Audit & Optimization - Fixed & Mobile Enterprise Performance Trends

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When it comes to managing the fixed and mobile telecom environment, the elements of audit and optimization are two of the most common activities performed by enterprises today. Audits can be performed in many different ways, from ensuring that invoice charges align with contractual terms to determining whether or not the services appearing on the invoice are within the organization's telecom inventory. Similarly, optimizing the telecom environment can encompass many different activities, from determining if the organization has secured the most effective voice and data plans, to eliminating under or non-utilized wireless devices.

These activities also represent ample opportunity for financial and operational savings within the enterprise. In fact, AOTMP research indicates that audit and optimization activities consistently represent over 60% of all identified financial savings for those with a formal TEM or WMM program.

Executive Summary

Anyone involved in fixed and mobile telecom management should read this report in order to understand:

- What percentage of fixed and mobile telecom invoices are audited each month?
- What percentage of total monthly READ MORE >

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Executive Summary



Telecom Invoices Received

Telecom Invoices Audited

Telecom Invoice Error Identification

Telecom Invoice Error Recovery


Optimization Cycles

Optimization Opportunities

Key Findings Summary

Appendix A: Telecom Environment Management Scope

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Table of Figures

Figure 1 % of Total Invoice Dollars Containing Errors - Trend
Figure 2 Respondent Title / Role
Figure 3 Company Headquarters
Figure 4 Company Size
Figure 5 % of Total Monthly Telecom Invoices Received
Figure 6 # of Monthly Fixed Invoices Received – By Monthly Fixed Spend
Figure 7 # of Monthly Wireless Invoices Received – By Monthly Wireless Spend
Figure 8 % of Total Invoices Audited
Figure 9 % of Fixed Invoices Audited – By Company Size
Figure 10 % of Wireless Invoices Audited – By Company Size
Figure 11 % of Total Invoice Dollars Containing Errors
Figure 12 Invoice Error Recovery Success Rate
Figure 13 Invoice Audit and Recovery Impact Summary
Figure 14 Fixed Telecom Optimization Cycles
Figure 15 Wireless Optimization Cycles
Figure 16 Expected Change in the # of Fixed/Wired Phones – Next 12 Months
Figure 17 % of Companies Recycling Wireless Devices
Figure 18 Wireless Device Refresh Cycles

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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