Financial Brokerage Market in India 2012

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Financial brokerage market in India is going through sweeping changes with new players looking to be a part of the highly competitive brokerage market characterized by dwindling brokerage and exponential growth of brokers and sub brokers. On the other hand, many existing players have been forced to undercut operations due to lack of revenues while others still surviving on the basis of consolidation. The market is witnessing new guidelines by the regulatory authorities and new innovative offers by banks and brokerage companies.

The report begins with a brief introduction to the financial broking market. The market overview includes information regarding the Indian market scenario and equity volumes on a year on year basis. An indication of the prevailing brokerage structure is included as well as highlights of the business model employed by the brokerage firms. It covers information regarding the changes in brokerage fee structure due to changes in the market. The primary guidelines stated by SEBI regarding the brokerage market are highlighted. The market overview section also analyses the brokerage sector as a whole to understand the opportunities and competitiveness of the READ MORE >

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Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Financial Brokerage Market: Concepts of retail and institutional investors
Market Overview
Page 3: Markets in India - Introduction
Page 4: Stocks - Equity: Average Daily Volumes (2007-08 to 2010-11), Geographical Distribution (Cash Segment) (2006-07 to 2009-10), Turnover (Cash Segment) (2005-06 to 2009-10)
Page 5: Commodity Market – Overview, Average Daily Turnover – Commodity (2009-2011); Currency Market – Overview, Average Daily Turnover – Currency (2009-2011)
Page 6: Prevailing Brokerage Structure (Indicative)
Page 7: Undercutting of Brokerage Fee
Page 8: Business Model of a Brokerage Company
Page 9: Porter’s Analysis of the Brokerage Industry
Page 10: SEBI Guidelines
Page 11: Criteria for Brokers and Sub-Brokers
Page 12-13: Distribution of Brokers and Sub-brokers
Drivers & Challenges
Page 14: Summary
Page 15-19: Drivers
Page 20-23: Challenges
Page 24: Trends – Summary
Page 25-29: Major Trends
Page 30: Major Public Companies - Summary
Page 31-66: Major Public Companies (Domestic)
Page 67: Major Private Companies – Summary
Page 68-99: Major Private Companies (Domestic)
Page 100-105: Major Private Companies (Foreign)
Key Takeaways
Page 106: Key Takeaways
Page 107: Appendix

List of Charts & Figures

Market Overview
1. Equity: Average Daily Volumes (2007-08 to 2010-11)
2. Geographical Distribution - Cash Segment (2006-07 to 2009-10)
3. Turnover – Cash Segment (2005-06 to 2009-10)
4. Average Daily Turnover – Commodity (2009-2011)
5. Average Daily Turnover – Currency (2009-2011)
6. Total Registered Brokers – Cash Segment (2009-10)
7. Total Registered Sub-brokers (2009-10)
Drivers and Challenges
8. Gross National Savings (% of GDP) (2009-2016e)
9. City-wise Investment in the Stock Market (2005-06 to 2009-10)
10. Change in Financial Assets of Households (1999-2001, 2003-05, 2007-09)
11. Network of Brokerage Houses (Mar 2007- Mar 2011)
12. Rise in Equity Investments by FIIs (2009-10)
13. Rise in Debt Investments by FIIs (2009-10)
14. Growth Prospects of IPO (2008-2010)
15. Investment by the Retail Sector (Cash Segment) (2009-2011)
16. Market Turnover of the Retail Sector (2009-2011)
17. Growth of Internet Based Trading (2008-2011)
18. Rise in Sub-brokers (2001-2010)
19. Company profiles (All companies)
a. Bubble Chart (Based on revenue, net income and market capitalization / asset value)
b. Financial Snapshot (All Companies)
c. Key Business segments (Public Companies)
d. Key Geographic segments (Public Companies)

List of Tables

Market Overview
1. Prevailing Brokerage Structure – Indicative
2. Falling Brokerage Rates (basis points) – Indicative
Drivers and Challenges
3. Five Major Companies to Defer IPOs in 2011
4. Major consolidations
5. Company profiles (All companies)
a. Company information
b. Products and services
c. Key people
d. Key Financial Performance Indicators
e. Key Ratios
f. Key Recent Developments
6. Ratio Calculations

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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