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The UK e-learning market 2010-11

  • ID: 2060265
  • Report
  • November 2010
  • Region: Europe, United Kingdom, Great Britain
  • 145 Pages
  • Learning Light
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This is the most comprehensive research report published to date into the UK and European e-learning market, encompassing market size, growth projections and technology trends.

This report provides accuracy, insight and analysis into this ill-defined and misunderstood market, including:

- Market size and market growth projections for 20 European countries
- An in depth review of the UK market
- A short synopsis of each European countries e-learning market and growth potential
- A synopsis of 40 interviews with leading e-learning companies, including Skillsoft, Kaplan, Kineo, LINE and learndirect
- A taxonomy and definition of what is meant by e-learning
- A listing of key players in the e-learning and learning technologies market
- Future technology trends in e-learning

Learning Light are one of the few organisations in Europe who publishes such research on a regular basis, their previous reports (2007 and 2009) were each downloaded by over 600 organisations and individuals.

The 2010-11 report is the most comprehensive piece of research into giving value, definition and direction to this dynamic market and for the first time gives value to the European market.

The qualitative research was conducted over 3 months by detailed semi-structured interviews with key figures in the industry.

The market forecasting is based on a sophisticated approach that inputs a wide variety of data sets (including OECD and CEDEFOP data) to build a model of each individual countries training market by industry sector, understand and measure its propensity to train and propensity to use e-learning and learning technologies to deliver this training.

The research has been used widely by Governments to inform economic policy, Universities and education establishments, Journalists, Investors evaluating new opportunities and other research organisations.

Learning Light's research is very important to e-learning companies seeking to identify new market opportunities or new trends, training companies seeking to understand the threat and opportunity e-learning brings, and companies seeking to understand the benefits e-learning can bring to their organisation.

List of tables and illustrations:

List of companies Interviewed
e-learning components
e-learning, e-publishing and learning tools
How e-learning is flowering – a new taxonomy
From automation to innovation in the workplace
Large companies active in the UK market place with e-learning as a non- core activity
Companies active in the UK and Irish Republic wholly or primarily engaged in e-learning
List of Top 20 learning portal vendors
Table – European market size by country, and growth projected
Appendix A – survey question sets
Appendix B – How have they faired since 2009
Appendix C – Technology horizon scanning – interview responses
Appendix D- Future trends - interview responses
Appendix E – listing of e-learning management systems (LMS)
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i Foreword by Creativesheffield
ii About Learning Light
iii Acknowledgements and thanks

1 Introduction

2 Executive summary

3 What constitutes ‘e-learning' in the context of this survey?
3.1 e-learning - definitions
3.1.1 e-learning components
3.1.2 e-learning, e-publishing and learning tools
3.2 How e-learning is flowering

4 Players in the UK e-learning market
4.1 UK's e-learning players
4.1.1 Note on UK and European e-learning companies
Table 1 Large companies active in UK with e-learning as a non-core business activity – updated August 2
Table 2 Companies active in the UK or Irish Republic wholly, or primarily, engaged in e-learning
4.1.2 General news
4.1.3 Consolidations, mergers & outsourcing

5 The survey interviews
5.1 Market trends
5.1.1 Growth trends
5.1.2 The ups, downs and uncertainties - turbulence forecast
5.1.3 The corporate training market
5.1.4 Less is more and more is less
5.1.5 Timing, alignment and communication
5.1.6 The role of HR and L&D
5.1.7 Purchasing trends
5.1.8 The role of the training industry
5.1.9 Government intervention and the SME market
5.1.10 Insourcing – rapid development tools
5.1.11 The government and public sector market
5.2 Technology trends – horizon scanning
5.2.1 General findings
5.2.2 Our respondents' views
5.3 Future industry trends
5.4 The learner experience
5.4.1 Accenture SCA
5.4.2 HSELanD
5.4.3 Kaplan UK

6 The size of the UK market
6.1 A forecasting model
6.1.1 Background to the forecast
6.1.2 Adoption levels
6.1.3 Percentage of training budgets
6.1.4 Forecast track record
6.1.5 The baseline for our 2010 forecast
6.1.6 Allowance for the public sector reduction in spending
6.1.7 Valuing the public sector
6.1.8 Forecasts for 2
6.1.9 Can we be confident in this forecast of continued growth?
6.2 The platform market
6.2.1 The letter game - an industry overflowing with acronyms
6.2.2 Trends in learning platforms
6.2.3 Learning portals
6.3 Sizing the European e-learning market.
6.3.1 Interpreting the learning and development market
6.3.2 Attitudes and obstacles
6.3.3 The role of public sector procurement across Europe
6.3.4 The investment in education
6.3.5 Kompass business to business market size tool
6.3.6 European information society resource to measure ICT usage, broadband
penetration and e-commerce usage to give weighting to likely usage levels
6.3.7 European market size by country
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
6.4 The USA market
6.5 Europe middle east (north) Africa (EMEA) e-learning trends

7 Articles and commentary
7.1 From the USA: TrainingIndustry.com 2010 mid-year review
7.2 2010 horizon report – educause e-learning programme
7.3 Technology to enhance learning in 2015 – The Auricle
7.4 e-publishing for learning: Aptara
7.5 Educause: open content
7.6 Learning strategies for charity workers: LINGOs

Appendix A: 2010 survey question set
Appendix B: 2009 revisited: how have they fared since 2009?
Appendix C: Interview responses: technology horizon scanning
Appendix D: Interview responses: future trends
Appendix E: e-learning management systems listing
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The Learning Light report on the e-learning market for 2010 is a much enhanced document from our previous 2007 and 2009 versions.

In our 2010/11 report we continue to follow the key trends in the UK e-learning industry, but have widened our research base, interviewing over 40 of the UK's leading e-learning companies. In addition we have spoken to a number of other organizations and individuals across Europe and North America.
We have continued to provide forecasts of what we believe the UK market to be worth in financial terms, and we offer our views on the likely level of growth of the industry.

In addition we have extended our financial model to encompass 19 European countries where we offer a market size estimate and projected growth figure, as well as a short commentary and evaluation of each country's e-learning market.
Our series of semi structured interviews with more than 40 companies was conducted over a 3 month period in 2010.The response from our interviewees presents a mixed picture; while few fail to see the potential for growth in the corporate training market for e-learning, many also feel that the present economic downturn and the large reductions in Government expenditure in the UK will dampen demand.

Our financial modelling reflects this message. We see the UK market growing at no more that 4.76% on 2009 and, on our most optimistic projection, being worth £472 million.

The UK remains the largest European market for e-learning, but not the fastest growing. Our analysis of the market indicates that France will enjoy considerable growth, as will Germany (from a low base) along with strong performances from the Scandinavian countries. We also predict strong growth in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary driven by Government and EU funded projects.

In terms of technology trends we see considerable innovation and potential disruption to business models driven by open source technologies, mobile and smart devices, e-books, CLOUD and Software as a Service (SaaS),along with the new style and demand of learners living almost all of their lives on-line.

We retain our fundamental belief that this industry is evolving and will continue to do so, its appetite undiminished in its wish to use and exploit new technologies, devices and approaches to deliver effective learning.

We do however remain perplexed given the widespread acknowledgement that e-learning is now both effective and engaging why we are not seeing a greater drive toward the adoption of e-learning by corporate leadership?
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