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A conceptual and operational understanding of social resilience. Edition No. 1 Product Image

A conceptual and operational understanding of social resilience. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 1895204
  • April 2008
  • 228 Pages
  • VDM Publishing House

Resource-protection policies are frequently implemented without prior knowledge of the likely social and economic outcomes. The consequences of these management strategies can, however, severely erode the ability of resource-users to cope and prosper. The conflict, political turmoil and lack of compliance that are often associated with changes in resource policies can seriously undermine conservation goals. Design of policies that are capable of achieving both conservation goals and social and economic sustainability require a better understanding of how resource-users respond to policy change and adapt. This study aims to improve our understanding of how the commercial fishing industry in North Queensland might be resilient to policy change. It shows that to successfully navigate through policy-change transitions, resource-users require flexibility (or low resource dependency) and a positive perception of policy change. The study develops a method to measure these qualities, thus giving resource managers and researchers the ability to assess social resilience prior to the implementation of conservation initiatives. This knowledge can underpin progressive management approaches aimed at more effective and equitable resource protection and to better position resource managers to meet the challenge of managing for resilient socio-ecological systems.

Alexander, Rakitin.
As a little kid I always wanted to know how the world ticks at the most fundamental level. That is why I came to elementary particle physics, graduated from Moscow PhysTech (Russia), and finally obtained my PhD at MIT. Currently I keep satisfying my curiosity about the world of elementary particles as a senior postdoctoral scholar at Caltech.

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