Profilingpro - Cloud based Online IT Project Planning solution which is the companion software for the book "Stop Blaming the Software - Corporate Profiling for IT Project Success"

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  • May 2015
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"Whether you are commencing an IT Project, building a business case, or creating an RFP, Profiling-Pro significantly simplifies the capture of critical inputs and information into your IT Project planning process, by creating a project specific “Corporate Profile”.

Profiling-Pro is a fresh new, intuitive solution for Online Project Planning. It is an Agile, cloud-based application available from your browser and is the companion software to the book “Stop Blaming the Software – Corporate Profiling for IT Project Success”.

Corporate Profiling found its mark by simplifying specialist project management, enterprise architecture tools and analytical processes into easy to understand “business-speak” geared for business professionals.

If you were to take a high-level enterprise architecture model and marry it with a business or process analysis framework and market it to business executives rather than technically oriented people, you would have Corporate Profiling.

The power of Profiling-Pro, is that it allows you to extract accurate and comprehensive information for compelling Business Cases and extensive requirements READ MORE >

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"What would you do if you knew that your IT project was on the way to being yet another failure statistic? It takes years to build a good reputation in IT and only one failed project to obliterate it!

The sad fact is that only 1 in 3 projects are delivered successfully,1 in 4 either fail or are cancelled with the rest being severely challenged with massive budget over runs.

With a staggering 6.2 trillion US$ p.a. lost globally due to failed IT projects, the issue of preventing these failures demands the urgent attention of C-Level executives.

Whether you are the CIO, CEO, on the Board of Directors, a Project Manager, Analyst or Architect, before embarking on this journey, ask yourself
Is my organization set up for IT project success or failure?
Either way, the outcome of your project will be determined in its early planning stages. It cannot happen in-flight!

So what would you do differently to achieve project success by ensuring that your organization is set up for success at the outset? Keep on keeping on and hoping for a different outcome? Or are you willing try an innovative new approach?

Because Planning is 80% of the project success, we have developed an intuitive Web based Online Project Planning solution to help you to successfully plan IT Project in-house, because no-one knows your company better than you do.

Find out how you can minimize business risks associated with IT projects by using the Corporate Profiling software Profiling-Pro as a tool for ensuring that your organization enjoys a successful outcome in your next IT project.

This is what Computerworld said:

“Sarah Runge, the author Stop Blaming the Software – Corporate Profiling for IT project success, has taken the unusual step of ‘software-ising' her book which allows the user to develop an online corporate profile based on methods described in the book.”

“It is certainly a lucid and commonsense approach to entering into a project.”
Randal Jackson – Computerworld

Here is what some other organizations have had to say about Corporate Profiling and Stop Blaming the Software – Corporate Profiling for IT project success.

“A must read from CEOs down on how to prevent IT project disasters in their organizations.”

Runge's common sense business-oriented approach demystifies and clarifies how corporate profiling can ensure the success of your next IT project.

Our company has specialized in taking over businesses in distress, and time and again I have witnessed how poor IT systems purchases and implementations helped bring them to their knees. Had the principles and practices espoused in “Stop Blaming the Software” been heeded before embarking on their IT projects, I am certain they would not have been up for sale.

This book sets a pathway that will enable you to ensure your IT project investments deliver to your expectations”.

CIO of a Major International Freight and Logistics company in New Zealand.

“Superb reading! Corporate Profiling reduces project risk to ensure you don't become the next scapegoat for an IT project failure.

All business professionals will benefit from “Stop Blaming the Software” by following the core principles of corporate profiling.

With Runge's insightful, actionable and brilliantly explained breakthrough methodology, I was delighted to discover why and how the all important topic of IT project failures needs to be managed from a business perspective.”

Senior Manager, Strategic Programs, Corporate Supply Chain Operations for a major US Aeronautical Company

“I have recommended “Stop Blaming the Software – Corporate Profiling for IT Project Success” as mandatory reading for all of my IT department and project team members, because the Corporate Profiling Process that Runge has developed is a commonsense business tool that organizations should adopt prior to commencing any project.”

IT Manager – New Zealand Transportation Department

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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