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New Optical Sensors for Determination of Corrosion in
Reinforcement Concrete. Edition No. 1 - Product Image

New Optical Sensors for Determination of Corrosion in Reinforcement Concrete. Edition No. 1

  • Published: November 2008
  • 224 Pages
  • VDM Publishing House

Corrosion of reinforcement steel of concrete is one
of the main causes of deteriorations of structures.
Principally, it is an electrochemical process, which
can be divided by two mechanisms – acidic and
chloride initiated corrosion. Optical sensoric
materials were prepared, which allow a
non-destructive monitoring of these processes. The
sensors are embedded into concrete structures and the
signal is transported through optical fibres.
pH–indicator azo dyes have been synthesised for
monitoring of acidic attack. An aldehyde group has
been used as dye–reactive functionality for the first
time. The dyes have been covalent bound to poly(vinyl
alcohol co ethylen) by acetal spacer bridge to assure
long–term stability of the sensor. The colour change
of such prepared pH–indicator materials occurs in the
pH interval of 11 to 13 and allows to predict the
acidic attack in an early stage. The response time of
these sensors is in the range of seconds. The optical
detection of chloride ions in alkaline media has been
investigated. Benzimidazolotrimethine dyes tend to
form J–aggregates under influence READ MORE >

Pavel, Makedonski.
1970, Knezha, Bulgaria, 1990 – 1995 MS in Chemical Engineering,
2000 – 2004 PhD in Organic Chemistry, 1996 – 2000 “Aroma” AD,
Sofia, Bulgaria, Production Technologist 2004 – 2005 “Max ProDis”
Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria, Production Manager 2005 – 2007
“Biesterfeld PRO” Ltd,“LifeScience” Division, Sofia, Bulgaria
Sales Manager, 2007– now “Biesterfeld PRO” Ltd, “LifeScience”
Division, Sofia, Bulgaria, Commercial manager

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