informed and up-to-date analysis of the market.

Of particular interest:

- Forecasts of performance of UK Construction Equipment Rental Market, 2011-2015.
- Review of major rental companies – plant hire, tool hire, specialists – key players, shares etc.
- Key trends and market influencing factors 2010-2011.
- Niche sector hire opportunities – for example, decommissioning of nuclear sites, infrastructure, tunnelling, trenchless techniques; evens; bowsers including dust suppression, etc.
- Major equipment/machinery/suppliers by hire sector product group.
- Review of hire product sectors by type of hire company – e.g. Plant Hire, Tool Hire, Specialist, ‘Other'.

This 100+ page report reviews developments within the industry, with emphasis on qualitative and quantitative market assessment. Recent trends, key influencing factors and forecasts of future developments are assessed. READ MORE >

1.1 Background
1.2 Sources Of Information

2.1 Summary
2.2 Future Prospects

3.1 Gdp
3.2 Inflation & Interest Rates
3.3 Unemployment
3.4 Household Consumption
3.5 Housing & Construction
3.6 Sterling
3.7 Population Profile
3.8 Conclusions

4.3.1 Background and Recent Performance
4.3.2 Forecast
4.4.1 Overview
4.4.2 UK Construction Influences
4.4.3 New Work Output
4.4.4 RMI
4.4.5 Forecasts 2011 to 2015
4.4.6 Housebuilding
4.4.7 Prefabricated Buildings – ‘Volumetric' and ‘Panel' Systems
4.4.8 Non-Structural Cladding
4.4.9 Waste
4.4.10 Wind Turbines / Nuclear Power
4.4.11 Transport-Road, Railway and Aviation Applications, etc.
4.4.12 Water Industry


6.2.1 Earth Moving Equipment
6.2.2 Lifting Plant
6.2.3 Pumping, Crushing and Screening Plant
6.2.4 Road-Making Equipment
6.2.5 Compressors/Generators
6.2.6 Hand and Power Tools
6.2.7 Lighting, Welding, Power
6.2.8 Gardening & Landscaping Equipment
6.2.9 Cleaning & Floor Preparation
6.2.10 Concreting & Compacting
6.2.11 Skips & Rubbish Chutes
6.2.12 Access Equipment Hire
6.2.13 Primary Construction Equipment
6.2.14 Portable Buildings and Environmental Hire Products
6.2.15 Transport, Sweepers, Bowsers, Washing Stations
6.2.16 Ancillary Hire Products

List of Tables and Charts

Chart 1: Uk Construction Equipment Rental Market 2007-2015 (£M)
Chart 2: Interest Rates And Inflation (Cpi) From 1992-2015
Chart 3: Pdi & Savings Ratio At Current Prices 1992-2015
Table 4: Exchange Rate Fluctuations 2006-2011 - Sterling To The Dollar, And The Euro, Spot Rates
Chart 5: Age Distribution Of The Resident Uk Population Mid-2008 (‘000)
Chart 6: Construction Equipment Rental Market Distribution Structure
Table 7: Uk Construction Equipment Rental Market At Hire Market Prices 2007-2010
Table 8: Uk Construction Equipment Rental Market At Hire Market Prices 2010-2015
Chart 9: Non-Domestic Construction Output (Great Britain) 2005 To 2015 – By Value (£ Billion At Current Prices)
Table 10: Construction Output New Work Analysis 2009 And 2010 - % By Value
Table 11: Non-Domestic Construction Output Mix Of Private And Public Sector Rmi 2009 And 2010 - % By Value
Chart 12: Non Domestic Construction Output Growth Forecasts 2006 To 2015 – By Value (£ Billion At Current Prices)
Table 13: House Building Completions And Forecasts 2009-2013 – Uk (‘000 Dwellings)
Chart 14: Housebuilding Completions - % Mix By Houses / Flats England 2001-2010
Chart 15: Uk Prefabricated Volumetric Buildings Market 2006-2013 (£M Msp)
Chart 16: Uk Prefabricated Frame And Panel Building Systems Market 2007-2014 (£M Msp)
Chart 17: Uk Wall Cladding Market By Area Installed (‘000 Sq M) 2005-2014
Table 18: Uk Controlled Waste Management Market Forecasts By Value At Current Prices 2010-2014
Chart 19: Breakdown Of Services Needed For Nuclear Plant Construction – Mix By Plant & Equipment, Civil Eng., And Project Management
Table 20: Contractors Output - Rail, Road, Harbours Other, 2006-2010 (£M)
Table 21: Net Capital Expenditure – Railways, 2006-2010 (£M)
Table 22: Proposed Water And Sewerage Capital Expenditure Programmes 2010-2015 By Company, £Bn
Table 23: Market Shares Of Major Uk Construction Equipment Hire Operators – 2010
Table 24: Estimated Shares By Type Of Hire Company (Plant, Tool, Specialists) By Hire Product Sectors (Earth Moving, Lifting, Access Etc) - 2010
Table 25: Overall Construction Equipment Rental Market Product Mix At Hire Market Value (£M) - 2010
Table 26: Hire Market For Earth Moving Products (Excavators, Loading Shovels, Dump Trucks, Others) At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 27: Hire Market For Lifting Plant (Materials Handling, Cranes) At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 28: Hire Market For Pumping, Crushing And Screening Plant At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 29: Hire Market For Road Making Products (Rollers, Planers/Pavers, Others) At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 30: Hire Market For Compressors, Generators Etc At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 31: Hire Market For Hand And Power Tools (Breaking/Drilling, Cutting/Grinding, Carpentry, Plumbing, Others) At Hire Market Value - 2010
Table 32: Hire Market For Small Generators, And Associated Lighting, Welding & Power At Hire Market Prices 2010
Table 33: Hire Market For Gardening And Landscaping Equipment £M At Hire Market Prices 2010
Table 34: Hire Market For Cleaning And Floor Preparation (Washers, Floor Finishing, Cleaners Etc) At Hire Market Prices 2010
Chart 35: Hire Market For Concreting/Compacting (Plate Compactors, Screeding, Concrete, Rollers Etc) At Hire Market Prices 2010 (£M)
Table 36: Hire Market For Skips & Rubbish Chutes At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 37: Hire Market For Access Equipment (Powered, Scaffolding, Towers, Ladders Etc) At Hire Market Value 2010
Chart 38: Uk Mewp Market 2010 (Scissors, Booms. Trailer Mounted, Vehicle Mounted Etc) - Mix By Volume
Table 39: Hire Market For Primary Construction Equipment (Formwork, Piles/Driving, Tunnelling) At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 40: Hire Market For Environmental And Portable Accommodation At Hire Market Value 2010
Chart 41: Uk Market For Heating, Drying & Cooling 2010 At Hire Market Prices
Table 42: Hire Market For Transport, Sweepers, Bowsers, Washing Stations Rental Market: Other Products At Hire Market Value 2010
Table 43: Hire Market For Ancillary Hire Products (Lifting Gear, Site Equipment Etc) £M, At Hire Market Prices 2010

The UK construction equipment rental market is estimated to be worth some £3409m in 2010, having declined by an estimated 15% in 2010 compared to the previous year. Market decline over the last three years has been significant, though difficult to estimate, reflecting variable but generally adverse trends of different hire product groups and the wide range of end use sectors – including, for example, private commercial construction, housebuilding, industrial, and home improvement, etc.

Earth moving equipment, estimated to be the largest product sector, accounts for around 24% of hire turnover, while lifting accounts for around 14%, access equipment, also skips and rubbish chutes at around 12%, pumping, crushing and screening plant, also hand and power tools, 5%, etc.

Key factors underpinning low level, long term market growth include health and safety issues, environmental and energy efficiency legislation, also significant utility and infrastructure projects – for example, Crossrail and Amp 5 – also relatively more positive trends in the housebuilding sector. Regional growth opportunities are likely to continue to drive certain rental sectors, for example, new road construction, coastal defence work, wind turbines, etc. Positive niche sector construction influences include life extension projects for the ageing power generation asset base while nuclear power station decommissioning projects provide hire opportunities in the short, medium and long term.

In the long term, the nuclear power station new build sector is likely to provide some additional hire opportunities with a reported ten sites identified in England and Wales, though recent adverse publicity may impact on this build programme. Utility infrastructure opportunities also include the Amp 5 water industry investment programme, in addition to the National Grid burying of electrical cables. Railway electrification, growth in homeland security (a reported 10% per annum market growth in Western countries), waste to energy projects and the handling of biomass feedstocks are likely to provide a range of hire opportunities in the long term.

Adverse influences bearing on the UK hire market include the forecast decline in non-domestic construction in 2011-2015 - reflecting capital spending cuts in the public sector in particular - though this should be partially offset by a more buoyant infrastructure sector and gradual recovery in private commercial markets. Rising fuel and energy costs are likely to impact on hire companies margins, to some extent. In addition, the inflationary effect of compliance with EPA reduction targets for emissions on equipment pricing levels is also likely to erode hire company margins in the long term.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that the regular supply of plant components and equipment has been adversely impacted by the effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Furthermore, fleet update programmes have also experienced difficult supply conditions for the same reasons.

Our estimates are for a flat to marginally declining 2011, before limited market recovery of around 1-2% 2012-2013, with marginally more positive growth of around 2-3% through the period 2014-2015. It is emphasised that the economic environment in mid-2011 is extremely volatile and fragile, therefore the above forecasts are subject to change. In addition, it is also difficult to estimate the timing and scale of the slowdown and eventual recovery.

- AB 2000
- AGD Equipment Ltd
- Aggreko Plc
- Ainscough Crane Hire
- Alfred McAlpine Plant Services Division
- Andrews Sykes Group
- A-Plant
- Beck and Pollitzer Engineering
- Briggs Equipment
- Carrier Rental Systems
- Elliott Group Ltd
- Finning Group UK
- Gamble Jarvis Plant
- Gap Group
- Garic
- GE Capital Equipment Services
- Harsco Infrastructure Services
- HE Services
- Hewden
- HSS Hire Service Group
- Hunnebeck
- Hydrex Equipment (UK) Ltd
- Jewson
- Lavendon Group
- Liebherr-Rental Ltd
- Mabey Hire Services
- Paten
- Pochin's Plc
- Portakabin Hire Division
- Selwood Ltd
- Smiths (Gloucester)
- Speedy Hire Plc
- The Turner Group
- Travis Perkins
- VP Plc
- Weldex (International) Offshore Ltd
- Whiteinch Demolition.

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