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European Energy Journal

  • Published: September 2014
  • Region: Europe
  • Claeys & Casteels Publishing

The European Energy Journal (EEJ) offers the practitioner and the academic pro-active information on energy law and policy throughout Europe. It reports and comments upon relevant developments in the areas of internal market, competition law, energy efficiency, renewable energies, climate change, infrastructure, security of supply, and foreign energy policy.

Each issue includes regular reports on legislative initiatives, case law and country developments. Providing accessible articles and straightforward information on all political, legal, economic, environmental, industrial, financial and technical aspects of energy, the EEJ aims to be the leading cross-border platform for a multi-disciplinary dialogue between all actors: energy providers and energy consumers, law makers and law firms, industry and investors, scholars and politicians.

EEJ is published four times a year (in January, April, July and October), and the EEJ will also publish digital newsletters on a regular basis.

Next issue European Energy Journal available 15th of July including:

"Climate protection is not Deindustralialisation but Reindustrialisation"
Connie Hedegaard

"The European READ MORE >

First Issue - September 2011

The future of European energy
GÜNTHER OETTINGER - Commissioner for Energy, European Commission

Security of supply, a growing concern of energy polic
JEAN-ARNOLD VINOIS - Acting Director, Security of Supply, Energy Markets and Networks, DG Energy, European Commission

The dancing procession of Lisbon: legal bases of European energy policy
HELMUT SCHMITT VON SYDOW - Professor at University of Lausanne and European College of Parma

The energy mix after Fukushima
SUSANNE NIES - Head of Energy Policy & Power Generation, EURELECTRIC

Second Issue - January 2012

EU Foreign Energy Policy
By Nicole Ahner (Coordinator of the Loyola de Palacio Chair, European University Institue)

The 2050 Energy Roadmap
By Helen Donoghue (Principal Administrator European Commission, DG Energy)

Changing Energy Policy - The proposed energy efficiency directive and its consequences
By Dörte Fouquet (Director of the European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF))
and Jana Nysten (Attorney at Law at BBH, Brussels)

Understanding the public service obligation in the electricity sector
By Rozeta Karova (Energy Lawyer at the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, Austria)

Third Issue - April 2012

Can Europe retain its domestic refining industry?
Isabelle Muller calls for a realistic debate on the role of refining for security of supply and for the mobility of goods and persons at the heart of the single market.

Building Gas Markets: US versus EU, market versus market model
Explaining how network services are coordinated through long term contracts in the USA whereas the EU socializes the costs, Miguel Vazquez, Michelle Hallack and Jean-Michel Glachant develop a European Gas Target Model.

Appraisal of the Commission's Energy Roadmap 2050
Leonardo Meeus emphasizes that today's investment decisions are already shaping the energy system in 2050 and welcomes the intention to develop an intermediate framework for 2030.

A primer on renewable energy in India: a legal perspective
Arkodeb Sinha points out the importance of power and energy in contributing to the growth and development of a country like India.

Law making:
- "State of play and perspectives of the negotiations in the European institutions on pending and forthcoming legislative proposals"

Case Law:
- Air Transport Association of America: Emission Trading Scheme applies to aviation;
- Salemink: EU law applies to the continental shelf

Book Reviews:
- Andrea Pomana, Förderung Erneuerbarer Energien in Deutschland und im Vereinigten Königreich;
- Felix Ekardt, Theorie der Nachhaltigkeit;
- D. Freestone and C. Streck, Legal Aspects of Carbon Trading, Kyoto, Copenhagen and beyond

Country reports:
- Lithuania: First power connection to the West, building of a LNG terminal and new nuclear plant to reconquer independence from Russia;
- India: A primer on renewable energy; electricity and tariffs; integrated energy policy; regulatory commissions.

Fourth Issue - July 2012

"Climate protection is not Deindustralialisation but Reindustrialisation"
Connie Hedegaard

"The European Union's Emissions Trading System"
Jos Delbeke

"A New EU Gas Security of Supply Architecture?"
Jacques de Jong, Jean-Michel Glachant, Manfred Hafner, Nicole Ahner & Simone Tagliapietra

"Public Support to Low-carbon Innovation: Grants for all?"
Sophia Ruester and Luis Olmos

"The Adoption of Network Codes in the field of Energy: Availability of Judicial Review in a Multi-Stage Procedure"
Chara Vlachou

- Foreign energy policy
- Public nancing of private infrastructure
- EU-Russia cooperation concerning nuclear
- Public acceptance of energy savings
- Renewables obligation certicates
- The pan-European energy community from South-East Europe
- A new gas supply structure
- Key drivers for oil prices
- Energy eciency in public procurement
- Access to the EU grid for foreign companies
- Investment protection by the energy charter
- Credibility of statistics and forecasts
- Market coupling and smart grids


HELMUT SCHMITT VON SYDOW (Chief Editor; Professor at University of Lausanne and European College of Parma; former Director for Conventional Energies, European Commission)

NICOLE AHNER (Scientic Coordinator of the Loyola de Palacio Chair at the European University Institute, Florence)

DORA BOYTHA (Programming and Interinstitutional Relations Unit, European Parliament)

ANGUS JOHNSTON (Senior Law Fellow and CUF lecturer, Oxford University)

ALGIRDE PIPIKAITE (Associate at CZFP Legal Services, Brussels)

LENA SANDBERG-MORCH TIBOR SCHARF (Member of Legal Service, European Commission)


PIERRE BERNARD (Secretary General ELIA)

WALTER BOLTZ (Executive Director E-Control; Vice President, ACER Board of Regulators)

DÖRTE FOUQUET (Partner, Becker Büttner Held, Head of Brussels Office)

JEAN-MICHEL GLACHANT (Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair; Director of the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute (EUI), Florence)

LEIGH HANCHER (Professor of Law, University of Tilburg; Of Counsel, Allen & Overy, Amsterdam)

CHRISTOPHER JONES (Head of Cabinet of Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, European Commission)

LARS KJØLBYE (Partner Covington & Burling Brussels; former Head of Unit Energy, Directorate General Competition, European Commission)

MARK VAN STIPHOUT (Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Oettinger, responsible for Energy)

JORGE VASCONCELOS (President NEWES; former President of CEER)

JEAN-ARNOLD VINOIS (Acting Director, Security of Supply, Energy Markets and Networks, DG ENER, European Commission)

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