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Advances in Materials Science - Product Image

Advances in Materials Science

  • ID: 1962873
  • December 2011
  • 229 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc

Series: Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2011 International Conference on Materials Science and Computing Science (MSCS 2011), August 13-14, 2011, Wuhan, China

Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Materials Science and Computing Science (MSCS 2011), held in Wuhan, China, on August 13th-14th, 2011. The objective of MSCS 2011 was to provide a forum within which researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials involved in the general areas of Materials Science and Computing Science could disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on future research directions in these fields.

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Table of Contents (42 papers, 10 per page listed)

Stability Study of the Geogrids Reinforced Tailings
Hong Zhu Zhang, Lai Gui Wang, Mei Sheng Feng p1

Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Coupled Nonlinear Adaptive Synchronization Control
Yu Jia Tie, Wei Yang, Hao Yu Tan p6

A New Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Yi Min Li, Yang Cai p12

The Application of ADRC in the Ship Main Engine Speed Controller Based on Genetic Algorithm
Chang Shun Wang, Ying Bing Zhou, Wei Gang Pan, Yao Zhen Han, Feng Yu Zhou p17

Synthesis and Properties of a New Diarylethene with Two Different Substituents for Optical Recording
Shi Qiang Cui, Shou Zhi Pu, Wei Jun Liu p23

Synthesis and Fluorescence Switching of a Photochromic Diarylethene Bearing Chlorine Atoms
Ming Liu, Gang Liu, Cong Bin Fan, Shi Qiang Cui p27

Application of Skin Detection Based on Irregular Polygon Area Boundary Constraint on YCbCr and Reverse Gamma Correction
Bao Song Wang, Xue Qiang Lv, Xin Long Ma, Hong Wei Wang p31

A Photochromic Diarylethene with Five and Six-Membered Aryl Units
Zhi Peng Tong, Shou Zhi Pu, Shi Qiang Cui p37

Synthesis and Photochromic Properties of a Novel Diarylethene Derivative
Chun Hong Zheng, Shou Zhi Pu, Cong Bin Fan, Wei Jun Liu p41

Synthesis and Characterization of Photochromic 1-(3,5-dimethyl-4-isoxazolyl)-2-[2-methyl-5-(3-methylphenyl)-3-thienyl]per?uorocyclopentene
Hui Li, Shou Zhi Pu, Shi Qiang Cui p45

Efficient, Synthesis, Properties of a Novel Unsymmetrical Photochromic Diarylethene Having Phenyl and Thienyl Group
Duo Hua Jiang, Gang Liu, Wei Jun Liu p49

A Novel Photochromic Diarylethene Based on Pyrazole and Benzothiophene Moieties for Optical Recording
Hong Liang Liu, Shou Zhi Pu, Shi Qiang Cui, Wei Jun Liu p53

Synthesis, Properties and Optical Recording of a Novel Unsymmetrical Photochromic Diarylethene
Li Qin Wang, Shou Zhi Pu, Liu Shui Yan, Shi Qiang Cui p57

Numerical Simulation of Micro Flow Field of Micro Injector
Li Li Mu, Ning Xue p61

A Microscopic Model of the Asymmetric Neck Growth during Sintering Process upon the Asymmetric Particle Arrangement
Yu Niu, Feng Xu, Xiao Fang Hu, Yong Cun Li, Jing Zhao, Zhong Zhang p66

Efficient Synthesis and Properties of a New Photochromic Diarylethene Bearing a Thiophene Moiety
Shang Hua He, Gang Liu, Ren Jie Wang p72

Ti50Fe25Ni25 Amorphous Alloy Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
Yu Ying Zhu, Qiang Li, Yun Hua He, Ge Wang, Xing Hua Wang p76

A Molecular Switch Based on a Blue Photochromic Diarylethene
Wei Jun Liu, Wei Ping Wang, Gang Liu p81

The Viscosity Experiment Mensuration and Model Simulation of the CO2-Oil System
Yong Mao Hao p85

