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Knowledge's Value. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 1904941
  • August 2008
  • 88 Pages
  • VDM Publishing House
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Is knowledge better than true belief? Socrates
thought so. If he was right, and it is better to know
than to believe, then how is that the case? Knowledge
is generally considered to be some sort of justified
true belief; so, is it justification that makes
knowledge somehow better? These questions motivate
this book (specifically whether justification can
possibly account for a value unique to knowledge).
The book begins by presenting the justificatory
landscape—in particular, the features of and division
between externalist justification and internalist
justification. The first major challenge, the
Swamping Problem, appears to fatally wound
externalism while only damaging internalism. However,
it becomes apparent that internalism qua internalism
cannot exclusively account for knowledge’s value.
Throughout the book, externalism’s importance to
epistemology becomes apparent. This invites a
reconsideration of the value of externalism, and the
book concludes that knowledge’s value can be
substantiated by an appeal to externalist
justification. This analysis can engage those new to
epistemology and interest those looking into its future.

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Shannon Balderson.
Shannon Balderson studied philosophy and mathematics at UNSW in
Sydney, Australia. She received her BSc/BA(Hons) in 2005 and her
MA in 2007. She currently teaches.

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