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Understanding Change - Video Tutorials

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  • May 2015
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  • Understanding Change
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These video discussions are designed to help you to achieve emotional security, and keep it even when all else is in turmoil - work, life, relationships, personal feelings. They are offered with the experience that everybody has the capacity to manage. No one needs to be managed. But when life changes, the emotional security that gives us the strength to manage can be eroded leaving even the strongest person weakened or confused. The tutorials are designed to prepare you to face those tough times.

They are based on a real and deep understanding of human nature. This is that the real capacity that allows anyone to manage purposefully or to get out of a slump is not a genetic, inherited, or chance quality that some people possess and others are denied. Rather it is an emotional strength than anyone can build and have when life demands it. With this strength, anyone can manage effectively. Without it, anyone, even the best prepared person, can fail. It is in the ability to have stable emotional strength when all else is in disarray that allows you to be successful, considerate, and fulfilled.

The series represents an immense work but it shows that one cannot solve a complex challenge with a simple solution; and life IS a complex challenge. You may have to view some lessons more than once and perhaps go back to a previous lesson when a later discussion allows you to see the concepts more clearly.

The program is particularly useful for people in business especially in HR, corporate medical departments and industrial physicians.
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Lesson 1
- Defining the Core
- Knowing what drives intent and behaviour, the core of the person

Lesson 2
- Unhealthy Moods and Behaviours
- What causes behaviour and moods to become unhealthy

Lesson 3
- Using the Lessons
- Using the next sixteen lessons effectively

Lesson 4
- The Challenge
- The challenge of communicating and relating

Lesson 5
- The Identity
- What gives you a personal identity or what creates your self-image

Lesson 6
- Defensive Options
- Defensive or coping strategies people use to live in a tough world

Lesson 7
- The Responsibility
- Your responsibility as the mature adult in today's reality

Lesson 8
- The Capability
- Your capability as the independently driven manager of your life

Lesson 9
- The Need
- What you really need in order to give full account of yourself

Lesson 10
- Chaos and Complexity
- Living with the reality of a pervasively changing world

Lesson 11
- The Focus
- How to stay focused under stress

Lesson 12
- The Objective
- Having a firm objective even when life is tough and unrewarding

Lesson 13
- Self Accountability
- Being Accountable to yourself as a mature adult

Lesson 14
- The Immunity
- Knowing how to become immune to the stresses of rejection and criticism

Lesson 15
- The Maturity
- Maintaining maturity in unsupportive or unforgiving conditions

Lesson 16
- Diagnose the situation
- Knowing how to read the true intent of the other person

Lesson 17
- Relating to The Core
- Being able to discover the strength or weakness of the other person's self-image

Lesson 18
- Energize the Maturity
- Empowering another person to be successful or kind

Lesson 19
- Teaching Self Empowerment
- Showing another person how to be self-empowered
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown