Design Education: Learning, Teaching and Researching Through Design

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  • December 2011
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Embracing the richness, complexity and possibilities of learning and teaching in design, "Design Education" takes the vantage point of the 'outsider' and explores what makes design so compulsively fascinating for those who teach and study it. Through more than 40 projects, from design students' use of archives and museum collections to the potential of specific technologies to enhance teaching and learning, from architecture and 3D design to fashion, Philippa Lyon explores aspects of learning and teaching in higher education design subjects. Taking an ethnographic approach and using data from interviews, discussions and observations, the book also examines issues such as the experience of design teacher–practitioners entering the world of learning and teaching research for the first time.

"Design Education" encapsulates and analyzes the research findings facilitated by the UK-based Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Through Design. It delves into many pedagogical terms and assumptions and guides the reader through them, examining the way relevant key concepts in design are articulated. It will be useful to teachers and students of design subjects, learning and READ MORE >

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- Exploring Design Education from Inside and Outside
- Visual–Spatial People, Design Education and Academic Tomes
- Learning About Design Through Higher Education and Museums
- Framing the Research: The Story
- A Word on Book Style and Contents
- ‘Letting Hand and Eye Do Exactly What Pleased Them': Balancing Design Creativity, Research and Writing

Chapter 1: Design Education Contexts and Designer Identities
- Introduction
- Arenas of Design Education: Space, Place and Language
- Chronicling and Creating Who We Are
- Design and Designers: Images and Traditions
- Designer as Heroic Visionary
- Designer as Healer
- Designer as Storyteller
- Designer as Maker
- Designer as Partner in Industry
- Designer as Artistic Speculator
- The Designer as Ourselves
- Conclusion

Chapter 2: Richness and Alienation: The Experiences of Researchers in Design Education
- Introduction
- Research Contexts and Culture
- Richness and Alienation
- The Researcher Journey: Legitimacy and Confidence
- Teaching, Research, Design: A Web of Practice
- Conclusion

Chapter 3: Learning Through Doing
- Introduction
- Tradition and Flux in Design Education
- Beyond Masters and Apprentices: The Practice of Demonstration
- Design Process and Designed Object
- Learning Through Interdisciplinary Projects
- Magic, Instinct, Method?
- Conclusion

Chapter 4: Freedom, Risk and Constraint: Creative Design Learning
- Introduction
- Creativity: Ambiguity, Wonder and ‘Unspoken Interactions'
- Creativity, Independence and Risk
- Design Education and the Institution: Seriousness, Inspiration and Disruption
- Objects: Knowledge, Imagination and the Construction of Meaning
- Performance
- Conclusion

Chapter 5: On Not Being Able to Write: The Visual and Verbal
- Introduction
- Speaking and Writing about Design
- Visual, Spatial, Tactile: The ‘Specialness' of Design
- Academic Writing: Linearity, Consistency, Objectivity?
- The Visionary, Visual and Personal in Design
- Approaches to Writing
- Conclusion

Chapter 6: To Infinity and Beyond: Expectations and Experiences of Technology
- Introduction
- Technology and Learning: Surface and Depth
- Experiments with Technology-Based Design Learning Resources
- The Impact of Technology Within Research Projects
- Social and Personal Identity in Technology Use
- Conclusion


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Dr. Philippa Lyon worked in university administration and management for a number of years. She taught English Literature in continuing and then higher education and researched and published literary and cultural analyses of war poetry. A period of employment as a research officer in the health professions led to an interest in interdisciplinary arts and health research and her interests have since developed into further areas, leading for example to editorship of a book about the history of Brighton School of Art, exhibition organization and involvement in design educational research projects.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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