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Asset Management: Tools and Strategies Product Image

Asset Management: Tools and Strategies

  • Published: June 2011
  • 240 Pages

This new multi-author book provides complete coverage of asset management issues and techniques.

Covers effective asset allocation, due diligence, ethical and socially responsible investing (SRI). Analysis of ethical, hedge and other types of funds.

Checklists provide practical approaches to making investment decisions.

Expansive coverage and global in perspective, combined with real-life case studies. Includes contributions from leading experts: Amarendra Swarup, Aswath Damodaran, Moorad Choudhry and Jos van Bommel

Best Practice—Investments:

- Booms, Busts, and How to Navigate Troubled Waters - Joachim Klement
- Investing Cash: Back to Basics - Mark Camp and Emma Du Haney
- Investing in Structured Finance Products in the Debt Money Markets - Moorad Choudhry
- Passive Portfolio Management and Fixed-Income Investing - Andrew Ainsworth
- Funds of Hedge Funds versus Single-Manager Funds - Steve Wallace
- Hedge Fund Challenges Extend Beyond Regulation - Kevin Burrows
- Ethical Funds and Socially Responsible Investment: An Overview - Chendi Zhang
- Venture Capital Funds as an Alternative Class of Investment - Michael D. McKenzie and Bill Janeway
- The Role of Commodities in an Institutional Portfolio - Keith Black and Satya Kumar
- Corporate Covenant and Other Embedded Options in Pension Funds - Theo Kocken
- Understanding the Role of Diversification - Guofu Zhou
- When Form Follows Function: How Core–Satellite Investing Has Sparked an Era of Convergence - Christopher Holt
- The Role of Short Sellers in the Marketplace - Raj Gupta
- How Stockholders Can Effectively Engage with Companies - James Gifford
- Money Managers David - Pitt-Watson

Best Practice—Analysis:

- Viewpoint: Investing in a Volatile Environment: A Black Swan Perspective - Javier Estrada
- Risk Management Revisited - Duncan Hughes
- Asset Allocation Methodologies - Tom Coyne
- The Case for SMART Rebalancing - Arun Muralidhar and Sanjay Muralidhar
- The Changing Role and Regulation of Equity Research - Simon Taylor
- The Ability of Ratings to Predict the Performance of Exchange-Traded Funds - Gerasimos G. Rompotis
- The Performance of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds - Luc Renneboog
- Valuation and Project Selection When the Market and Face Value of Dividends Differ - Graham Partington
- WACC versus APV Valuation: Financial Policy and the Discount Rate - Antoine Hyafil
- Forecasting Default Rates and the Credit Cycle - Martin S. Fridson
- Carrying Out Due Diligence on Hedge Funds - Amarendra Swarup
- Carrying Out Due Diligence on Private Equity Funds- Rainer Ender
- Private Equity Fund Monitoring and Risk Management - Rainer Ender
- Measuring Country Risk - Aswath Damodaran
- Measuring Company Exposure to Country Risk - Aswath Damodaran
- ERM, Best’s Ratings, and the Financial Crisis - Gene C. Lai
- The Impact of Index Trackers on Shareholders and Stock Volatility - Martin Gold


- The Bond Market: Its Structure and Function
- Fund of Hedge Funds: Understanding the Risks and Returns
- Hedge Funds: Understanding the Risks and Returns
- Identifying and Investing in Niche (Alternative) Investments: Art, Wine, and Coins
- Investing in Employee Pension Plans: Understanding the Risks and Returns
- An Overview of Shariah-Compliant Funds
- Overview of Tax Deeds
- Stock Markets: Their Structure and Function
- Structured Investment Vehicles
- Trading in Commodities: Why and How
- Trading in Corporate Bonds: Why and How
- Trading in Equities on Stock Exchanges
- Trading in Government Bonds: Why and How
- Understanding and Using the Repos Market
- Understanding Private Equity Strategies: An Overview
- Using Investment Funds (Unit and Investment Trusts)


- Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation
- Applying the Gordon Growth Model
- Calculating a Company’s Net Worth
- Calculating Total Shareholder Return
- How to Use Credit Rating Agencies
- Mean–Variance Optimization: A Primer
- Obtaining an Equity Value Using the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
- The Efficient Market Hypothesis
- Understanding Portfolio Analysis
- Understanding Price Volatility
- Using Dividend Discount Models
- Using Multistage Dividend Discount Models
- Using Shareholder Value Analysis


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