Global ABCP Conduits Rated By Standard & Poor's (As Of March 31, 2009) Jul 09

  • ID: 2040931
  • July 2009
  • Region: Global
  • Standard & Poors
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  • Anglesea Funding PLC
  • Bunge Asset Funding Corp.
  • CRC Funding, LLC
  • Gotham Funding Corp.
  • Old Line Funding LLC
  • Silver Tower Funding Ltd.
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The following represents selected asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) conduit information that Standard & Poor's Ratings Services is reporting as part of its ABCP conduit surveillance process. The outstanding ABCP information by currency of issuance is provided to Standard & Poor's by the related conduit sponsors in the monthly reporting for each conduit. Standard & Poor's is providing this information to the market upon its aggregation of the individual monthly reporting information (for some conduits, this can lag the related reporting period by as much as six to eight weeks). For more information on these ABCP conduits, download the expanded table into an Excel format or click on the individual conduit names....

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- Antalis S.A.
- Legacy Capital Company, LLC
- SABRE Securitisation Ltd.
- Lexington Parker Capital Co. LLC
- Starbird Funding Corp.
- Waratah Securities Australia Ltd.
- Thunder Bay Funding LLC
- Liberty Street Funding LLC
- Fairway Finance Company LLC
- Concord Minutemen Capital Co. LLC
- LMA S.A.
- Golden Funding Corp.
- Silver Tower Funding Ltd.
- SWORD Securitisation Ltd.
- General Funding Ltd.
- Crown Point Capital Co. LLC
- Victory Receivables Corp.
- Nieuw Amsterdam Receivables Corp. B.V.
- Viking Asset Securitisation Ltd.
- Aoi Funding Corp.
- Bunge Asset Funding Corp.
- Manhattan Asset Funding Company LLC
- Arabella Finance Ltd.
- Romulus Funding Corp.
- Cancara Asset Securitisation Ltd.
- Cedar Springs Capital Company LLC
- Opusalpha Funding Ltd.
- Curzon Funding Ltd.
- Chesham Finance Ltd.
- Matchpoint Finance PLC
- Chariot Funding LLC
- Ebury Finance Ltd.
- SCIMITAR Securitisation Ltd.
- Regency Assets Ltd.
- Anglesea Funding PLC
- White Point Funding, Inc.
- Halkin Finance PLC
- Versailles Commercial Paper LLC
- Versailles Assets LLC
- RFS Trust 2006-1
- Carrera Capital Finance Limited
- Heartland ABCP Trust 1
- Autobahn Funding Company LLC
- Bennington Stark Capital Company LLC
- Fondo de Titulizacion de Activos Santander 2
- CRC Funding, LLC
- Jupiter Securitization Company LLC
- Barton Capital S.A.
- Working Capital Management Co. L.P.
- Apex Funding Corp.
- Atlantic Asset Securitization LLC
- Mont Blanc Capital Corp.
- Gotham Funding Corp.
- Sydney Capital Corp. Inc.
- Old Line Funding LLC
- Thames Asset Global Securitization No 1 Inc.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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