Effect of Cooling Rate and Iron Content on the Solidification Structures of Copper-Iron Alloys
Bao Mian Li, Hai Tao Zhang, Jian Zhong Cui p89

First-Principles Calculation for Improving Room Temperature Ductility of B2-NiAl by Fe
Yu Xiang Lu, Guo Liang Qi, Liang Cheng p94

Effects of the Conditions on the Temperature Changes inside the Wood during Microwave Heating
Jian Fang Yu, Hai Dong Li, Bing Hu Sun, Hua Qiong Duo p100

Study on the Moisture Distribution within the Wood Treated with Microwave
Jian Fang Yu, Ji Long Guo, Jing Ya Nan, Bing Hu Sun p105

Stress Intensity Factor for Interfacial Cracks in Bi-Materials Using Incompatible Numerical Manifold Method
Gao Feng Wei, Hong Fen Gao, Hai Hui Jiang p109

The Synthesis and Characterization of the Graphene Oxide Covalent Modified Phenolic Resin Nanocomposites
Duo Wang, Jie Gao, Wei Fang Xu, Feng Bao, Rui Ma, Chun Jie Yan, Tao Chen, Guo Zhen Wang p115

Rheological Behavior of Silver Paste Prepared from Nanoparticles
Shi Yong Luo, Juan Chen, Wen Cai Xu, Xin Lin Zhang, Li Xia Huo p120

Study on Thermal Assisted Direct Bonding of Glasses for Lab-on-Chip Application through Surface Activation Process
Qiu Ling Chen, Qiu Ping Chen, Monica Ferraris p124

Effect of Starting-Mixture Composition on Morphological Properties and Microstructure of Hierarchical Porous Carbon
Gui Wu Liu, Jie Li, Guan Jun Qiao, Shun Jian Xu, Tian Jian Lu p130

The Application of Thermosensitive Gel Nano-Material in Neurosurgery
Bing Jie Zhang, Li Mei Wang p134

Effect of Stretching Temperature on Proteolysis, Expressible Serum and Titratable Acidity of Mozzarella Cheese
Miao Ying, Liu Jing, Zhao Zheng p139

Buckling Analysis of the Tube Compression-Bending Member in Elastic-Plastic State with ANSYS
Zhi Cai Jiang, Wei Lian Qu p143

The Application of Image Stitching in the Robot Target Recognition
Lan Shen Guo, Nai Qiang Dong, Wei Tian, Cai Xiao Li, Fang Zhong Zhang p149

Analysis of Aerodynamics Characteristic of High Length-to-Diameter Ratio Missile
Zhi Ling Peng p153

Study on Mechanical Properties of Talus Deposit Based on Digital Image Processing Technology
Lin Wei Wang, Wei Ya Xu, An Quan Xu p159

The Paleotopography Reconstruction of late Cretaceous Dabie Orogen by Low-Temperature Thermochronological Age-Elevation Relationships
Ru Xin Ding, Zheng Hai Wang, Zu Yi Zhou, Chang Hai Xu p165

Digital Control of PID for Voice Coil Actuator and System Simulation
Bang Jun Lu, Bao Guo Kang, Wu Jun Zhang p171

The Design and Research of an On-Line Monitor Tool Wear System Based on uC/COS
Ze Yu Chen p176

The Research on Ship Positioning’ Thruster Allocation Based on Evolutionary Algorithm
Hong Fu Chi p182

The Inertia Force of Insect-Like Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle
Dan Zhu, Qiang Wang, Ming Lang Hu p186

Research of Soccer Robot Control System with Analysis of Scientific Materials
Sheng Jie Zhao p193

Design and Implementation of Motor Servo Control System with Analysis of Scientific Materials
Xiao Guang Li, Hui Ying Huang p198

Information Integrated Management of Large-Scale Chemical Engineering Projects Based on Owner
Xia Jie Jin, Cai Xing Lin p203

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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