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China Stainless Steel - Below the Surface!

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  • January 2011
  • Region: China
  • 734 Pages
  • Steel Market Intelligence


  • Baosteel Special Steel
  • Companies with Meltshop
  • Future Projects
  • Ruitan Steel
  • Shenyuan Special Steel
  • Taiyu Stainless Steel
  • MORE

It is common belief that China produces around 11 million tonnes of Stainless Steel and the biggest mills are TISCO, Baosteel, ZPSS, LISCO and Dongbei. However, apart from these major mills, there are many other producers that cannot be ignored in the future.

This detailed market report (734 pages) introduces 70 Chinese stainless steel producers (flat & long products) in 40 cities ranging from large state owned producers to small private newcomers.

You can learn every detail about this market without even travelling there, saving you travel cost and valuable time!

Distributors ask:
- Who could be a potential low cost supplier?

Consumers ask:
- How is the quality level of each manufacturer?

Competitors ask:
- Is China flooding the world with stainless products?

Raw Material Suppliers ask:
- Who is buying raw materials (Scrap, Nickel, Chrome, Mo)?

We did the traveling to save you travel costs and valuable time!

The report consists of the following chapters (total 734 pages):

- Executive Summary
- Chinese Production
- Raw Material Input
- Exports & Imports
- Chinese Demand
- Outlook
- Detailed Profiles of 69 producers (576 pages)

Products Mentioned in this Report:

- Stainless Steel Flat Products (slabs, hot rolled coils, plates, cold rolled coils, narrow strip)
- Stainless Steel Long Products (billets, ingots, bars, wire rod, seamless tubes)

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  • Baosteel Special Steel
  • Companies with Meltshop
  • Future Projects
  • Ruitan Steel
  • Shenyuan Special Steel
  • Taiyu Stainless Steel
  • MORE

I. Executive Summary


1 Chinese Production 2008 - 2010
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Stainless STS Melt Production
1.3 Finished Products by Product Form
1.3.1 Total Flat Products
1.3.2 Finished STS Flat Products
1.3.3 Finished STS Long Products
1.4 Production by Region
1.4.1 Stainless Melt Production by Region
1.4.2 Hot Rolled Coil Production by Region
1.4.3 Cold Rolled Coil Production by Region
1.4.4 Long Products Production by Region
1.4.5 Total Finished Products by Region (excl. intermediate)
1.5 Production by Producer
1.5.1 Melt Production by Producer
1.5.2 Slab Production by Producer
1.5.3 HRC Production by Producer
1.5.4 CRR Production by Producer
1.5.5 CRC Production by Producer
1.5.6 Billet/Ingot Production by Producer
1.5.7 Bar Production by Producer
1.5.8 Wire Rod Production by Producer
1.6 Production Equipment
1.6.1 Melting
1.6.2 Refining
1.7 Production by Quality Level
1.7.1 Total Melt Production by Quality Level
1.7.2 Quality Level by Region (Melt Production)
1.7.3 Quality Level by Grade Series (Melt Production)
1.7.4 Flat Products by Quality Level (Finished Products)
1.7.5 Long Products by Quality Level (Finished Products)
1.8 Production by Grade
1.8.1 Melt Production by Grade
1.8.2 Melt Production by Grade and Region
1.8.3 Melt Production by Grade and Product Form
1.8.4 Melt Production by Grade and Producer
1.9 Production by Dimension
1.9.1 Slabs
1.9.2 HRC
1.9.3 CRC
1.10 Installed Capacities
1.10.1 Total Melting Capacity
1.10.2 Melt Capacity by Region
1.10.3 Capacity Utilization by Product Form
1.10.4 Melt Capacity by Producer
1.10.5 Capacity Additions between 2008 and 2011

2 Raw Material Input
2.1 Total Raw Material Input
2.2 18-8 Scrap
2.2.1 18-8 Scrap Input
2.2.2 External Scrap Demand by Region
2.2.3 Raw Material Input Scrap vs. Prime
2.3 Nickel
2.3.1 Nickel Metal & Ferronickel vs. Nickel Pig Iron
2.3.2 Nickel Metal & Ferronickel Input by Region
2.3.3 Nickel Pig Iron Input by Region
2.4 Chrome
2.5 Manganese
2.6 Raw Material Input by Producer
2.6.1 Scrap Input by Producer
2.6.2 Chrome Input by Producer
2.6.3 Nickel Metal & FeNi Input by Producer
2.6.4 Nickel Pig Iron Input by Producer

3 Exports & Imports
3.1 Exports
3.1.1 Exports by Product Form
3.1.2 Exports by Destination
3.2 Imports
3.2.1 Imports by Product Form
3.2.2 Imports by Origin

4 Chinese Demand
4.1 Total Apparent Demand
4.2 Up- and De-Stocking
4.3 Total Real Demand
4.4 Real demand by Region
4.5 Real Demand by End Use Segments
4.5.1 Building & Construction
4.5.2 Industrial Usage
4.5.3 Consumer Durables
4.5.4 Transportation
4.6 Price Development
4.6.1 Grade 304
4.6.2 Grade 316
4.6.3 Grade 430
4.6.4 CRC (2mm, 2B), grade comparison

5 Outlook to 2014
5.1 Capacity Outlook
5.1.1 Total Melting Capacity from 2008 to 2015
5.1.2 Additional Melting Capacity per Year until 2015
5.1.3 Additional Capacity by Company
5.1.4 Additional Capacity by Region
5.2 Demand Outlook
5.2.1 Forecast of Real Demand by End Use Sector
5.2.2 Demand Outlook vs. Capacity Outlook
5.2.3 Production Scenario
5.3 Raw Material Scenarios
5.3.1 Forecast Grade Development
5.3.2 Potential Raw Material Scenario

6 Company Profiles

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Companies with Meltshop

- Baosteel Special Steel
- Baosteel Stainless Steel
- Dongbei Special Steel Group
- Fujian Desheng Nickel Industry (Wuhang)
- Haiyan Zhongda Electronic Material
- Huadi Steel Group (Huagang
- Huaye Special Steel
- Jiangsu Hongcheng Stainless Steel Products
- Jiangsu Ming Lu Stainless Steel
- Jiangsu Xihu Special Steel
- Jiangyin Tiandi Stainless Steel
- Jiangyin Xingye Stainless Steel
- Jiangyin Yaosai Special Steel (YSYL)
- Jiangyin Zhengxing Stainless Steel
- Jiuquan Iron & Steel (JISCO)
- Jugang Group (Taigang)
- Juxing Special Steel (Jusheng)
- Lianzhong Stainless Steel Corp. (LISCO)
- Ningbo Huaguang Stainless Steel
- Ningbo Yinzhou Dongmeng STS
- Ruitan Steel
- Shandong Quanxin Stainless Steel (SQSS)
- Shandong Taishan Stainless Steel
- Shanghai Qichang Stainless Steel Group
- Shanghai Yatai
- Shanxi Huanxinyuan Stainless Steel
- Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel
- Shenyang Debang Stainless
- Shenyuan Special Steel
- Shuangli Group
- Sichuan Changcheng Special Steel
- Sichuan Southwest Stainless Steel
- South East Special Steel
- Taizhou Huaze Metal Industry
- Tangshan Stainless Steel
- Tsingshan Holding Group
- Xining Special Steel
- Yantai Jincheng Precision Wire Rod (Walsin Lihwa)
- Yong Xing Special Stainless Steel (former Jiuli)
- Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel (ZPSS)
- Zhejiang Fonye Group
- Zhejiang Friendship Special Steel
- Zhejiang Jiangpu Steel Manufacturing
- Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co
- Zhongxing Energy Equipment (formally Nantong)

Companies without Meltshop

- Baotou Hualing Stainless Steel
- Foshan Zhongde Stainless Steel
- Fujian Casey Steel Group
- Guangdong Taiqi STS Company
- Jiangyin Xiadong Stainless Steel
- Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel
- Ningbo Qi Yi Precision Metals
- Qingdao Pohang Stainless Steel (QPSS)
- Riying Stainless Steel Materials
- Samsung Precision Stainless
- Shandong Qianyuan Stainless Steel (SQS)
- Shanghai Baihe Walsin Lihwa Specialty Steel
- Shanghai Krupp Stainless (SKS)
- Shanghai Rifa Stainless Products
- Shanghai STAL Precision Stainless Steel
- Taiyu Stainless Steel
- Tianjin TISCO & TPCO Stainless Steel (TTSS)
- Xian Walsin Metal Products
- Yongxin Precision Material
- Zhejiang Yongjin Stainless Steel Group
- Zhejinag Kailai Stainless

Future Projects

- Bengang Steel Plates
- Fujian Fuxin (Formosa)
- Xingtai Iron & Steel

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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