Local And Regional Government Ratings In Europe, The Middle East, And Africa Dec 11

  • ID: 2084895
  • December 2011
  • Region: Africa, Europe, Middle East
  • Standard & Poors
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  • Aargau (Canton of)
  • Dzerzhinsk (City of)
  • Kyiv (City of)
  • Minsk (City of)
  • Saxony (State of)
  • Tomsk Oblast
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Standard & Poor's Ratings Services rates 140 local and regional governments (LRGs) in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as shown in the table below. Apart from pure LRGs, the issuers listed in the table also include transportation entities like Sytral, SMTC Grenoble, and Transport for London, which we rate according to our LRG criteria. Methodology for Rating International Local And Regional Governments, Sept. 20, 2010...

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- Oslo (City of)
- Stockholm (City of)
- Goteborg (City of)
- Vienna (City of)
- Bavaria (State of)
- Hesse (State of)
- North Rhine-Westphalia (State of)
- Bizkaia (Historical Territory of)
- Baden-Wuerttemberg (State of)
- Barcelona (City of)
- Essonne (Department of)
- Catalonia (Autonomous Community of)
- Meuse (Department of)
- The Basque Country (Autonomous Community of)
- Uppsala (City of)
- Taby (Municipality of)
- Norrkoping (Municipality of)
- Vasteras (City of)
- Helsingborg (City of)
- Madrid (Autonomous Community of)
- Paris (City of)
- Czech Republic
- Valencia (Autonomous Community of)
- Flanders (Community of)
- Prague (City of)
- Zurich (Canton of)
- The Balearic Islands (Autonomous Community of)
- Galicia (Autonomous Community of)
- Brussels-Capital (Region of)
- Milan (City of)
- Ostrava (City of)
- Bologna (City of)
- Moscow (City of)
- Canary Islands (Autonomous Community of)
- Nord Pas De Calais (Region of)
- Riga (City of)
- Rome (City of)
- Turin (City of)
- Lodz (City of)
- Andalusia (Autonomous Community of)
- Krakow (City of)
- Genoa (City of)
- Sverdlovsk Oblast
- Olomouc (City of)
- Saxony-Anhalt (State of)
- Lazio (Region of)
- Samara Oblast
- Florence (City of)
- Ile-de-France (Region of)
- Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
- Boulogne-Billancourt (City of)
- Irkutsk Oblast
- Emilia-Romagna (Region of)
- Sofia (City of)
- Navarre (Autonomous Community of)
- Saxony (State of)
- Lower Austria (State of)
- Tyrol (State of)
- Aragon (Autonomous Community of)
- Sytral
- Zagreb (City of)
- Stockholm County Council
- Marches (Region of)
- Upper Austria (State of)
- Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Autonomous Region of)
- Geneva (City of)
- Transport for London
- Aargau (Canton of)
- Istanbul (City of)
- French Polynesia (Overseas Country of)
- Geneva (Republic and Canton of)
- Kensington and Chelsea (Royal Borough of)
- Dunkirk (Intercity of)
- Lausanne (City of)
- Sundsvall (Municipality of)
- Bashkortostan (Republic of)
- Champagne-Ardenne (Region of)
- Brno (City of)
- Vastra Gotaland (Region of)
- Styria (State of)
- Madrid (City of)
- Basel-City (Canton of)
- Basel-Country (Canton of)
- Rome (Metropolitan City of)
- Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug
- Umbria (Region of)
- Greater London Authority
- Budapest (City of)
- Kyiv (City of)
- Surgut (City of)
- Vologda Oblast
- Sicily (Region of)
- Woking Borough Council
- Vaud (Canton of)
- Tomsk Oblast
- Cannes (City of)
- Liguria (Region of)
- Ufa (City of)
- Bucharest (City of)
- Stavropol Krai
- Sakha (Republic of)
- Leningrad Oblast
- Campania (Region of)
- Plovdiv (City of)
- Stara Zagora (City of)
- St. Gallen (Canton of)
- Tours Plus (Intercity of)
- Varna (City of)
- Dnipropetrovsk (City of)
- Ivano-Frankivsk (City of)
- Novosibirsk (City of)
- Crimea (Autonomous Republic of)
- Nizhny Novgorod (City of)
- Lviv (City of)
- Malmo (City of)
- Lund (Municipality of)
- Krasnoyarsk Krai
- Tver Oblast
- Solothurn (Canton of)
- Burgenland (State of)
- Skopje (Municipality of)
- Dzerzhinsk (City of)
- Rivers (State of)
- Pays de la Loire (Region of)
- Lyon (City of)
- Orebro (Municipality of)
- Huddinge (Municipality of)
- Lipetsk Oblast
- Chelyabinsk Oblast
- Minsk (City of)
- Auvergne (Region of)
- Limousin (Region of)
- Province of Barcelona
- SMTC Grenoble
- Grenoble-Alpes Metropole
- Sodertalje (Municipality of)

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown




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