SiC Market 2010-2020: Technology, Applications, Industry & Market Report - 10 Year Market Projection

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  • November 2011
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SiC market is now a real industry, not a niche anymore...


SiC device makers now offer the 2 most expected devices in the power electronics industry: the diode and the transistor. 2011 is the year of the first SiC MOSFET introduction with simultaneous offers from Rohm and CREE.

These devices are used in real systems (air conditioners, motor drives, PV inverters…) and significant effort is being directed toward the packaging side to capture all the added-value of the SiC (High T°, high frequency….)

Thus, the open SiC device market has exceeded $50M in 2010 (excludingdefense-related and R&D contracts) with an unexpectedly high penetration in the PV inverter segment where SiC Schottky diodes are now implemented in numerous systems, taking about 15% of the SiC device sales. PFC systems are still the top SiC device sales.

The pending question remains the same: will SiC be implemented in EV/HEV and when? Here several scenarios may be envisioned. In our optimistic scenario, the automotive-related business will start by 2014 with a fast ramp-up and will capture more than 65% of the SiC READ MORE >

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  • ABB
  • Dow Corning
  • Grundfos
  • Nissan Motor
  • RFMD
  • Skyworks
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Methodology, Limitations and Yole Proprietary Tools

Executive Summary
- Our Vision of SiC Market for the Next 10 Years Conditions for success
- Comparison with 2010 Report

What we saw, what we missed, what has moved
- SiC device sales in 2010
- SiC-based Device Revenues and Related 2010 Company Market Shares
- SiC market penetration : The 2 scenarios for EV/HEV
- 10-year Projection of SiC Power Device Market Size Split by applications. Optimistic scenario
- Relative market shares to 2020
- Market Size Projection for SiC Substrates in Various Applications 2010-2020
- SiC Wafers for Power Electronics Market volume projection split by diameter 2010-2020

Noteworthy News - The New Entrants and the exits since 2009 - Recent Known Funding for SiC Development

From Silicon to SiC: Total Accessible Market Analysis
- Value-proposition compared to Si and GaN
- Silicon vs. SiC Device Characteristics

“Reality of silicon & expectations of SiC”
- Why Would SiC Replace Silicon in Power Electronics?
- Possible applications in silicon power electronics
- 2006-2020 overall PE market size, split by device type
- Focus on discrete devices

Market size, split by type
- Market size, split by voltage range
- Market segmentation as a function of voltage range
- SiC Device Market Shares in % Split by voltage range to 2020
- Power range of the targeted applications
- SiC Device Application Roadmap Time to market
- Estimated accessible markets, growth rate, and time to market
- % of SiC device over total silicon power device market to 2020
- Reasons for SiC added values
- SiC use, expected improvements in power conversion efficiency
- SiC vs. GaN vs. Si Figure-of-merit
- Conclusions

SiC Industry Outlook
- Main SiC Fabs in Europe
- Main SiC Fabs in the US
- Main SiC Fabs in Japan
- Main SiC Fabs in Asia (Apart from Japan)
- Position of Main Companies over SiC Value-chain
- Research Programs

Low-Voltage Applications

Power Factor Corrector Market
- Main metrics
- SiC or GaN Main Added-value in PFC circuits
- PFC Efficiency Comparison
- Influence of switching frequency on the size and weight of the PFC module Si vs. SiC
- Main market requirements for PFC applications
- Comparison of Si, SiC and GaN Diode Cost in a PFC Module
- 2010-2020 market forecast in units and revenues for PFC SiC Schottky Diodes
- 2010-2020 wafer consumption for PFC business
- 2010-2020 substrate market value in PFC business
- SiC Schottky diode available on the Market As off Q4 2011
- Conclusions and Perspectives

Medium-Voltage Applications

EV/HEV Market
- EV/HEV Types and Availability
- HEV/EV Principles and Functionalities
- EV/HEV Annual Demand Forecast to 2020 in M units

Toyota HEV Power Module Overview
- Roadmap for Operation Voltage in HEV
- HEV Inverter Module Cost Breakdown
- Expected Improvements of SiC Introduction in HEV for the 3 main applications
- The TOP 5 Key Requirements For power transistors in
- Toyota vision of WBG technology use in HEV: GaN vs. SiC & vertical vs. Lateral
- Case-Study: Impact of SiC on a Toyota Prius
- Silicon vs. SiC vs. GaN PHEV Power Control Unit Cost Breakdown
- Devices roadmap for Micro/Mild Hybrid
- Devices roadmap for Full/Plug-in Hybrid and EV
- Overall market for Power Modules in EV/HEV applications. All technologies
- SiC market penetration in EV/HEV: The 2 scenarios
- Sales Projection of SiC devices in EV/HEV applications in Munits
- Market size of SiC diode and FET in EV/HEV applications.
- Market size and volume for SiC wafers in EV/HEV applications
- Conclusion

PV inverters
- Solar Market Segmentation
- PV Inverter Overview System & Component & Material Architecture
- DC/AC stage component chart
- Multi-level H-bridges architecture
- Components used for PV inverter
- Implementation of new technologies: SiC vs. GaN
- SiC vs. GaN battle
- Danfoss Power Module Reverse Engineering
- Danfoss Power Module Cost breakdown
- NPC architecture
- PV Inverter Market
- Worldwide shipments by market segment
- Additional cost related to added value across the supply chain
- TOP-5 Main Manufacturers of Solar Inverters
- SiC Device Market size and volume for PV Inverters. Split by type
- SiC Wafer market for PV Inverters
- Market volume and size by diameter
- Conclusions

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Market
- UPS Product Segments
- Projection of World UPS Market to 2020 Split by power range
- UPS Vendor Market Shares
- UPS Architecture Examples
- Silicon and SiC Device Market in UPS Applications 2010-2020 forecast
- SiC device market size & volume in UPS 2010-2020 forecast
- SiC Substrate Market in UPS Applications 2010-2020 forecast
- Conclusion

Industrial Motor AC Drive Market
- AC Drive Applications
- Motor Drive History
- AC Drive Market
- AC Drive Market as a Function of Power Range 2010-2020 projection
- Total accessible market volume
- Market shares
- Supply-chain
- Electronic architecture
- SiC in AC Drives: Results from Rockwell Automation
- SiC device market size for AC Drive Applications 2010-2020
- SiC Substrate Market for Motor AC Drive Applications In units and $
- Conclusions

Air conditioner
- Market
- Definition and topology
- Mitsubishi SiC hybrid IPM
- High-Voltage IC market forecasts
- Conclusion

High-Voltage Applications

Wind turbines
- Wind turbine elements
- Three main topologies for wind turbine inverters
- Architecture split forecasts DFIG vs. Full converter
- Inverter characteristics by generator architecture
- Semiconductor for wind turbine
- Power vs. frequency
- Components used for wind turbine
- Global wind market forecasts
- Yearly installed capacity
- Global wind turbine market size Split by player
- Ssupply chain
- Wind Turbine Market Trends
- Wind turbine converters power modules
- DFIG converters / Full converters
- SiC chip Market for DFIG Wind converters in units and $
- SiC chip Market for Full Wind converters in units and $
- SiC substrate market for Wind Turbine applications

Rail Traction
- From Grid to IGBT

Typical voltage range
- Train Rolling Stock Manufacturers
- Estimate of the world market share
- Power electronics parts in rail traction
- Auxiliary inverters definition and outlook
- Main Voltage Ranges Implemented by Major Train Manufacturers
- World Market Volume For IGBT modules used in rail transportation split by voltage
- SiC Introduction in Rail Transportation Tentative roadmap
- SiC Substrate Market Size for Rail Traction
- Conclusion

Smart Power Grid
- Electric Grid Management Trends
- Growing Need for Electricity will double from 2004 to 2030
- Transition From Today’s Architecture to Tomorrow’s Distributed Network and Smart Grid Management
- Smart Power Distribution Sytem Architectures
- HVDC and FACTS Use
- HVDC and FACTS Main Advantage
- HVDC and FACTS Market Data
- HVDC Standard and HVDC Light From ABB
- Voltage Source Converters
- HVDC light
- Typical IGBT Setup in an HVDC Light System
- Estimated Worldwide HVDC Installed Capacity in MW
- FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) Technologies
- FACTS Technologies
- Example of Supply-Chain in Power Grids
- Silicon and SiC Devices in HVDC & FACTS Applications Market size estimate
- SiC Substrate in HVDC & FACTS Applications Market size

Ship and Vessel Propulsion
- Market segments
- Ships definition
- Example of propulsion setup
- Market outlook - annual demand in units
- Current silicon IGBT use and hypothesis
- IGBT module shipments in units
- Market for Power Devices in ship & vessel propulsion
- SiC Substrate Market for Ship and Vessel Propulsion in units and $

Conclusions for High-Voltage Applications

SiC Technology Discrete device & Power Module
- SiC Device Processing
- Main manufacturing steps
- $/mm² for SiC Raw Substrates and Processed Devices 2010 and 2015
- SiC Power Devices chips size and power density
- Current Density: SiC material price pushes for high A/mm²
- Current Density (A/mm²) Roadmap to 2020
- SiC switches: Who is active? 2010 status
- SiC transistors commercially available as off Q4 2011
- SiC Device Voltage Range Covered By main companies (Prod. or R&D)
- 2011 MOSFET Cost Breakdown Projection From 4” wafer to 1,200V/20A packaged dies
- Main Power Module Products Implementing SiC Devices

SiC Substrate and Epi Market
- State-of-the-art in SiC Crystal Growth
- SiC growth technologies, main concepts
- From polytype to devices
- From Powder to SiC Epi-ready Wafers
- SiC Crystal Growth Technique
- Main SiC Material Manufacturing Site Locations
- SiC Substrates estimated monthly production
- Material Polytypes, Doping & Orientation Commercially Available
- SiC Substrate Vendor Revenues & Related Market Shares 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010
- Evolution of S.I. SiC wafer market share 2007-2010 for RF applications
- Evolution of relative market shares in the SiC business 2006-2010
- Key Accounts of Main SiC Material Vendors
- SiC Epi-house and Epi-service Offers
- Known epi-house – device maker relationships
- Epi-service capability
- Epitaxy capacity. 2010 worldwide situation
- SiC epitaxy. Evolution forecast
- SiC epitaxy market: opportunity for a epi-service house
- SiC epitaxy market estimation: The µm.wafer method
- Annual volume of epitaxy demand in µm.wafer, split by applications to 2020
- Market projection for SiC epitaxy demand to 2020
- Focus on outsourced SiC epitaxy business revenues to 2020
- Overview of SiC Epi-reactor Install-base (non-exhaustive list)
- Geographical breakdown of epi-reactors installed base
- Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for Power Electronics 2005-2020
- Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for GaN/SiC LED 2005-2020
- Wafer Diameter Evolution in Production for GaN/SiC RF devices. 2005-2020
- 2005-2020 SiC Raw Substrate Price Evolution Split by type (S.I. / n-type) and diameter (2”, 3”, 4” and 6”)
- Volume Dependence of SiC n-type Pricing as a function of the lot size
- Market Projection for SiC Substrates in Various Applications 2010-2020
- Market Volume Projection of SiC Wafers for power electronics split by diameter 2010-2020
- Conclusions

- Impact of the Off-cut on the Ingot Yield
- Sumitomo Metal Industries Liquid phase epitaxy process
- LPE-EPI (Milano, italy)
- Epigress (Aixtron Group)
- Ezan (Ru)

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- Alstom
- AnsaldoBreda
- Anvil Semiconductors
- Areva
- Ascatron
- Bombardier
- Bridgestone
- Delphi
- Dow Corning
- Dynex
- Eaton Powerware
- EnerCon
- Epigress
- Epiworld
- Eudyna
- Fairchild
- Fraunhofer ISE
- Fuji Electric
- GE
- Grundfos
- Hitachi
- Honda
- Hyundai
- Infineon
- Kingway Technology
- Leroy Sommer
- Liebert Emerson
- MicroSemi
- Mitsubishi
- N-Crystals
- Nippon Steel
- Nissan Motor
- Norstel
- GeneSiC
- Northrop Grumman
- NovaSiC
- OKI Electric
- Okmetic
- Osram
- PAM Xiamen
- Panasonic
- Philips
- Powerex
- Power Integration
- Raytheon
- Rockwell
- Rohm
- Sanrex
- Schneider Electric
- Semikron
- Semisouth
- Shindengen
- Showa Denko
- SiCrystal
- Siemens
- Skyworks
- STMicroelectronics
- Sumitomo SEI
- TankeBlue
- TianYue
- Toshiba
- Toyota
- TriQuint
- United Silicon Carbide
- Vestas
- Volvo
- WideTronix
- Yaskawaspy

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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