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Serious Gaming – Education, Training, Health Care, Information & Communication and Defence - 3rd Edition

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  • November 2011
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This study examines the various market segments of Serious Gaming based on detailed case studies and a systematic presentation of the corresponding technologies, practices and know-how, while emphasising on the key stages of the design, development and dissemination phases. It also provides technology and business prospects for each market segment.

Key Questions

- What are the stakes associated with the development of this industry: know-how, development costs, economic models, industrial and publishing strategies?

- What are the recent changes in the value chain of the Serious Gaming industry?

- Who are the main players involved in Serious Gaming?

- What practices and audiences are being targeted by Serious Games?

- What are the latest trends in terms of content and gameplay?

- What are the prospects by market segment?

> Presentation of the 34 key projects of the Serious Gaming market

For each project:

Description: Year of creation – Objectives – Partners – Designer/Editor
Company: Activity – Number of employees – Turnover – Localization
Partnerships: Technological – Trade – Sales
Game description: History – Gameplay – Technology – Feedback READ MORE >

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1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Development Prospects

3.1. Technological Prospects
3.1.1. HMI
3.1.2. Image Processing
3.1.3. Network Gaming
3.1.4. Mobility
3.1.5. Robotics
3.1.6. Other
Software systems
Game factories
3.2. Business Prospects
Jobs and training
Project management assistance
3.3. Economic Prospects
3.3.1. Germany
3.3.2. Belgium
3.3.3. China
3.3.4. Spain
3.3.7. United States
3.3.5. France
3.3.6. United Kingdom

4. Education

4.1. Definition
4.2. Technology Issues
Use of 3D
Development tools
4.3. Business Issues
4.4. Economic Issues
Economic models of the academic sector
Low-price SG: a complex approach
Towards new models?
Market perspectives
4.5. Case Studies

5. Training

5.1. Definition
5.2. Methodological Issues
Introduction to 3D
The leading role of mobile devices
Development tools
5.3. Business Issues
Barriers to SG
Participation of teachers in the development of SGs
5.4. Economic Issues
Key accounts, major clients
Market perspectives
5.5. Case Studies

6. Health Care

6.1. Definition
6.2. Technology Issues
An industry sensitive to technological innovation
User-friendly interfaces
The functional and economic value of Microsoft Kinect
6.3. Business Issues
Value of SG for disease prevention
Capture of expertise from health professionals
6.4. Economic Issues
A big budget B2B model and mainstream paramedical health teaching
Market perspectives
6.5. Case Studes

7. Information & Communication

7.1. Definition
7.2. Technology Issues
Cross-media communication to generate buzz
Game applications and the Fun Theory
7.3. Business Issues
Impact analysis
7.4. Economic Issues
The search for profitable economic models
Market perspectives
7.5. Case Studies

8. Defence

8.1. Definitions
8.2. Technology Issues
2D SGs
Cultivating the disruption
8.3. Business Issues
8.4. Economic Issues
8.5. Case Studies

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Laurent MICHAUD, Head of the Consumer Electronics and Digital Entertainment Practice

Laurent conducts studies on consumer electronics, the digital home, video games, music and the related trends: changing uses, new uses and peripherals, technology innovation, piracy, content protection and rights management. Laurent has developed expertise in the field of economic development and capital project engineering. In fact, he is also involved in the studies conducted by IDATE on behalf of local authorities for the formulation of ICT development strategies. He conducts technical and economic analyses for OSEO and incubators on gaming and multimedia content development issues and participates in industry, market and strategic studies on ICTs, television, Internet and video. Laurent is the instigator of the DigiWorld G@me Summit, whose 10th edition was held in Montpellier in November 17, 2011 during the DigiWorld Summit. This event is organised with the support of the major French and European video game players: SNJV, SELL, ISFE, EGDF, Capital Games, and AFJV. Laurent holds a Master of Economic and Financial Engineering.

Julian ALVAREZ – Véronique ALVAREZ – Damien DJAOUTI

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown