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Global Intravenous (IV) Iron Drugs Market: 2011 Edition Product Image

Global Intravenous (IV) Iron Drugs Market: 2011 Edition

  • Published: January 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 41 Pages
  • Koncept Analytics


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Iron is one of the most important minerals present in the human body and performs the task of carrying oxygen throughout the body through blood, which is then further utilized by the cells to get energy. Decline in iron can therefore lead to certain major problems. Although oral iron supplements can be used to maintain the iron levels in the body, but oral supplements are chronic treatments and generally have poor absorption, poor compliance, and can have certain side effects. In such cases, IV iron therapy proves out to be the best option. Presently, oral iron dominates the global iron market, holding more than half of the market. But with the increasing use of IV iron, its share is expected to increase and surpass that of oral iron.

The global market for IV iron is increasing in the past years. Nephrology remains the largest segment of use for the IV iron therapies, and accounts for more than three-fourths of the overall market. With the ongoing research and development to increase the use of IV iron therapies in other therapeutic areas, including gynaecology, gastroenterology, oncology, chronic heart failures and surgeries, the IV iron market would certainly benefit. There READ MORE >

1. Intravenous (IV) Iron: An Introduction

1.1 Intravenous Treatment – Overview
1.2 Intravenous Iron Treatment

2. IV Iron Market

2.1 Global Market for Iron Products

Market Value
Market Segments

2.2 Global IV Iron Market

Market Value
Market Segments

3. Major IV Iron Regional Markets

3.1 The US IV Iron Market

3.1.1 Overview

Market Volume
Volume Share

3.1.2 Potential in the Non-Dialysis Dependant CKD IDA Market

3.2 European Union Iron Market

3.2.1 Introduction
3.2.2 IV Iron Market in Switzerland

Market Volume
Product Segments
Value Share

4. Growth Drivers

4.1 Increasing Opportunity in Nephrology
4.2 Growing Prevalence of Diabetes
4.3 Rapidly Ageing Population
4.4 Increasing Use of IV Iron in Gynaecology
4.5 IV Iron Improves Quality of Treatment outside Dialysis

5. Key Issues

5.1 Treatment Costs
5.2 Concerns Regarding Adverse Effects
5.3 Stringent Regulations

6. Company Profiles

6.1 Galenica Pharmaceuticals

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Strategic Alliances
Commitment to R&D

6.2 Watson Pharmaceuticals

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Significant Contribution to R&D
Expansion through Acquisitions

6.3 AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Focus on R&D
Continued Focus on Feraheme

7. Market Outlook

7.1 Market Forecast
7.2 Forecast Methodology
7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
7.2.2 Correlation Analysis
7.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Charts

Global Market for Iron Products (2006-2010)
Global Iron Products Market – Share by Segments (2010)
Global IV Iron Market (2006-2010)
IV Iron Market – Share by Area of Use (2010)
Global IV Iron Market – Share by Major Products (2006-2010)
US IV Iron Replacement Market – by Volume (2008-2010)
US IV Iron Replacement Market – Volume Share by Category of Use (2010)
US IV Iron Replacement Market – Volume Share by Products (2010)
US CKD Patient Profile
US Non-Dialysis IV Iron Market – by Quarter (Q110-Q311)
European IV Iron Market – by Volume (MAT2007-MAT2011)
IV Iron Usage in Switzerland by Value (2006-2010)
IV Iron Market Volume in Switzerland – by Products Categories (2002-2010)
IV Iron Usage in Switzerland – Value Share by Therapeutic Area (2010)
IV Iron Usage Growth by Therapeutic Area in Switzerland (2007-2010)
Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Dialysis Patients Worldwide (2005-2010)
World Population with Diabetes, Age Group 20-79 years (2006-2012)
Ageing Population Worldwide, age>60 year (2008-2014E)
Global Female Population: age 15-44 years (2008-2014E)
IV Iron – Avoidance of ESA Initiation in Pre Dialysis Patients
IV Iron – Response Rate to ESA Therapy with or without IV Iron
IV Iron Cost Structure – by Products
Long & Short Term Concerns about IV Iron
Galenica Pharmaceuticals Revenue – Share by Segments (2010)
Vifor Pharma IV Iron Replacement Products – Revenue (2009-2010)
Watson Pharmaceuticals Revenue (2007-2010)
Watson Pharmaceuticals Revenue – Share by Segments (2010)
AMAG Pharmaceuticals – Revenue (2007-2010)
Feraheme Revenue (2009-2010)
Global IV Iron Market Forecasts (2010-2015E)

List of Tables

Comparison of Major IV Iron Preparations
Timeline of IV Iron Development in the US (1932-Present)
IV Iron Products – Administration Statistics
IV Iron Products – Safety Profile
Dependent & Independent Variables (2006-2010)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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