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Contributions to the Theory of Gamma-Semirings. Edition No. 1

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  • November 2009
  • 148 Pages
  • VDM Publishing House
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about the thesis... This self-contained reference/thesis covers the most important aspects of the theory of Gamma-semirings which are genaralizations of Gamma-rings, semirings, and rings-developing all the necessary facts about Gamma-semirings throughout the body of the book. Providing proofs that follow from concrete logic and analysis, Contributions to the theory of Gamma- semirings discusses, characterizations of the Jacobson radical of a Gamma-semiring, and study of 0-simple Gamma-semirings, Ideals in Half Gamma-rings, radical theory of Gamma-semirings and topological Gamma-semirings.This thesis consists of five chapters which illustrate the material and pose stimulating questions at the leading edge of Investigation. A comprehensive and Unique source of Information, this thesis is a milestone in the study of Gamma- semirings. The present work is of immediate benifit to those who are working in the area of Gamma- semirings, computer scientists and research professionals. The prerequisities for successful use of this book is the semigroup theory and semiring theory.

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DPRV , Subba Rao.
DPRV Subba Rao is an Associate Professor in the Dept of Mathematics at University of Petroleum

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