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Living Technologies. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 1918088
  • May 2010
  • 108 Pages
  • VDM Publishing House
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The biological world is an inexhaustible repository of imitable technologies. Since these technologies are molded by Nature over millions of years, they exhibit structural and functional perfection. Many of our technologies were in fact copied from such embedded technologies in the biological system. In recent years, especially in the last decade, there has been a spurt in such ‘back to nature' investigations and ‘nature to future' technological developments. The first nine chapters of the book discuss technologies borrowed from spiders, ants, beetles, water-striders, butterflies, honey bees, hornets, fleas, mosquitoes, blowflies, sponges, leeches, lobsters, crayfishes, hookworms and other intestinal worms, geckos, mussels, fishes, bats, dolphins, deers, birds, viruses, bacteria, DNA, neurons and muscles. The last chapter is a loud thinking on future possibilities. The book, first of its kind in the world, is written in a lucid style, with minimum use of technical jargon. It will be immensely useful for undergraduate science students, aspiring scientists, academicians as well as the general readers.

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Sumodan, P K.
Dr. P.K. Sumodan is an Assistant Professor at the Post Graduate Department of Zoology, Government College Madappally in Kerala, India. He has 20 research publications in Indian and international journals to his credit. He also published 10 popular science articles,7 academic text books and a monograph. He is an established science writer in India.

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