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New Strategies for a Livelihood. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 1904923
  • October 2008
  • 200 Pages
  • VDM Publishing House
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Economic rural structures undergo changes continually
and understanding these changes in a given area would
enhance the chances for a better-formulated
development policy intervention. This study
contributes, from the perspective of Pakistan and the
rural Northwestern region in particular, to the
debate on the effectiveness of promoting non-farm
employment in an underdeveloped region. Readers will
find useful information that questions the standard
assumptions about livelihood in the developing world.
The volume adopts a holistic approach to
understanding rural livelihood and the contributions
can be grouped around four major themes: livelihood
strategies and diversification; poverty; occupational
choices; and changes in occupational patterns. This
book presents a new approach to the study of rural
economy by utilizing several statistical and
econometrical techniques ranging from multinomial
logit to diversity indices (Shannon, Simpson, and
Dissimilarity). With its important insights into
different facets of rural livelihood, this book is a
cornerstone resource for researchers, practitioners,
and students interested in development issues.

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Mohammad Asif Khan.
Mohammad Asif Khan is a development researcher and earned his
Ph.D. from Georg August University Goettingen Germany. He is the
author of Changes in the Socio-economic Structures in Rural
North-west Pakistan. For contact: asif@agr.uni-goettingen.de

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown



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