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A First Look At Structured Investment Vehicles? Remaining Debt Outstanding And Their Asset Portfolio Sector Allocations May 08

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  • May 2008
  • Standard & Poors
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  • Asscher Finance Ltd.
  • Cortland Capital Limited
  • Five Finance Corp.
  • Kestrel Funding PLC
  • Mazarin Funding Corp.
  • Sedna Finance Corp.
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In an effort to move forward with the 27 steps that Standard & Poor's Ratings Services announced in February 2008 to bring greater transparency to the market, we have reviewed the asset allocations and liability profiles of our rated structured investment vehicles (SIVs), based on the sector at year-end 2007 and again at the end of March 2008. We have published various articles detailing the SIV market since March 2007when SIVs reached their peak debt issuanceas the sector has faced continuing and increasing pressure from price erosion of their asset portfolios and the realized losses incurred as they liquidated assets due to their inability to roll their financing. (Note: This increasing pressure was taking place at the same time the...

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Research Type: Commentary
Criteria articles describe the thought process and methodology Standard & Poor's analysts use in determining ratings. These commentary pieces discuss both the quantitative (economic and financial) and qualitative (business analysis and caliber of management) aspects of the analysis, as well as legal issues.

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- Beta Finance Corp.
- Citibank International Ltd.
- Sigma Finance Corp.
- Centauri Corp.
- Dorada Corp.
- K2 Corp.
- Links Finance Corp.
- Five Finance Corp.
- Parkland Finance Corp.
- Premier Asset Collateralized Entity Ltd.
- Whistlejacket Capital Ltd.
- Eaton Vance Variable Leverage Fund Ltd.
- Kestrel Funding PLC
- Zela Finance Corp.
- Nightingale Finance Ltd.
- Asscher Finance Ltd.
- Mazarin Funding Corp.
- Malachite Funding Ltd.
- Vetra Finance Corp.
- Harrier Finance Funding Ltd.
- Sedna Finance Corp.
- Cullinan Finance Ltd.
- Carrera Capital Finance Limited
- Cortland Capital Limited

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