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Statistics in Medicine. Edition No. 3 - Product Image

Statistics in Medicine. Edition No. 3

  • Published: August 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 738 Pages
  • Elsevier Science and Technology

Medicine deals with treatments that work often but not always, so treatment success must be based on probability. Statistical methods lift medical research from the anecdotal to measured levels of probability.

Statistics in Medicine, Third Edition offers a unique combination of reference information for practitioners and researchers, along with core statistical methods for medical and health care students. It makes medical statistics easy for the non-biostatistician by outlining the common statistical methods used in 90% of medical research and clearly explaining the underlying basics. The book does not require a significant level of statistical knowledge, and provides abundant clinical examples and exercises to reinforce concepts.


Foreword 3rd Edition

Foreword 2nd Edition

Foreword First Edition


How to Use this Book

Section 1

1. Planning Studies: From Design to Publication

2. Planning Analysis: What Do I Do with my Data?

3. Probability and Relative Frequency Distributions

4. Distributions

5. Descriptive Statistics

6. Finding Probabilities of Error

7. Confidence Intervals

8. Hypothesis Testing: Concept and Practice

9. Tests on Categorical Data

10. Risks, Odds, and ROC Curves

11. Tests on Ranked Data

12. Tests on Means of Continuous Data

13. Multi-Factor ANOVA and ANCOVA

14. Tests on Variability and Distributions

15. Managing Results of Analysis

16. Equivalence Testing

17. Bayesian Statistics

18. Sample Size Estimation and Meta-Analysis

19. Modeling Concepts and Methods

20. Clinical Decisions Based on Models

21. Regression and Correlation

22. Multiple and Curvilinear Regression

23. Survival, Logistic Regression, and Cox Regression

24. Sequential Analysis and Time Series

25. Epidemiology

26. Measuring Association and Agreement

27. Questionnaires and Surveys

28. Methods You Might Meet, But Not Every Day

References and Data Sources

Tables of Probability Distributions

Riffenburgh, Robert H.
Robert H. Riffenburgh, PhD, advises on experimental design, statistical analysis, and scientific integrity of the approximately 400 concurrent studies at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. A fellow of the American Statistical Association and Royal Statistical Society, he is former Professor and Head, Statistics Department, University of Connecticut, and has been faculty at Virginia Tech., University of Hawaii, University of Maryland, University of California San Diego, San Diego State University, and University of Leiden (The Netherlands). He has been president of his own consulting firm and performed and directed operations research for the U.S. government and for NATO. He has consulted on biostatistics throughout his career, has received numerous awards, and has published more than 140 professional articles.

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