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Defense and Security in Taiwan

  • ID: 1877443
  • Report
  • October 2012
  • Region: Taiwan
  • 95 Pages
  • Taiyou Research
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Taiwan is a humble island state located in the Pacific Ocean in Asia. It forms over 99% of the customary Chinese territory. By far, it has relished stable economic relations with China plus intimate political ties with the US. It is officially regarded as a province under China and has had an economically agreeable, but vexatious existence due to incessant constraints laid on it by international powers. Taiwan comprehends very well that putting off of ties with China would only result in economic catastrophe. China too has been repressing Taiwanese efforts to declare itself an independent state. This is likely to continue in the future as well despite oppositions from the Taiwanese people.

According to reports, Taiwan has had quite an economic progress in the recent past. It has been stated by Taiwan itself that it aspires to be self-sufficient, especially in matters of military. It absolutely is looking forward to expand its defense base in order to deter China. Investments in development and education of the military and specialist personnel have led Taiwan into acquiring of aircrafts, defense systems and sophisticated radar devices. For this, it has remained increasingly dependent on the US. Its access to foreign military sales programs also enables it to acquire equipment and research advantages which have been barred to sanction-limited China.

Currently, Taiwan's top focus remains the development of its technological sphere rather than its military. It greatly savors its political adherence by progressing subtly towards higher independence and also establishing diplomatic relations with nearby powers. Due to its highly trafficked trade routes and abundance of oil and gas deposits, there is no doubt that it will tempt many neighboring states to seek claim over this tiny, yet prodigal, island.

Insurgency forces do not exist in Taiwan as the various agencies of state have total control of its security situation. The only threat it faces is that from mainland China, constantly fearing transgression. However, presence of US fleet in Taiwan Straits has definitely helped keeping such possibility at bay so far.

In this industry scenario, Taiyou Research analyzes the Defense and Security industries in Taiwan. The report covers the following:

- In order to understand the development of the Taiwanese defense and security industry, it is important to take a look at the geopolitical situation in the world, particularly in North East Asia. Our research report analyzes the emergence of a new geopolitical situation in the world through a look at the new roles to be played by the United States, China, Japan, the Koreas, India, Russia, Europe, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, the Middle East, and Africa, in the coming years.

- The emergence of new great powers around the world in the face of growing global terrorism is analyzed in the report.

- An analysis of the security market in North East Asia is important in establishing the importance of Taiwan in this industry across this entire region. The geopolitical significance of North East Asia is important as there are many flashpoints in the region that could have an impact on Taiwan.

- Situation on the Russia-China border, China's Western Border, China-North Korea border, China-India border, and China's growing military presence in the region is looked at.

- Japan's influence in the region cannot be overlooked as well as the importance of maintaining geopolitical status quo in the North East Asian region. All this and more is analyzed in the report Defense and Security in Taiwan.

- In order to examine the defense and security industries in Taiwan, it is necessary to analyze the political landscape in Taiwan, including the major political changes on the horizon.

- Moving on to the analysis of the security industry in Taiwan, we analyze the domestic security situation as well as the external security situation. Furthermore, we analyze the impact of the Taiwan-China and the Taiwan and US relations, and the implications these pose for the Taiwanese security industry.

- We carry out a SWOT analysis of the Taiwanese Security Market.

- An analysis of Taiwan’s Armed Forces is necessary in order to establish the growing importance of Taiwan in the Asian region in terms of military presence. Taiwan’s weapons of mass destruction are also analyzed in this section.

- Moving on to an analysis of Taiwan’s defense industry, we analyze the market profile, industry trends, competition in the industry, Taiwan’s arms trade, and procurement of arms in the industry.

- We carry out a SWOT analysis of the Taiwanese Defense Industry.

- Outlook for the Taiwanese Defense and Security Industry is carried out through a forecast for defense expenditure and defense trade.

Taiyou Research’s report on Defense and Security in Taiwan is a complete profile of this competitive industry in Taiwan that is dealing with a constant threat from China.
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  • Combined Service Forces
  • CSBC Corporation, Taiwan
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1. Executive Summary

2. Emergence of a New Geopolitical Scenario
2.1 Global Political Overview & Outlook
2.2 Role of the US under Question
2.3 United States: Possible Loss of Superpower Status
2.4 Role of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) & Japan
2.5 China: A Possible Challenger to the US
2.6 Role of Japan & the Koreas
2.7 Impact of the Earthquake on Japan
2.8 Emergence of India
2.9 Russia: Strategic Revival in Sight?
2.10 Europe: Suffering from the Debt Crises of 2010
2.11 Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Pakistan – Important for the Muslim World
2.12 Growing Threat of Terrorism

3. Emergence of a Multi-Polar World Order
3.1 Emergence of New Great Power
3.2 Possible Power Conflicts
3.3 Growing Cyber Warfare & Technological Challenges
3.4 Critical Political Figures
3.5 Emerging Political Outlook & End of Globalization

4. Security Market in North East Asia
4.1 Geopolitical Significance of North East Asia
4.1.1 Korean Peninsula
4.1.2 China-North Korea Border: Potential Flashpoint
4.1.3 Taiwan Strait: Potential Flashpoint
4.1.4 China’s Growing Military Presence
4.2 Disputed Islands in North East Asia
4.2.1 Dokdo/Takeshima
4.2.2 Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands
4.2.3 Kuril Islands
4.3 Situation on the Russia-China Border
4.4 Situation at China’s Western Border
4.5 China’s Dominance in North East Asia Unlikely
4.6 Challenge of North Korea
4.7 Japan’s Influence in the Region
4.8 US Influence in the Region
4.9 Geopolitical Status Quo in North East Asia

5. Political Landscape in Taiwan
5.1 Major Events on the Domestic Front
5.1.1 2012 Elections
5.1.2 Focus on Cross-Strait Relations
5.1.3 Issue of Potential Deterioration in Cross-Strait Relations
5.2 Political Outlook
5.2.1 Risk of China
5.2.2 Relations with the US
5.2.3 Likelihood of Political Change

6. Security Market in Taiwan
6.1 Domestic Security Situation
6.2 External Security
6.2.1 Taiwan-China Relations
6.2.2 Taiwan-US Relations

7. Taiwan Security Market: SWOT Analysis
7.1 Strengths
7.2 Weaknesses
7.3 Opportunities
7.4 Threats

8. Taiwan’s Armed Forces
8.1 Market Profile
8.2 Taiwan’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

9. Taiwan’s Defense Industry
9.1 Market Profile
9.2 Recent Structural Changes in the Industry
9.3 Trading of Arms
9.3.1 Imports
9.4 Industry Trends
9.5 Trends in Arms Procurement

10. Taiwan Defense Industry: SWOT Analysis
10.1 Strengths
10.2 Weaknesses
10.3 Opportunities
10.4 Threats

11. Competition in the Industry

12. Major Industry Players
12.1 Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
12.2 CSBC Corporation, Taiwan
12.3 Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology
12.4 Combined Service Forces

13. Industry Forecast
13.1 Forecast for Defense Expenditure
13.2 Forecast for Defense Import/Export
13.3 Key Challenges in the Future

14. Appendix
14.1 Taiwan Political Landscape: SWOT Analysis
14.2 Taiwan Economic Landscape: SWOT Analysis

15. Glossary

16. Research Methodology
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- Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
- CSBC Corporation, Taiwan
- Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology
- Combined Service Forces
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown