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Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service

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  • Book
  • January 2001
  • 268 pages
  • American Management Association Self-Study
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This self-study course is based on three books from the highly acclaimed Knock Your Socks Off Service® series by Ron Zemke and Kristin Anderson: Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service, Knock Your Socks Off Answers, and Tales of Knock Your Socks Off Service, It’s written in the same down-to-earth, easy-to-read, fun style that readers enjoy in the best-selling book series.

Like the books, this course is chock-full of practical information that will help you give external and internal customers exceptional service every day. The course is packed with proven techniques to get you out of tough situations and times when there’s been a service breakdown or when you’re face-to-face with a difficult customer.

Best yet, the course takes the ideas presented in the books to the next level by including the following interactive features that allow you to apply the material to your job and your life:

- Knock Your Socks Off Service - skill self-assessments to give you a snapshot of your current skill level. With these assessments, you’ll see where your strengths are and you’ll be able to identify areas that you want to improve.

- Goal-setting and action-planning worksheets- use these to write out your
Knock Your Socks Off Service goals, list action steps to achieve those goals, and track your progress.

- Exercises - where you apply what you’ve learned in this course to your job.

- Case situations -where you’ll prepare to meet challenging customer service issues before encountering them. Each case has a model answer based on tried-and-true methods used by successful customer service professionals.

- Desktop reminders- these are point-by-point guidelines you’ll find throughout the course. You’ll also find them on a laminated card you can take to work and keep in view or tucked away in your top drawer. A quick glance when the pressure’s on will remind you what to say or do next.
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About This Course
How to Take This Course

1. Serving Customers
Knock Your Socks Off Service
The Service Advantage
Customers Are Demanding
Customers Are Everywhere - Inside and Out
External Customers
Internal Customers
Relationship between Quality of Internal and External Customer Service
Moments of Truth
Managing Moments of Truth
Mastering Moments of Truth
To the Customer, You Are the Company
Keeping Pace with Changing Customer Needs
Delivering Exceptional Service
The Power to Keep Customers Coming Back
Review Questions

2. Principles of Knock Your Socks Off Service
RATER Factors
Reliability: Keeping the Service Promise
Organizational Commitments
Common Expectations
Personal Promises
Managing Promises
Fixing Broken Promises
Assurance: Building Customer Trust
Extra Points for Style
Tangibles: Taking Pride in Appearances
Demonstrating Value
Empathy: Seeing Things from the Customer’s Point of View
Empathy vs. Sympathy
Avoiding the Temptation to Commiserate
Treating Customers as Individuals
Responsiveness: Helping the Customer Promptly
Setting and Meeting Deadlines
When Customers Must Wait
Quality Customer Service Self-Assessment and Action Plan
The Ten Deadly Sins of Customer Service
Review Questions

3. The Rules of Knock Your Socks Off Service
Honesty Is the Only Policy
Tall Tales Catch Up with You
Customers Respect Honesty
Do It for Yourself, Too
All Rules Were Meant to Be Broken (Including This One)
Rules vs. Assumptions
Red Rules vs. Blue Rules
Breaking vs. Bending the Rules
Making Exceptions
Responding to Warranty Issues
Make the System Work
Is the Right Thing Ever Wrong?
Exceptional Service Is in the Details
Everything Counts
Moments of Truth
Good Selling Is Good Service - Good Service Is Good Selling
When Lines Overlap
When Selling Is Not Good Service
When Selling Is Good Service
Explaining Products and Services
Never Underestimate the Value of a Sincere Thank-You
Nine Times When You Should Thank Customers
Three Ways to Say Thank You
Five Often Forgotten Thank-Yous
Review Questions

4. Communicating with the Customer
Listening Is a Skill, Use It
Good Listeners Are Made, Not Born
Barriers to Effective Listening
Listening between the Lines
Ask Effective Questions
Background Questions
Probing Questions
Confirmation Questions
When Questions Go Wrong
Winning Words and Soothing Phrases
Forbidden Phrases
The Message Behind the Words
Facts for Face-to-Face
1. Proximity
2. Physical Contact
3. Gestures
4. Posture
5. Eye Contact
6. Facial Expression
7. Vocal Characteristics
8. Silence
9. Smell
10. Overall Appearance
Nonverbal Cues
Tips for Telephone Talk
Telephone Etiquette: A Quick Review
Voice Mail
Putting Pen to Paper or Fingers to Keyboard
Your Message
Your Reader
Using E-mail for Knock Your Socks Off Service
The Outcome
Review Questions

5. Smart Answers to Tough Customer Questions
Interpreting Needs and Anxieties Implicit in Customer Questions
Resistance to Change
Sensitivity to Price
Lack of Trust in the Service Provider
Sensitivity to Waiting Time
Fears, Well-Founded and Not-So-Well Founded
Diplomatic Answers to Peevish Questions
Maintaining an Individual’s Privacy
Protecting Sensitive Business Information
Directing Customers to Suitable Products or Services
Keeping Database Information Current without Irritating the Customer
Steering Clear of Politics and Religion
Three Helpful Phrases for All Occasions
Helpful Phrase ---1: “As You Might Expect”
Helpful Phrase ---2: “This Account Shows” or “Our Records Indicate”
Twenty Things You Should Never Say to a Customer
Review Questions

6. Educating the Customer
Right and Wrong
Why We’re There
Three Ways to Make Customers Right
Unfair Advantage
Educating Customers about Your Services
Educating Customers about Your Products
Filling Knowledge Gaps
Educate about Completing Paperwork
Educate about Information Sources
Educate through Personal Discovery
Building Customer Understanding
Building Customer Relationships through Education
Review Questions

7. The Problem Solving Side of Knock Your Socks Off Service
Be a Fantastic Fixer
The Art of Service Recovery
The Recovery Process
Asking for Trouble
Use the Well-Placed “I’m Sorry”
Legal Jeopardy
Customer Jeopardy
Do It Right
Fix the Person
Color-Coding Your Response
Tip of the Iceberg
Fair-Fix the Problem
Step 1: LISTEN to Find the Problem
Step 2: PROBE for Understanding and Confirmation
Step 3: SOLVE- Find and Implement Solutions One Extra Step
Customers from Hell Are Customers, Too
Approaches to Obnoxious Customers
Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
Doing the Impossible
Meeting Unreasonable Demands
When to Fire a Customer
Review Questions

8. Knock Your Socks Off Service Fitness: Taking Care of You
Master the Art of Calm
Ten Stress Reducers
Keep It Professional
Taking Care of Business
Involvement Varies
Office Friendships
Office Parties
Office Romances
Professional Appearance
Who You Are vs. What You Do
The Competence Principle: Always Be Learning
Put Yourself in Training
Celebrate Successes
Learning to Celebrate
Five Ways to Celebrate
Review Questions

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown