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The Internet, Social Media and Why the Retirement Industry Needs to Care

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  • December 2011
  • Region: United States
  • Retirement Research Inc
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The Internet is evolving rapidly and is expanding from traditional ways of reaching people and businesses through Web pages and email toward a highly interactive social media experience with rich content. How should providers of retirement services use these new features to reach/interact with plan sponsors, participants, advisors and Third Party Administrators?

Part 1 contains a tutorial styled overview of emerging Internet trends.
Part 2 analyzes options for using these emerging technologies in the retirement industry.

Members of the retirement industry have been busy creating new experiences for plan sponsors and participants. The report includes tables with links to Apps, videos, webinars, web conferences and social networking sites.

The report investigates six areas of concentration for the retirement industry:

1. Covering the basics – things you should be doing right now
2. Reaching small screens – extending your website to tablets and mobile devices
3. Deploying video – augmenting websites and apps by animating investment advice and education with short videos
4. Engaging plan sponsors and participants with webinars and web conferencing
5. Communicating through social media – Is it time to interact socially with current and potential customers
6. Stepping into social networking – Should the retirement industry engage in or participate with customers and partners social networks?

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary:
Part 1 – The Internet
Part 2 – The Retirement Industry

Part 1 – The Internet
What is the Internet?
The Digital Divide
Enter Social Media and Social Networking – Internet Trending Toward Many-to-Many
Social Media Sites are Also Private
Are Apps Replacing Internet Browsers?
Where Do Users Spend Time Online?
Summary: Options and Risks of Using New Internet Technologies
Internet Video
How much Internet bandwidth is consumed by video?
How is video delivered?
Considerations for creating Internet video
Devices: Personal Computers, Tablet Computers and Smartphones

Part 2 – The Retirement Industry on Social Media
How is the Retirement Industry Using Internet Options Today?
Private site to support plan participants
Private site to support plan sponsors
Public site to support marketing
TPA, Advisor and Consulting firms
Considerations for Using Social Networking and Social Media
How Should the Retirement Industry Respond?
Six Things to Consider
1. Cover the Basics
2. Reach Small Screens
3. Deploy Video
4. Use Webinars and Web Conferences
5. Communicate with Social Media
6. Possibly Step into Social Networking
Trends and Conclusions

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown