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Japan Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems Market Outlook and Opportunities Product Image

Japan Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems Market Outlook and Opportunities

  • ID: 2017242
  • November 2011
  • Region: Japan
  • 90 pages


  • A&D Medical
  • Bayer HealthCare AG
  • Compumedics Limited
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • GN ReSound A/S
  • Microlife Corporation
  • MORE

The Market Intelligence report provides critical market data for Japan patient monitoring and diagnostics market and its product categories. The data includes market size in terms of value and volume; average selling price for each product type, growth trends and market shares of companies at sector and category level.

It’s vital “cross category comparison” and “cross sub-category comparison” section makes analysis very handy for company professionals. The report helps professionals in mapping market size, competition, understanding historic and future growth trends.

It covers important categories such as blood pressure monitors, cardiovascular monitoring systems, blood glucose monitoring devices, hearing diagnostics, micro-electromechanical systems
multiparameter patient monitors, remote monitoring systems, sleep apnea diagnostic systems and wireless hospital ambulatory monitors.

Market Size
Market size in terms of value ($) and volume (units), for each level of segmentation from 2005 to 2010 and forecast till 2016.

Market Growth
Market growth in terms of value ($) and volume (units), for each level of segmentation READ MORE >


  • A&D Medical
  • Bayer HealthCare AG
  • Compumedics Limited
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • GN ReSound A/S
  • Microlife Corporation
  • MORE

1.2 List of Tables
1.3 List of Charts
2 Introduction
3 Scope of the Report
4 Japanese Market for Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics (2005-2016)
Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics
Wireless Hospital Ambulatory Monitors
Multiparameter Patient Monitors
Remote Monitoring Systems
Blood Pressure Monitors
Micro-Electromechanical Systems
Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems
Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems
Hearing Diagnostics
Glucose Monitoring Devices
4.1 Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics Overall, Revenue ($ mn) by Category, (2005-2016)
4.2 Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics Overall, Company Shares, 2010
5 Japanese Market for Blood Pressure Monitors (2005-2016)
Blood Pressure Monitors
Mercury BP Monitors
Aneroid BP Monitors
Automatic BP Monitors
5.1 Blood Pressure Monitors, Revenue ($ mn) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
5.2 Blood Pressure Monitors, Volume (Units) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
5.3 Blood Pressure Monitors, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
5.4 Blood Pressure Monitors, Company Shares (%), 2010
6 Japanese Market for Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems (2005-2016)
Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems
ECG Monitoring Equipment
ECG Stress Testing Systems
Holter Monitoring Systems
Event Monitoring Systems
6.1 Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems, Revenue ($ mn) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
6.2 Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems, Volume (Units) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
6.3 Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
6.4 Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems, Company Shares (%), 2010
7 Japanese Market for Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices (2005-2016)
Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices
Blood Glucose Meters
Blood Glucose Test Strips
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
7.1 Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices, Revenue ($ mn) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
7.2 Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices, Volume (Units) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
7.3 Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
7.4 Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices, Company Shares (%), 2010
8 Japanese Market for Hearing Diagnostics (2005-2016)
Hearing Diagnostics
8.1 Hearing Diagnostics, Revenue ($ mn) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
8.2 Hearing Diagnostics, Volume (Units) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
8.3 Hearing Diagnostics, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
8.4 Hearing Diagnostics, Company Shares (%), 2010
9 Japanese Market for Micro-Electromechanical Systems(2005-2016)
Micro-Electromechanical Systems
9.1 Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Revenue ($ mn), (2005-2016)
9.2 Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Volume (Units), (2005-2016)
9.3 Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
9.4 Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Company Shares (%), 2010
10 Japanese Market for Multiparameter Patient Monitors (2005-2016)
Multiparameter Patient Monitors
Critical Care Monitors
Perioperative Care Monitors
10.1 Multiparameter Patient Monitors, Revenue ($ mn) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
10.2 Multiparameter Patient Monitors, Volume (Units) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
10.3 Multiparameter Patient Monitors, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
10.4 Multiparameter Patient Monitors, Company Shares (%), 2010
11 Japanese Market for Remote Monitoring Systems (2005-2016)
Remote Monitoring Systems
11.1 Remote Monitoring Systems, Revenue ($ mn), (2005-2016)
11.2 Remote Monitoring Systems, Volume (Units), (2005-2016)
11.3 Remote Monitoring Systems, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
11.4 Remote Monitoring Systems, Company Shares (%), 2010
12 Japanese Market for Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems (2005-2016)
Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems
Fixed Polysomnography Systems
Portable Polysomnography Systems
12.1 Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems, Revenue ($ mn) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
12.2 Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems, Volume (Units) by Sub-Category, (2005-2016)
12.3 Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
12.4 Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems, Company Shares (%), 2010
13 Japanese Market for Wireless Hospital Ambulatory Monitors (2005-2016)
Wireless Hospital Ambulatory Monitors
13.1 Wireless Hospital Ambulatory Monitors, Revenue ($ mn), (2005-2016)
13.2 Wireless Hospital Ambulatory Monitors, Volume (Units), (2005-2016)
13.3 Wireless Hospital Ambulatory Monitors, Average Price ($), (2005-2016)
13.4 Wireless Hospital Ambulatory Monitors, Company Share (%), 2010
14 Appendix
14.1 Research Methodology
14.2 Contact us
14.3 Disclaimer

A&D Medical
Abbott Laboratories
Apex Biotechnology Corp
Astro-Med, Inc.
Bayer HealthCare AG
Boston Scientific Corporation
Card Guard AG
Cardiac Science Corporation
Cardinal Health, Inc.
Compumedics Limited
Covidien Ltd.
Criticare Systems, Inc.
Drager Medical AG & Co. KG
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Embla Systems
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd.
GE Healthcare
GE Sensing
GN ReSound A/S
Hartmann Group
LifeScan, Inc.
Matsushita Electrical Inddustrial Co., Ltd.
Medtronic, Inc.
Microlife Corporation
Mindray Medical International Limited
Natus Medical Incorporated
Nihon Kohden Corporation
OSI Systems, Inc.
Philips Medical Systems
Schiller AG
St. Jude Medical Inc.
Terumo Corporation
Welch Allyn Inc.
William Demant Holding A/S

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