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Enterprise Portal Market Strategies and Forecasts, 2001-2006

  • ID: 1985
  • January 2001
  • Region: Global
  • 275 pages
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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Enterprise integration process management provides a way to define process flows so that they can be understood and changed. As business environments change, it is necessary to have access to the business proves. The ability to even look at those processes gives insight into the business that was not previously available.

Enterprise portals enable organizations to develop and deploy portals and e-Business applications that integrate existing business systems to provide seamless integration of content, commerce, and community.

Portals are at the center of e-business strategy. Portals are the de facto desktop for the Internet. Portals can be customized to give each user a different presentation, with a unique look and feel, unique content, and unique strengths.

Leading market participants have evolved a brand advantage that entices users to move to different portals. The evolution has made it possible to create portal applications that are not outdated. Users associated with enterprise portals have raised the bar on what defines an adequate portal. As they navigate the Internet, users find portals that do a better job of implementing the conventions or offer additional READ MORE >

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<P>Enterprise Portal Executive Summary 1</P>
<P>Portals at the Center of E-Business Strategy 2</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Market Shares First Half 2001 5</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Market Forecasts 6</P>
<P>World-Class Internet Integration 7</P>
<P>Single Web Destination 8</P>
<P>Track Demographic Information And User Preferences 8</P>
<P>Enterprise Uses 9</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Market Definition and Description </P>
<P>1. Enterprise Portal Market Description 1</P>
<P>1.1 Definition of Portals 1</P>
<P>1.2 Impact of the Internet 1</P>
<P>1.3 E-Business Portals 2</P>
<P>1.3.1 Single Web Destination 3</P>
<P>1.3.2 Personalized Page 4</P>
<P>1.4 Enterprise Portal Product Uses 4</P>
<P>1.4.1 Track Demographic Information and User Preferences 5</P>
<P>1.4.2 Enterprise Uses 5</P>
<P>1.5 Web Content Management Software 5</P>
<P>1.6 Server Systems 6</P>
<P>1.7 Enterprise Portals Core Benefits 6</P>
<P>1.8 Universal Connectivity To Information 7</P>
<P>1.9 Dynamic Access 8</P>
<P>1.10 Enterprise Portal Services 9</P>
<P>1.11 Building a Competitive Workforce 11</P>
<P>1.12 Extending the Enterprise to Partners and Customers 12</P>
<P>1.13 Accelerates Time-to-Benefit 12</P>
<P>1.14 Leveraging Existing Technology Investments 13</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Market Forecasts </P>
<P>2 Enterprise Portal Market Forecasts 1</P>
<P>2.1 Basic Enterprise Portal Capability 1</P>
<P>2.2 Portals at the Center of E-Business Strategy 1</P>
<P>2.3 Enterprise Portal Strategy 3</P>
<P>2.4 Enterprise Portal Market Shares 2000 8</P>
<P>2.5 Enterprise Portal Market Shares First Half 2001 10</P>
<P>2.6 Enterprise Portal Market Forecasts 12</P>
<P>2.6.1 Number of Portal Licenses 14</P>
<P>2.7 Enterprise Portal Market Trends 16</P>
<P>2.7.1 Enterprise Portals For Back End Systems 18</P>
<P>2.7.2 Enterprise Portals for Front End Systems 19</P>
<P>2.7.3 Enterprise Portals for Customer Service 20</P>
<P>2.7.4 Partner Business Drivers 21</P>
<P>2.7.5 Business Process Integration 22</P>
<P>2.7.6 Integration of Business Processes 24</P>
<P>2.7.7 Business Process Management for Back End Systems 24</P>
<P>2.7.8 Business Process Integration 27</P>
<P>2.8 BPM Market Participants 28</P>
<P>2.8.1 Integration of Business Processes 29</P>
<P>2.9 Business Analyst Message Broker Market 31</P>
<P>2.10 Business Analyst Market Forecasts 34</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Products By Category </P>
<P>3. Enterprise Portal Product Description 1</P>
<P>3.1 Enterprise Portal Product Definition 1</P>
<P>3.2 Tibco Software Enterprise Portals 2</P>
<P>3.2.1 Tibco ActivePortal and Portals 3</P>
<P>3.2.2 Tibco Content Channels 6</P>
<P>3.2.3 Application Service Layer 7</P>
<P>3.2.4 Tibco.Net 7</P>
<P>3.3 Plumtree 10</P>
<P>3.3.1 Plumtree Portal Gadgets 10</P>
<P>3.3.2 Plumtree Myroi Program 10</P>
<P>3.3.3 Plumtree Business-To-Business Portal Applications 11</P>
<P>3.3.4 Architecture of the Plumtree Corporate Portal 13</P>
<P>3.4 Vignette Enterprise Application Portal 14</P>
<P>3.4.1 Vignette Business Integration Studio 16</P>
<P>3.4.2 Content Categorization 17</P>
<P>3.4.3 Business Intelligence 18</P>
<P>3.5 Interwoven 20</P>
<P>3.5.1 Interwoven PortalReady 20</P>
<P>3.5.2 Tag Management 21</P>
<P>3.5.3 Extensibility / Programmability 21</P>
<P>3.5.4 Single Point of Access 22</P>
<P>3.5.5 Personalized Access and Delivery 22</P>
<P>3.5.6 Interwoven PortalReady 22</P>
<P>3.6 Sybase 24</P>
<P>3.6.1 Automate Business-To-Business Collaboration 25</P>
<P>3.6.2 Wireless E-Business Format 26</P>
<P>3.6.3 Sybase EP Business Infrastructure 26</P>
<P>3.6.4 Sybase Enterprise Integration Services 28</P>
<P>3.6.5 Sybase Enterprise Adapters 29</P>
<P>3.6.6 Neon E-Commerce Solutions 31</P>
<P>3.6.7 Neon Convoy 33</P>
<P>3.6.8 Sybase / Neon Adapters 34</P>
<P>3.6.9 Neon Process Server -- XML 36</P>
<P>3.6.10 Sybase EP’s Enterprise Integration Process Management 37</P>
<P>3.6.11 Sybase Portal Services 38</P>
<P>3.6.12 Sybase Enterprise Portal: Foundation for E-Business 39</P>
<P>3.7 DataChannel 39</P>
<P>3.7.1 DataChannel Portal Architecture Overview 41</P>
<P>3.8 BEA 43</P>
<P>3.8.1 BEA Combined (B2B), Business-To-Consumer (B2C), and Business-To-Employee (B2E) Initiatives 46</P>
<P>3.8.2 BEA Weblogic® Portal Features 46</P>
<P>3.9 BowStreet 51</P>
<P>3.9.1 BowStreet Business Web Portals 52</P>
<P>3.9.2 BowStreet Portal Types 55</P>
<P>3.9.3 BowStreet Enterprise Information Portal 60</P>
<P>3.9.4 BowStreet Reusability Of E-Business Applications 60</P>
<P>3.9.5 iPlanet Portal Server 64</P>
<P>3.9.6 iPlanet Portal Server Enterprise Edition 65</P>
<P>3.10 PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 66</P>
<P>3.10.1 PeopleSoft Employee Portal 69</P>
<P>3.10.2 PeopleSoft Portal Solutions Domain Expertise 70</P>
<P>3.11 DigitalESP 71</P>
<P>3.12 Iona Portal Server 73</P>
<P>3.12.1 Iona Portal Server Benefits 73</P>
<P>3.13 Hummingbird EIP 76</P>
<P>3.13.1 Hummingbird Platform for Building E-Business Solutions 77</P>
<P>3.14 Fulcrum KnowledgeServer 79</P>
<P>3.15 Hummingbird Enterprise Information Portal 79</P>
<P>3.15.1 Application Collaboration 82</P>
<P>3.15.2 Structured Data Access 83</P>
<P>3.15.3 Unstructured Data Access 83</P>
<P>3.15.4 Mission Critical Data and Application Access 83</P>
<P>3.16 Citrix 84</P>
<P>3.16.1 NFuse 1.5 Is an Application Portal 85</P>
<P>3.16.2 XPS™ Portal Software 85</P>
<P>3.17 Viador E-Portal 85</P>
<P>3.18 Brio Portal for the Virtual Enterprise 86</P>
<P>3.18.1 Intelligent Agents 88</P>
<P>3.18.2 Brio.Portal Portal.Pages 89</P>
<P>3.18.3 Brio.Portal Personalization 90</P>
<P>3.19 Autonomy Portal-in-a-Box™ 90</P>
<P>3.19.1 Automated Content Aggregation and Management 91</P>
<P>3.19.2 Automatic Hyperlinking 92</P>
<P>3.20 Computer Associates 94</P>
<P>3.21 SAP 95</P>
<P>3.22 Portal Wave Application Portal Server 99</P>
<P>3.23 Viador 100</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Technology </P>
<P>4 Enterprise Portal Technology 1</P>
<P>4.1 Software File Distribution 1</P>
<P>4.2 Fault Tolerance Capabilities 1</P>
<P>4.3 Network Protections 3</P>
<P>4.4 Ubiquitous Access 4</P>
<P>4.5 Key Benefits of Using Portal Technology 4</P>
<P>4.6 Massively Parallel Portal Engine 9</P>
<P>4.7 Extensible Platform 10</P>
<P>4.8 Focused View of the Business 10</P>
<P>4.9 Scalable Web Content Management Solution 11</P>
<P>4.10 Collaboration 11</P>
<P>4.11 Content Versioning 12</P>
<P>4.12 Whole-Site Versioning 12</P>
<P>4.13 Concurrent Development 13</P>
<P> <BR>Enterprise Portals Compnay Profiles </P>
<P>5. Enterprise Portal Company Profiles 1</P>
<P>5.1 Ariba 1</P>
<P>5.2 Autonomy Corporation 1</P>
<P>5.3 BEA 2</P>
<P>5.3.1 BEA Customers 3</P>
<P>5.3.2 BEA / 6</P>
<P>5.3.3 BEA / Convergys 6</P>
<P>5.3.4 BEA Revenues 7</P>
<P>5.3.5 BEA WebLogic Integration Product 10</P>
<P>5.4 BowStreet 11</P>
<P>5.4.1 eCRM 12</P>
<P>5.5 Brio Technology 12</P>
<P>5.5.1 Brio.Portal 13</P>
<P>5.6 Caput 13</P>
<P>5.7 Citrix 14</P>
<P>5.8 Compoze Software's Harmony 15</P>
<P>5.9 Concours Group 16</P>
<P>5.10 DataChannel 16</P>
<P>5.10.1 DataChannel Server 4.0 16</P>
<P>5.10.2 DataChannel / Iona Alliance 17</P>
<P>5.11 DigitalESP 18</P>
<P>5.12 Documentum 20</P>
<P>5.13 Epicentric 20</P>
<P>5.13.1 Products 21</P>
<P>5.13.2 Key Capabilities Architecture Technology 28</P>
<P>5.14 GadgetSpace 29</P>
<P>5.15 Hummingbird 29</P>
<P>5.15.1 Hummingbird EIP 30</P>
<P>5.16 InfoImage Freedom 2 31</P>
<P>5.17 Interwoven 31</P>
<P>5.17.1 Customers and Partners 32</P>
<P>5.17.2 Acquisitions 33</P>
<P>5.17.3 DataChannel Joins Interwoven's PortalReady Program 34</P>
<P>5.18 IBM 34</P>
<P>5.18.1 IBM Revenue 35</P>
<P>5.19 Iona 38</P>
<P>5.19.1 Iona Acquisitions 39</P>
<P>5.19.2 Product Positioning 40</P>
<P>5.19.3 Iona Suite Products 40</P>
<P>5.19.4 Iona Business Relationships 42</P>
<P>5.19.5 iPortal Application Server 43</P>
<P>5.19.6 iPortal Integrator 44</P>
<P>5.19.7 iPortal Server 46</P>
<P>5.20 iPlanet 46</P>
<P>5.20.1 iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions 47</P>
<P>5.20.2 iPlanet Commerce Solutions 48</P>
<P>5.20.3 iPlanet Portal Server 3.0 48</P>
<P>5.21 Netegrity 49</P>
<P>5.22 Oracle 49</P>
<P>5.22.1 Oracle Internet Platform 50</P>
<P>5.22.2 Oracle Software 51</P>
<P>5.22.3 Oracle Application Development Tools 53</P>
<P>5.22.4 Oracle Revenue 54</P>
<P>5.23 PeopleSoft 56</P>
<P>5.23.1 Internet Application Focus 57</P>
<P>5.24 Plumtree Software 58</P>
<P>5.24.1 Plumtree Corporate Portal 58</P>
<P>5.24.2 Plumtree Customers 59</P>
<P>5.24.3 Corporate Portal Platform 59</P>
<P>5.24.4 Plumtree / Compaq Partnership 60</P>
<P>5.24.5 Software 61</P>
<P>5.24.6 Partners 61</P>
<P>5.25 SAP 62</P>
<P>5.25.1 Portal Wave 63</P>
<P>5.26 SilverStream 66</P>
<P>5.26.1 SilverStream Software 67</P>
<P>5.26.2 SilverStream Customers 67</P>
<P>5.26.3 Sites Powered by SilverStream 67</P>
<P>5.26.4 SilverStream Products 69</P>
<P>5.26.5 SilverStream Application Server 69</P>
<P>5.26.6 SilverStream xCommerce 70</P>
<P>5.26.7 SilverStream ePortal 70</P>
<P>5.26.8 SilverStream Revenue 71</P>
<P>5.27 ScreamingMedia Inc. 73</P>
<P>5.28 Securant Technologies 73</P>
<P>5.29 Sybase 74</P>
<P>5.29.1 Sybase Customers 76</P>
<P>5.29.2 Sybase Market Focus 77</P>
<P>5.29.3 Sybase Financial Fusion 77</P>
<P>5.29.4 iAnywhere Solutions 78</P>
<P>5.29.5 E-Business Division 79</P>
<P>5.29.6 Business Intelligence Division 80</P>
<P>5.29.7 Enterprise Solutions Division 80</P>
<P>5.29.8 Healthcare 81</P>
<P>5.29.9 Telecommunications and Media 81</P>
<P>5.29.10 Government and Public Sector 82</P>
<P>5.29.11 Services 82</P>
<P>5.29.12 Acquisitions and Strategic Relationships 84</P>
<P>5.29.13 Sybase Revenue 85</P>
<P>5.29.14 Sybase / EzCommer Alliance 85</P>
<P>5.29.15 Sybase’s Portal Offering 86</P>
<P>5.30 Tibco Software 86</P>
<P>5.30.1 Tibco Products 88</P>
<P>5.30.2 Tibco Customers 89</P>
<P>5.30.3 Tibco Software Revenue 90</P>
<P>5.30.4 Tibco Strategic Partners 91</P>
<P>5.30.5 Tibco Products 92</P>
<P>5.31 Vignette 93</P>
<P>5.31.1 Oberon Software 94</P>
<P>5.31.2 Oberon Resellers 94</P>
<P>5.31.3 Vignette Customer-Driven Internet Applications 97</P>
<P>5.31.4 Vignette Partnerships and Alliance 99</P>
<P>5.31.5 Content Management 99</P>
<P>5.31.6 B2B Commerce 99</P>
<P>5.31.7 Information Portal 99</P>
<P>5.31.8 Vignette Products and Solutions 100</P>
<P>5.31.9 Vignette Software Solutions 104</P>
<P>5.31.10 Vignette Acquisitions 105</P>
<P>5.32 webMethods 106</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Many of these Key Topics Have Phenomenal Subcategories </P>
<P> </P>
<P>List of Tables and Figures </P>
<P>Market Forecasts 2001-2006 Market Shares 2000 </P>
<P>Table ES-1 1</P>
<P>Enterprise Integration Process Management 1</P>
<P>Table ES-2 2</P>
<P>Portal Services 2</P>
<P>Table ES-3 4</P>
<P>Portal E-Business Strategy 4</P>
<P><BR>Table 1-1 3</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Positioning 3</P>
<P>Table 1-2 7</P>
<P>Portal Connectivity 8</P>
<P>Table 1-3 10</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Project Definition Services 10</P>
<P>Table 1-4 10</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Project Definition Services 10</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Table 2-1 1</P>
<P>Basic Enterprise Portal Capability 1</P>
<P>Table 2-2 3</P>
<P>Portal E-Business Strategy 3</P>
<P>Table 2-3 5</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Strategic Positioning 5</P>
<P>Table 2-4 6</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Component Integration Strategy 6</P>
<P>Table 2-5 6</P>
<P>Benefits of Enterprise Portals 6</P>
<P>Figure 2-6 9</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Market Shares, 2000 9</P>
<P>Table 2-7 10</P>
<P>Enterprise Portal Market Shares, 2000 10</P>
<P>Figure 2-8 11</P>
<P>Enterprise Portals Market Shares, First Half 2001 11</P>
<P>Table 2-9 12</P>
<P>Enterprise Portals Market Shares, First Half 2001 12</P>
<P>Figure 2-10 13</P>
<P>Total Enterprise Portal Market Forecasts, 2001-2006 13</P>
<P>Table 2-11 13</P>
<P>Global Enterprise Portal Market Forecast, 2001-2006 13</P>
<P>Table 2-12 14</P>
<P>Plumtree Customers with Over 10,000 Licensed Users 14</P>
<P>Table 2-12 (Continued) 15</P>
<P>Plumtree Customers with Over 10,000 Licensed Users 15</P>
<P>Table 2-13 17</P>
<P>Networked Business Systems Integration 17</P>
<P>Table 2-14 18</P>
<P>Business Benefits of Enterprise Portals 18</P>
<P>Table 2-15 19</P>
<P>Enterprise Back End System Advantages from Enterprise Portals 19</P>
<P>Table 2-16 20</P>
<P>Enterprise Market Advantages from Enterprise Portals 20</P>
<P>Table 2-17 21</P>
<P>Integration Targeted To B2B and Exchanges 21</P>
<P>Table 2-18 23</P>
<P>Business Process Integration Advantages 23</P>
<P>Table 2-19 25</P>
<P>Business Benefits of Business Process Management 25</P>
<P>Table 2-20 26</P>
<P>Enterprise Back End System Advantages from Business Process Management 26</P>
<P>Table 2-21 27</P>
<P>Business Process Integration Advantages 27</P>
<P>Figure 2-22 31</P>
<P>Worldwide Integration Broker Market Shares, 2000 31</P>
<P>Figure 2-23 32</P>
<P>Business Process Engines Market Shares, 2000 32</P>
<P>Table 2-24 33</P>
<P>Business Process Engine Market Shares, 2000 33</P>
<P>Figure 2-25 34</P>
<P>Worldwide Business Process Engine Market Forecasts, 2000-2006 34</P>
<P>Table 2-26 35</P>
<P>Business Process Engine Market Forecasts, 2000-2006 35</P>
<P> </P>
<P> </P>
<P>List of Tables and Figures (Continued) </P>
<P>Market Forecasts 2000-2005 Market Shares 1999 </P>
<P>Table 3-1 3</P>
<P>Tibco Enterprise Portal Systems for Supporting E-Business Models 3</P>
<P>Table 3-2 4</P>
<P>Tibco ActivePortal and Portal Products 4</P>
<P>Table 3-3 12</P>
<P>Plumtree Support for Major Classes of Enterprise Applications 12</P>
<P>Table 3-4 16</P>
<P>Vignette Business Integration Portal Functions 16</P>
<P>Table 3-5 19</P>
<P>Vignette Key Functional Areas 19</P>
<P>Table 3-6 23</P>
<P>Interwoven PortalReady SDK Functions 23</P>
<P>Table 3-7 25</P>
<P>Sybase Enterprise-Level Services 25</P>
<P>Table 3-8 27</P>
<P>Sybase E-Business Infrastructure Positioning 27</P>
<P>Table 3-9 29</P>
<P>Sybase EP’s Enterprise Integration Engines 29</P>
<P>Table 3-10 30</P>
<P>Neon Adapters 30</P>
<P>Table 3-11 32</P>
<P>Health Care Transaction Types 32</P>
<P>Table 3-12 35</P>
<P>Sybase Enterprise Adapters 35</P>
<P>Table 3-13 36</P>
<P>Neon Process Server 36</P>
<P>Table 3-14 37</P>
<P>Sybase EP’s Enterprise Integration Process Management 37</P>
<P>Table 3-15 38</P>
<P>Sybase Portal Services 38</P>
<P>Table 3-16 40</P>
<P>DataChannel Server Benefits 40</P>
<P>Table 3-17 41</P>
<P>DataChannel Portal Three-Tier Architecture Model 41</P>
<P>Table 3-18 42</P>
<P>DataChannel Server Service Functions 42</P>
<P>Table 3-19 43</P>
<P>BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform Features 43</P>
<P>Table 3-20 44</P>
<P>BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform Features 44</P>
<P>Table 3-21 45</P>
<P>BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform Key Portal Technologies 45</P>
<P>Table 3-22 47</P>
<P>BEA WebLogic® Portal Presentation Features 47</P>
<P>Table 3-23 47</P>
<P>BEA WebLogic® Portal Personalization Features 47</P>
<P>Table 3-24 48</P>
<P>BEA WebLogic® Portal Portal Framework 48</P>
<P>Table 3-25 50</P>
<P>BEA Portal Positioning 50</P>
<P>Table 3-26 50</P>
<P>BEA WebLogic® Portal Application Integration 50</P>
<P>Table 3-27 51</P>
<P>BowStreet Web Services Portal Solutions 51</P>
<P>Table 3-28 52</P>
<P>BowStreet Portal Positioning 52</P>
<P>Table 3-29 53</P>
<P>BowStreet Enterprise Portal 53</P>
<P>Table 3-30 54</P>
<P>BowStreet Business Web Portal Solution Modules 54</P>
<P>Table 3-31 55</P>
<P>BowStreet Portal Platform Functions 55</P>
<P>Table 3-32 57</P>
<P>BowStreet Supported Platforms 57</P>
<P>Table 3-33 58</P>
<P>BowStreet Platform Modules 58</P>
<P>Table 3-34 59</P>
<P>BowStreet Platform Server Functions 59</P>
<P>Table 3-35 60</P>
<P>BowStreet Enterprise Information Portal Solution Benefits 60</P>
<P>Table 3-36 61</P>
<P>BowStreet Reusability of E-Business Applications 61</P>
<P>Table 3-37 64</P>
<P>iPlanet Portal Server Positioning 64</P>
<P>Table 3-38 65</P>
<P>iPlanet Portal Server Enhancements 65</P>
<P>Table 3-39 67</P>
<P>PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal Features 67</P>
<P>Table 3-40 68</P>
<P>PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal Functions 68</P>
<P>Table 3-41 69</P>
<P>PeopleSoft Employee Portal Functions 69</P>
<P>Table 3-42 71</P>
<P>DigitalESP Enterprise Portal Functions 71</P>
<P>Table 3-43 72</P>
<P>DigitalESP Enterprise Portal Customization Support 72</P>
<P>Table 3-44 74</P>
<P>Iona Portal Server Benefits 74</P>
<P>Table 3-45 77</P>
<P>Hummingbird Technologies 77</P>
<P>Table 3-46 78</P>
<P>Hummingbird Access 78</P>
<P>Table 3-47 80</P>
<P>Hummingbird Enterprise Information Portal 80</P>
<P>Table 3-48 81</P>
<P>Hummingbird EIP Key Design Elements 81</P>
<P>Table 3-49 82</P>
<P>Hummingbird EIP Positioning 82</P>
<P>Table 3-50 84</P>
<P>Citrix Portal Features 84</P>
<P>Table 3-51 86</P>
<P>Key Benefits of Brio Enterprise Information Portal 86</P>
<P>Table 3-52 87</P>
<P>Brio.Portal Data Types 87</P>
<P>Table 3-53 89</P>
<P>Brio.Portal Intelligent Agent Work in the Background 89</P>
<P>Table 3-54 91</P>
<P>Autonomy Portal-In-A-Box™ Features 91</P>
<P>Table 3-55 92</P>
<P>Autonomy Can Provide 92</P>
<P>Table 3-56 92</P>
<P>Automatic Dynamic Hypertext Links To Content 92</P>
<P>Table 3-57 93</P>
<P>Personalization 93</P>
<P>Table 3-58 96</P>
<P>Features and Benefits of SAP Portals’ Technology 96</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Table 4-1 2</P>
<P>Portal Quality of Service (QoS) Technologies 2</P>
<P>Table 4-1 (Continued) 3</P>
<P>Portal Quality of Service (QoS) Technologies 3</P>
<P>Table 4-2 6</P>
<P>Key Benefits of Using Portal Technology 6</P>
<P>Table 4-3 6</P>
<P>Technology Benefits of Using Portals 6</P>
<P>Table 4-4 7</P>
<P>Portal Module Based Architecture Functions 7</P>
<P>Table 4-5 8</P>
<P>Portal Interfaces in Standard Format Functions 8</P>
<P> <BR> </P>
<P>List of Tables and Figures (Continued) </P>
<P>Market Forecasts 2001-2006 Market Shares 2000 </P>
<P>Table 5-1 1</P>
<P>Applications Powered by Autonomy’s Technology 1</P>
<P>Table 5-2 3</P>
<P>BEA’s Fortune Global 500 Customers 3</P>
<P>Table 5-3 14</P>
<P>Citrix 14</P>
<P>Table 5-4 18</P>
<P>DigitalESP Business Positions 18</P>
<P>Table 5-5 19</P>
<P>DigitalESP Solution Offerings 19</P>
<P>Table 5-6 22</P>
<P>Epicentric Solution and VAR Partners 22</P>
<P>Table 5-7 24</P>
<P>Epicentric Technology Partners 24</P>
<P>Table 5-8 27</P>
<P>Epicentric Developer Program Partners 27</P>
<P>Table 5-9 27</P>
<P>Epicentric Web Services Marketplace Partners 27</P>
<P>Table 5-10 41</P>
<P>IONA Product Suite 41</P>
<P>Table 5-11 45</P>
<P>Benefits of iPortal Integrator 45</P>
<P>Table 5-12 64</P>
<P>Essential Features of an EAP 64</P>
<P>Table 5-13 65</P>
<P>Advantages of the Portal Wave Approach 65</P>
<P>Table 5-14 66</P>
<P>Immediate Customer Benefits 66</P>
<P>Table 5-15 68</P>
<P>Sites Powered by SilverStream 68</P>
<P>Table 5-16 87</P>
<P>Tibco Selected Market Strengths and Challenges in Application Integration 87</P>
<P>Table 5-17 94</P>
<P>Oberon Resellers 94</P>
<P>Table 5-18 97</P>
<P>Oberon Partners 97</P>
<P>Table 5-19 98</P>
<P>Core Capabilities of Vignette Family Products 98</P>
<P>Table 5-20 100</P>
<P>Portals Powered by Vignette 100</P>
<P>Table 5-21 104</P>
<P>E-Business Applications of Vignette Products 104</P>

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown