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Global and Chinese Nickel Industry Report, 2010-2011

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  • Report
  • September 2011
  • Region: Global, China
  • 63 Pages
  • Research In China
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  • BHP Billiton
  • Jiangxi Jiangli Sci-Tech
  • JNMC
  • Norilsk Nickel
  • Vale SA
  • Xstrata Plc
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In 2010, with the stabilized recovery of LME nickel price, most nickel projects shut down in the financial crisis resumed production. The global output of nickel reached 1.44 million tons in 2010, up 8.4% YoY. Meanwhile, the recovery of downstream sectors such as stainless steel powerfully spurred consumption of nickel. In 2010, the nickel consumption worldwide increased by 19.3% YoY to 1.47 million tons. With the constant advancement of new nickel project construction, the world's output of nickel continues to maintain rapid growth in H1 2011.

The report not only analyzes the status quo of global market but also studies the production, sales, import & export, and price trend concerning China's nickel and ferronickel.

Since 2010, the nickel price in China rose to nearly RMB200,000/ton in March 2011 from initially RMB 150,000/ton. The nickel price experienced volatile decline as of April 2011 and moderate rise in June and July.

The high price of nickel boosted the flourishing of ferronickel industry. In 2010, the output of Chinese ferronickel (inclusive of nickel) amounted to 160 kilotons, up more than 50% YoY. With the construction of new nickel projects in China, the output of ferronickel continues to grow and increase by close to 40% in H1 2011.

Ferronickel is made from lateritic nickel ore by pyrometallurgical process. In recent years, the high growth of ferronickel in China staged a tidal wave of investments in the construction projects of lateritic nickel ores. Now Jinchuan Group, Baosteel, CNMC and TISCO etc. have invested in and acquired lateritic nickel ores in Indonesia and Myanmar. Meanwhile, the import volume of nickel ore surges year by year. In 2010, China imported 25 million tons of nickel ore sand and concentrates from the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia etc., up 52.4% YoY.

Moreover, the report focuses on four international leading nickel enterprises including Norilsk Nickel, Vale SA, BHP Billiton and Xstrata plc, as well as seven key Chinese enterprises including Jinchuan Group and Jien Nickel Industry, etc.

Norilsk Nickel is the largest nickel manufacturer in the world. In 2010, it produced 297,000 tons of nickel, sharing 20.6% of the global output and ranking first worldwide. In H1 of 2011, affected by the ocean shipping disruption of Russian Branch, the nickel output of Norilsk Nickel declined slightly over the same period in 2010 to 136,000 tons.

Jinchuan Group, the largest nickel producer in China, has the world-class nickel-copper-cobalt resources. To sharpen its competitive edge, the Group acquired Tyler Resources Inc. with CAD 214 million in January 2008, and took 11% equities of Fox Resources, an Australian nickel miner and manufacturer, with USD 15.7 million in March. Then in Sep.2009, the company projected USD 2 million for 51% equity stake of Munali Nickel Mine, the largest nickel ore in Zambia. By the end of 2010, the Group had obtained 64 prospecting permits, with exploration area of 5,061 square kilometers, holding resources with over 1 million tons of nickel, 3 million tons of cooper and 60,000 tons of cobalt overseas.

As the largest production base of nickel salt in China, the operating revenue of Jien Nickel Industry registered RMB2.24957 billion in 2010, up 99.7% YoY, of which the revenue from its leading product nickel sulfate rose 98.9% YoY to RMB1.258164 billion; and that from electrolytic nickel reached RMB 162.169 million, up 22.9% YoY.
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  • BHP Billiton
  • Jiangxi Jiangli Sci-Tech
  • JNMC
  • Norilsk Nickel
  • Vale SA
  • Xstrata Plc
  • MORE
1. Profile of Nickel
1.1 Definition
1.2 Nickel Ore Resources
1.3 Nickel Smelting

2 Nickel Supply and Demand Worldwide
2.1 Supply
2.2 Consumption
2.2.1 Consumption Volume
2.2.2 Consumption Structure

3 Nickel Ore Resources in China
3.1 Reserves and Distribution
3.2 Supply & Demand
3.2.1 Nickel Ore Import
3.2.2 Nickel Ore Price

4 Supply & Demand in Chinese Nickel Market
4.1 Supply
4.1.1 Output
4.1.2 Output Distribution
4.2 Consumption
4.2.1 Consumption Volume
4.2.2 Consumption Structure
4.2.3 Stainless Steel Market
4.3 Import & Export
4.3.1 Import
4.3.2 Export

5 Nickel Price Trend
5.1 International Nickel Price
5.2 Nickel Price in China

6 China's Ferrous-nickel Industry
6.1 Profile of Ferrous-nickel
6.2 Supply & Demand
6.2.1 Supply
6.2.2 Demand
6.3 Import & Export
6.4 Price Trend
6.5 Problem of Chinese Ferrous-nickel Industry

7 Key Enterprises Worldwide
7.1 Norilsk Nickel
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 Development in China
7.2 Vale SA
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operation
7.2.3 Development in China
7.3 BHP Billiton
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 Development in China
7.4 Xstrata Plc
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Operation
7.4.3 Development in China

8 Key Enterprises in China
8.1 JNMC
8.1.1 Profile
8.1.2 Operation
8.1.3 Competitive Edge
8.1.4 Development Strategy
8.2 Jilin Jien Nickel Industry
8.2.1 Profile
8.2.2 Operation
8.2.3 Competitive Edge
8.3 Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry
8.3.1 Profile
8.3.2 Operation
8.3.3 Nickel Ore Development Progress
8.4 China Nickel Resources Holdings
8.4.1 Profile
8.4.2 Operation
8.4.3 Key Projects & Progress
8.5 Jiangxi Jiangli Sci-Tech
8.5.1 Profile
8.5.2 Operation
8.6 Guangxi Yinyi Smelting Technology
8.6.1 Profile
8.6.2 Operation
8.7 Shaanxi Huaze Nickel-Cobalt Metals
8.7.1 Profile
8.7.2 Operation

Selected charts

- Distribution of Nickel Sources (by Country) Worldwide, 2008
- Distribution of Nickel Sources (by Product) Worldwide, 2008
- Output of Nickel Worldwide, 2004-2011
- World's Top 10 Enterprises by Nickel Output, 2010
- Consumption of Nickel Worldwide, 2004-2011
- Global Stainless Crude Steel Output and Growth Rate, 2007-2011
- Consumption Structure of Nickel Worldwide, 2010
- Main Types and Proportions of Nickel Ore Resources in China
- Distribution of Nickel Ore Reserves (by Province/City) in China
- China's Import Volume of Nickel Ore & Concentrates, 2007-2011
- Import Volume and Value of Nickel Ore & Concentrates (by Country) in China, 2010
- Laterite-nickel Ore in Southeast Asia invested by Chinese Enterprises,2005-2009
- Inventory of China's Laterite-nickel Ore in Ports, 2009-2011
- Price of Laterite-nickel Ore(1.9-2.0%)in China,2009-2011
- Nickel Output and YoY Growth of China, 2006-2011
- Nickel Output (by Province/City) in China, 2010
- Nickel Consumption of China, 2006-2010
- Nickel Consumption Structure in China, 2008
- Crude Stainless Steel Output and YoY Growth of China, 2007-2011
- Price of Stainless Steel Coil in Wuxi,China,2010-2011
- Import Volume of Refined Nickel, 2007-2011
- Refined Nickel Import Volume (by Country/Region) of China, 2009-2011
- Export Tax Rate of Main Nickel Products in China,2011
- China's Export Volume of Refined Nickel and Alloys, 2007-2011
- China's Export Volume of Refined Nickel and Alloys (by Country/Region), 2009-2011
- Closing Price of LME 3-Months Nickel,2010-July.2011
- Daily Average Spot Price of 1# Nickel in China, 2010-2011
- Tax-Inclusive Price Trend of 1#Nickel in Major Cities, China, Jan.-Aug., 2011
- Market Price of JNMC 1# Nickel Plate, 2010-2011
- Laterite Nickel Ore (by Grade) Smelting Methods and Classification of Ferro-Nickel Products in China
- Ferro-Nickel Output of China, 2005-2011 (Content of Nickel)
- Output of Stove-smelted Ferro-nickel and Blast Furnace-smelted Ferro-nickel in China, 2008-2010
- Production Cost of Ferro-nickel by Process in China,2010
- Stainless Steel Output (by Product) Structure of China, 2010
- Import & Export of Ferro-nickel in China, 2009-2011
- Import of Chinese Ferro-nickel by Country of Origin,2010
- Export of Chinese Ferro-nickel by Destination,2010
- Price of Ferro-nickel in China, 2010-2011
- Ore Resources and Reserves of Norilsk Nickel
- Main Metal Output of Norilsk Nickel, 2005-2011
- Total Revenue and Gross Profit of Norilsk Nickel, 2006-2010
- Operating Revenue and Net Income of Vale SA, 2006-2011
- Operating Revenue of Vale SA by Business, 2009-2011
- Nickel Producers Affiliated to Vale and Distribution by Region
- Nickel Output of Vale SA, 2008-2011
- Nickel Sales Value Structure of Vale SA by Region, 2010
- Output and Growth YoY of BHP Billiton by Product, FY2011
- Output and Sales Volume of BHP Billiton by Region, FY2010-FY2011
- Revenue and Operating Profit of Xstrata plc, 2006-2011
- Revenue and Growth YoY of Xstrata plc by Product, 2010-2011
- Nickel Revenue and Operating Income of Xstrata plc,2009-2011
- Nickel Output of Xstrata plc, 2009-2011
- Sales Volume of Xstrata plc, 2009-2011
- Operating Revenue and Total Profit of Jinchuan Group, 2007-2010
- Sales Volume and Revenue of Nickel of Jinchuan Group, 2007-2010
- Operating Revenue and Net Income of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry, 2008-2011
- Revenue and Ratio of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry by Product, 2010
- Domestic Nickel Resources and Reserves of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry
- Overseas Nickel Resources and Reserves of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry
- Operating Revenue and Net Income of Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry, 2007-2010
- Sales Volume and Value of Nickel of Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry by Product, 2009-2010
- Electrolytic Nickel Output of Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry, 2006-2010
- Nickel Resources of Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry, 2010
- Nickel Reserve of Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry, 2010
- Nickel Ore Smelting Capacity of Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry, 2009-2010
- Turnover and Net Income of China Nickel Resources Holdings, 2006-2010
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- Norilsk Nickel
- Vale SA
- BHP Billiton
- Xstrata Plc
- Jilin Jien Nickel Industry
- Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry
- China Nickel Resources Holdings
- Jiangxi Jiangli Sci-Tech
- Guangxi Yinyi Smelting Technology
- Shaanxi Huaze Nickel-Cobalt Metals
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown