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Industry Insight - Indian Biopharma

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  • November 2010
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Biopharmaceuticals are complex macromolecules (Large molecules) created through the genetic manipulation of living organisms using gene cloning, recombinant DNA (gene splicing), or cell fusion technologies. The total Biopharma industry grew by 12% over FY 2008-09 to Rs88.28 billion in 2009-10.

The total bio-pharma industry, consisting of therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and other products such as statins, and continues to be largest contributor to the overall biotech market in the country. The good performance of the bio-pharma sector is attributed to the strongly growing vaccine business which accounted for about 51% of the total bio-pharma business in fiscal year 2010. Interestingly, India is one of the largest producers of traditional vaccines in the world.

The life science sector is emerging as a key industrial segment in the national economy. India is counted among the top 12 global biotech hotspots and is the 3rd largest in Asia Pacific (in terms of number of biotech companies). The Regulatory framework in Biotechnology is undergoing a huge revamp and hence the Biopharma sector is also expected to be affected by it. Though there are no specifically separate Regulations and Policies for the Biopharma sector all the aspects of the upcoming Biotech Policy which will affect the sector are discussed in the report. The emerging positive trends in India offer a potential solution to some of these problems. There are seven key broad areas to leverage the advantages that India offers to the established pharma and biotech industries. These include contract research, READ MORE >

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  • Bharat Biotech
  • Biocon Ltd
  • Eli Lilly
  • Indian Immunologicals Ltd
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Panacea Biotech Ltd
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1.1 The Industry
1.1.1 Industry Structure
1.1.2 Industry Size
1.1.3 Industry Segments
1.1.4 Segment Performance
1.1.5 Exports Vs Domestic Business
1.2 Introduction to Biopharma
1.2.1 What is Biopharma?
1.2.2 Industry Classification
1.3 Biopharma Market Size
1.4 Biopharma Industry Segments
1.4.1 Vaccines
1.4.2 Diagnostics
1.4.3 Therapeutics
1.5 Contribution of Biopharma sector to domestic & exports sales of Biotechnology
2.1 Segment Analysis: Vaccines
2.1.1 An introduction to vaccines and vaccine trials
2.1.2 Indian Vaccine Market Scenario
2.1.3 Major Players
2.1.4 Major Vaccines Available
2.1.5 Challenges before the Vaccine Industry
2.2 Segment Analysis: Diagnostics
2.2.1 Diagnostics market Segmentation
2.2.2 Current Market Scenario
2.2.3 Demand Scenario
2.2.4 Market is Import Driven
2.2.5 Key Segments
2.2.6 Major Players
2.2.7 Emerging areas for diagnostic market
2.2.8 Major Diagnostics
2.2.9 India as a preferred destination for outsourcing clinical trials
2.2.10 Challenges before the Indian Diagnostics Industry
2.3 Segment Analysis: Therapeutics
2.3.1 Current Market Scenario
2.3.2 Major Therapeutic Segments
2.3.3 Segment Analysis: Antibiotics Segment
2.3.4 Demand for Recombinant Biotech Drugs in India
2.3.5 Government Support for Recombinant Therapeutics
2.3.6 Major Players
2.3.7 Recombinant Therapeutic Products in India
3.1 Growing population and improving incomes
3.2 Emerging lifestyle diseases
3.3 Increasing Investment in Infrastructure and R&D
3.4 Increasing Bio-partnering Activities
3.5 Increasing Outsourcing Opportunities
3.6 Emerging Contract Research Market
4.1 Increasing Productivity & Profitability
4.2 Lack of Skilled manpower in the area of bio-pharma
4.3 Daunting regulatory system
4.4 A Confusing Patent Law for India
4.5 Ethical Issues
4.6 FDA Regulations
4.7. Environmental Factors
4.8 Bioequivalence issue in Bio-generics
4.9 Comparative Low R&D Expenditures Result in Price Wars
4.10 Sub-Critical Resource Allocation by Public Companies
4.11 High Duties on Imported Products Restrains Volume Growth
4.12 Having Tailor-Made Drugs Could Result in Loss of Potential Revenues
4.13 Small Biotech Start Ups Find Marketing of Products Difficult
4.14 Access to capital
4.15 Reducing Time to Market
5.1 Antisense Technology
5.2 Immobilization of enzymes and cells
5.3 Cell culture
5.4 Monoclonal Antibodies
5.5 Protein engineering
5.6 Biosensors
5.7 Microarrays
5.8 Enzyme engineering and Technology
6.1 Biocon Ltd
6.2. Serum Institute of India Ltd
6.3 Panacea Biotech Ltd
6.4 Reliance Life Sciences
6.5 Novo Nordisk
6.6 Shantha Biotechnics
6.7 Indian Immunologicals Ltd
6.8 Bharat Biotech
6.9 Eli Lilly
6.10 Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd
7.1 Government of India Policy on Biotechnology
7.2 Existing Regulatory Framework
7.3 IPR Issues in Biotechnology
7.4 Funding Agencies in Biotech Research
7.5 Budgetary Allocation
7.6 Venture Capital Funding
7.7 Foreign Direct Investments
7.8 National Biotech Development Strategy – 2005
7.9 Sectoral Road Map from DBT on Biopharma
7.10 Biopiracy
7.11 Biosafety
8.1 Human Resources
8.2 New Product Development
8.3 Networking: Strategic Alliances & Partnering Activities
8.4 Co-development
8.5 Economies in R&D
8.6 Therapeutic Segment Coverage
8.7 Meeting the Global Demand
8.8 World-class Practices
9.1 Big Pharmaceutical Companies Are Scouting For Biopharma Partners
9.2 Increasing Demand for Biogenerics
9.3 Companies Specialising In Specific Therapeutic or Disease Areas
9.4 R&D Spend On the Rise
9.5 Global Biotech R&D Productivity on the Rise
9.6 Increasing Outsourcing by Pharmaceutical Companies
9.7 Immunogenicity
10.1 Increasing Pharma R&D opportunities in India
10.2 Opportunities in Clinical Research
10.3 Increasing Opportunities in Contract Manufacturing

