The 2011 Baltic E-Banking Report

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  • December 2011
  • Region: Baltic, Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
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The Baltic E-Banking Report analyses the functionality, usability and performance of the public websites and Internet Banking Systems (IBSs) by every Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian retail bank from an external user's perspective.

It ranks the banks by a wide range of customer-experience related criteria, provides comments on best-practice examples and highlights areas where improvement is clearly needed. Aggregate rankings and benchmarks are provided both in the executive summary and at the end of the report.

With the public bank websites and Internet banking systems having overtaken the regular customer service branches and in certain cases even the ATMs in popularity, e-channels have been turned into the next arena for competitive battles.

To have a chance of winning those battles, a bank needs a clear understanding of how its Internet properties compare to those of rival banks at the moment, where it is leading and where it is lagging behind.

This is where the Baltic E-Banking Report fits in. In this report, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the e-offerings of every Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian retail bank, enabling banks to answer two READ MORE >

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1. Introducing The Baltic E-Banking Report 2011

2. Goals of the study

3. What the report offers


4. Key definitions

5. General methodology

6. Subject of the research

7. Banks covered in the report
7.1 Lithuanian banks
7.2 Latvian banks
7.3 Estonian banks
7.4 Banks excluded from the research

8. E-Banking Fees
8.1 Lithuanian banks
8.2 Latvian banks
8.3 Estonian banks

The results of the tests

9. Functionality
9.1 Sign up
9.2 Login
9.3 Account information
9.4 Transactions
9.5 Payment options
9.6 Deposits
9.7 Loans
9.8 Leasing
9.9 Security measures
9.10 Languages
9.11 Help system
9.12 Investment services
9.13 Payment cards
9.14 Insurance services
9.15 Other services

10. Mobile banking
10.1 Overall results of mobile banking test
10.2 WAP banking functionality results
10.3 SMS banking functionality results
10.4 Mini Opera compatibility results
10.5 iPhone Safari compatibility results
10.6 Android compatibility results

11. Clarity
11.1 Overall clarity test results
11.2 Public website clarity
11.3 Internet banking system clarity results
11.4 Individual test results for Lithuanian banks
11.5 Individual test results for Latvian banks
11.6 Individual test results for Estonian banks

12. Convenience
12.1 Overall results of the convenience test
12.2 Number of mouse clicks needed
12.3 Number of keystrokes needed

13. Customer Service Responsiveness
13.1 Customer Service Responsiveness Index
13.2 Reaction times

14. Innovation
14.1 Financial Tracking Tools Index
14.2 Social Media Usage Index
14.3 Online Support Index

About the Authors

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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