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Report of China's Chain Catering Industry, 2012

Nowadays, in China, there are more than 4 million various catering branches. The sales revenue annually exceeds CNY 1 trillion. In recent years, catering market in China is keeping the comprehensive growth rate of over 15%. Catering enterprises are continually developing from the state of a single storefront to the patterns of chain-orientation, scale-orientation and group-orientation.

Chain catering refers to taking chain operation patterns of regular chain and franchise store in catering industry and provides uniform services for customers. It carries out centralized procurement and decentralized sales, achieving economic benefits of scale through normalized management.

China’s chain catering industry started in 1990s. After entered 21th century, it begins to have a rapid development. At present, chain catering enterprises in China’s market cover Chinese and western dinners as well as the fast food market. With the rapid growth of Chinese national economy and the residents’ income increasing gradually and the demands for food consumption will greatly increase. According to statistics, the annual scale growth of China’s catering industry in recent years all surpasses the development speed of GDP.

The major customers of China’s catering industry are still urban residents. The huge market of rural catering has not been developed yet. From the view of the continuity and sustainability of catering market, the huge rural catering market will provide a wide development space for China’s catering economy.

China’s chain catering industry is still in the primary stage. The standardized construction in most chain catering enterprises is not perfect. The cost of operation increases sharply with the increase of branches. It can be predicted that in the near future the branded chain of dinner enterprises will be strengthened. It is very difficult to fully realize the standardization of dishes process. The single specialty will be the first one to realize standardized operation; comparatively speaking, cooking some dishes such as fast food and hot pot is relatively simple so that it is possible and quick to fully realize standardized operation for such dishes.

Windfall benefit age of China’s catering industry has become the history. Popular and rational consumption become the mainstream. Therefore, the best choice to develop and live is only to merger and affiliate, following the way of chain operation and scale economy. Depending on the standardized products and normalized services and management, chain catering enterprises are continually improving their status in China’s market.

More following information can be acquired through this report:

- Current Situation of China’s Chain Catering Industry
- Patterns of China’s Chain Catering Industry
- Competition of China’s Chain Catering Market
- Development Trend of China’s Chain Catering Industry

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- Catering Enterprises
- Suppliers of Raw Materials of Catering
- Investors and Research Institutions Focusing on Catering Industry
1 Overview on China’s Catering Industry
1.1 Classification of China’s Catering Industry
1.1.1 Dinner
1.1.2 Fast Food
1.1.3 Hot Pot
1.2 Current Situation of China’s Catering Industry
1.2.1 Rapid Growth of China’s Catering Industry
1.2.2 Operation of Top 100 Enterprises of China’s Catering Industry
1.3 Problems of China’s Catering Industry
1.3.1 Low Market Concentration Rate
1.3.2 Backwardness in Management
1.3.3 Food Safety
1.3.4 Lower Capital Securitization
1.4 Top10 Enterprises in China’s Catering Industry

2 Overview on China’s Chain Catering Industry
2.1 Operation History of China’s Chain Catering Industry
2.2 Current Situation of China’s Chain Catering Industry
2.3 Major Operation Patterns of China’s Chain Catering Industry
2.3.1 Regular Chain
2.3.2 Franchise Store
2.4 Analysis on PEST of China’s Chain Catering Industry
2.4.1 Political and Legal Factors
2.4.2 Economic Factors
2.4.3 Social and Cultural Factors
2.4.4 Technical Factors

3 Analysis on Major China’s Chain Catering Enterprises
3.1 Quanjude
3.1.2 Business Introduction
3.1.3 Operation Patterns and Branch Details
3.1.4 Franchise Conditions
3.1.5 Performance
3.2 X.E.Flavour
3.2.1 Profile
3.2.2 Main Business
3.2.3 Operation Patterns
3.2.4 Branch Details
3.2.5 Franchise Conditions
3.2.6 Performance
3.3 Little Sheep Group
3.3.1 Profile
3.3.2 Main Business Scope
3.3.3 Operation Patterns and Branch Details
3.3.4 Performance
3.4 Ajisen
3.4.1 Profile
3.4.2 Main Business Scope
3.4.3 Operation Patterns and Branch Details
3.4.4 Performance
3.5 Kungfu
3.5.1 Profile
3.5.2 Main Business Scope
3.5.3 Operation Patterns and Branch Details

4 Prediction on Development Trend of China’s Chain Catering Industry
4.1 Opportunities and Challenges of China’s Chain Catering Industry
4.1.1 Opportunities
4.1.2 Challenges
4.2 Trend Analysis
4.2.1 Prediction on Market Scale
4.2.2 Prediction on Development Momentum

Selected Charts

Chart Classification of China’s Catering Industry
Chart Sales Revenue of China’s Catering Industry , 2006-2011
Chart Top10 Enterprises of China’s Catering Industry, 2010
Chart Franchise Expense of Quanjude
Chart Prediction on Market Scale of China’s Chain Catering Industry, 2012-2016
Companies Mentioned
- Quanjude
- X.E.Flavour
- Little Sheep Group
- Ajisen
- Kungfu
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