List of Tables
Table 1.1: Export Vs Domestic Business in 2009-
Table 1.2: Segmental Revenue in Biopharma Sector, 2009-
Table 2.1: Product Segments in the Vaccine Market in 2009-2
Table 2.2: Major Players in Vaccines, 2009-2
Table 2.3; Major Vaccines, 2009-2
Table 2.4: Major Diagnostics, 2009-2
Table 2.5: Major segments in the antibiotic category
Table 2.6: Major Players in the Therapeutic Segment, 2009-2
Table 2.7: 50 Branded Biodrugs in India
Table 2.8: Therapeutics – Commercialised Technology
Table 3.1: Some Examples of Lifestyle Diseases
Table 6.1: Top Ten Players in Indian Biopharma Sector
Table 7.1: Some Biopiracy Patents Based on Indigenous Knowledge of India
Table 9.1: Big R&D Spenders in India

List of Charts
Chart 1.1: Indian Biotech Industry, FY04- FY
Chart 1.2: Segment Contribution (%) in biotech industry, 2009-
Chart 1.3: Segmentwise Biotech Export Market share, 2009-
Chart 1.4: Segmentwise Biotech Domestic Market share, 2009-
Chart 1.5: Biopharma Sales in India
Chart 1.6: Segment-wise Biopharma Sales Contribution in 2009-
Chart 1.7: %Share of Biopharma to Biotechnology Domestic sales
Chart 1.8: %Share of Biopharma to Biotechnology Exports
Chart 2.1: Indian Vaccine Market FY2006- FY2
Chart 2.2: Segment Wise Contribution in the Animal Vaccine Market
Chart 2.3: Indian Diagnostic Market, FY2006-FY2
Chart 2.4: Indian Therapeutics Market, FY2007-FY2
Chart 2.5: Highest Growing Segments in Indian Therapeutics Market
Chart 11.1: Indian Biopharmaceutical Market Forecast

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- Biocon Ltd
- Serum Institute of India Ltd
- Panacea Biotech Ltd
- Reliance Life Sciences
- Novo Nordisk
- Shantha Biotechnics
- Indian Immunologicals Ltd
- Bharat Biotech
- Eli Lilly
- Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown