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Importance of BMP-2 and BMP network on osteoblastic differentiation. Edition No. 1

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  • March 2009
  • 192 Pages
  • VDM Publishing House
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Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are key
morphogenetic regulators of skeletal tissue
development and potent inducers of post-
developmental mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs)
differentiation. Previous studies highlight the
complex, temporal expression pattern of BMPs during
fracture repair and pre-natal bone development,
suggesting that these processes are regulated
through the coordinated actions of multiple BMPs.
Murine bone MSCs are a recognized ex vivo system of
mesenchymal stem cell differentiation in which the
effects of BMPs could be examined. These data
suggests MSC differentiation is dependent on the
endogenous expression of multiple BMPs, it attempts
to characterize the interactions of the BMPs within
this network, and determine if the network is
autonomously regulated by the expression of specific
BMPs. These data demonstrate the inter-relation of
BMPs during the progression of osteogenic
differentiation, the ability of BMPs to induce and
repress the expression of other isoforms to suggest
a complex regulatory pattern, and specifically that
BMP-2 is an early and consequently essential
regulator of this coordinated BMP pathway.

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Cory, Edgar.
Dr. Edgar is completing residency training and continues his
work investigating factors designed to augment soft-tissue
healing and delay the progression of osteoarthritis following
traumatic injury to joints. This work stems from PhD research
while in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas Einhorn, in partial
fulfillment of MD/PhD dual degree.

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