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Sustainable Packaging Technology, Materials & Consumer Packaging in Japan 2011

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  • October 2011
  • Region: Japan
  • Pacific Research Consulting
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We at PRC believe that “Sustainable Packaging “ must not only be environmentally friendly but also human friendly. Therefore, this comprehensive report covers the latest advance in new material development including bio-plastics derived from plant sources, material reduction technology to create light packaging, recyclable and reusable packaging as well as innovations in consumer packaging design that makes it easier to use by all consumers including the elderly and disabled. Items for inclusion in the report have made considerable contributions in reducing petroleum and consumption, CO2 emissions and landfill waste and overall packaging and transportation costs while at the same time improving ease of use.

One such example is the sustainable packaging policy by “Coca-Cola System in Japan.” The system covers all aspects of the product's lifecycle from R&D through to eventual disposal and is based on the general principles of 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle). Research into packaging weight reduction initially began back in the 1970s and resulted in a range of lighter bottles including the “Easy Hold Eco-Ru-Bottle” a 2 liter size PET bottle READ MORE >

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A.Sustainable Packaging Technology

001. Application of light catalyst increasing
002. Rengo win prestigious “World Star” prize
003. High heat resistance polylactic acid bio plastic
004. Polypropylene & old rice container
005. Kyodo develop new type of molded pulp cup
006. Liquid type heat resistant polyimide plastic
007. Cardboard & plastic one-way container
008. Low cost bio plastic reinforcing agent from Daiso
009. New coloring technology for recycled plastic
010. Transparent, viscous film from Mitsui
011. Recycled paper materials IC cards
012. Brine additive biodegradable plastic
013. Low CO2 emitting PLA/ABC plastic production process
014. Bio plastic car radiator tank components
015 Pet bottle to pet bottle recycling
016. Recyclable school dinnerware
017. Newly developed additive improves PLA processing
018. Stronger, lighter polystyrene for food industry
019. On demand 3-dimensional POP printer
020. Reusable PET bottles
021. Fast hold out box containers
022. Air filled shock absorber
023. Solid fuel from recycled fridge urethane
024. Low cost packaging film production system
025. Egg traceability system
026. Kewpie reduce volume of printing ink on boxes
027. Freon gas free urethane foam insulation foam
028. Tray-less wrapping machine
029. New “Flask” shaped pack for leafy vegetables
030. Lightweight OPS container from CP Kasei
031. High strength polylactic acid modifier for use in bio-plastic
032. Square standing pouch
033. Next generation package printing
034. Water color ink for PET bottles labels from Kirin

B.Sustainable Packaging Materials

035. Antibacterial & deodorizing paper packaging
036. Easy peel film tape from Unitika
037. Multi-dimple Dispen Pak
038. Suntory to use ultra thin PET bottle
039. Waste reducing air cushion pouch from Toppan
040. RFID tag for metal beverage can lids
041. Stylish, eco friendly wooden lunch boxes
042. Suntory switch to plastic wrapper for waste 6-packs
043. Kikkoman to use lightweight 1 litter bottle
044. Wrapping paper box with plastic cutting blade
045. High gas barrier nylon film for retort packaging
046. Environmentally friendly inorganic mineral paper
047. Trashcan made from PET bottle caps
048. Stone paper
049. New foam type PE plastic shock absorbent sheets
050. Easy peel off labels
051. Reduced thickness polyolefin film
052. Toyota use bio-plastic in car interior components
053. Next generation of PP band from Sekisui
054. Stretch film made from 40% recycled material
055. New PLA material food tray
056. Film bag food tray replacement
057. New high gas barrier plastic from Kuraray
058. Biodegradable flexi drinking straw
059. Low CO2 emitting foamed PP bowl
060. Environmentally friendly peel away tray
061. Shock absorbing sheet for food packs
062. New ultra thin high stretch film from Tsukasa
063. Wood pulp conserving stone paper
064. Carton neutral transparent plastic
065. Bio urethane from Toyo Soflantec
066. Wood food tray
067. Carbon neutral tapioca based bio-plastic
068. Strong, flexible biodegradable rubbish bags
069. “Flat” tube from Daiwa Can 070. High gas barrier shock absorbing wrapping films
071. Easy opening tofu pack
072. Recycled PET plastic fiber multipurpose tape
073. Color bands made from 100% recycled material
074. Rice bran ink
075. Ultra thin tape inner roll
076. Reusable film bag from Packs
077. Safe, fast drying environmentally friendly ink
078. Bamboo grass / safflower paper
079. Environmentally friendly peel away tray
080. CO2 absorbing agent reduces emissions by 60%

C. Sustainable Consumer Packaging

081. Otsuka to use 900ml “Eco Bottle” for sports drink
082. Coca-Cola to use PET bottle made from sugar cane
083. Environmentally friendly umbrella device
084. Reusable dehumidifying agent
085. Kewpie reduces size of dressing bottle
086. Beauty cream uses unique application tube
087. Environmentally friendly organic cosmetics range
088. Female body line mineral water bottles
089. Zeria use Bottle-Can for health supplement
090. High function, environmentally friendly rice bags
091. Unique facial oil refill
092. Eco type stick glue
093. Seaweed film cup noodle packs
094. 350ml size slim “Bottle-Can” from Asahi
095. New light weight cup for sake
096. New PET bottle from frozen beverages
097. Sustainable PET bottle from Coca-Cola
098. Unilever change Lipton tea packaging
099. Coke introduce light weight 2 liter bottle
100. Kewpie reduces size of dressing bottle
101. Shiseido introduce refill packs to Sea Breeze range
102. Re-sealable screw top can
103. Bowl box wins Japan's Good Design Award
104. 18 sided dessert tub
105. S.T. Corp. release economy air freshener
106. Wide mouth plastic supplement bottle with hinge lid
107. Maruha Nichiro introduce safer can
108. odor blocking pot noodle container
109. Integrated net & tray fruit packaging
110. Self-recycling cardboard container
111. Easy opening sausage meat wrapping film
112. Sweet potato shochu in a bamboo container
113. Yakult switch from foil to polystyrene lid
114. Sensitive document recycling service
115. Cosmetics container collection service
116. Eco type chilled coffee cup packaging
117. Metal like plastic film
118. Airline to begin use of PET bottle wine
119. Antibacterial water type cold preserving agent
120. High tech chocolate gift box
121. Barista style cup coffee from UCC
122. Inkless printer
123. Water boiling box for emergencies
124. Packed lunch trays from from potato biomass
125. Non-woven cloths for commercial use
126. Recycled paper box from 100% recycled paper
127. Recyclable plastic chopsticks
128. Air freshener made from recycled gel cooling agent
129. Instant coffee refills from Nestle
130. Water draining plastic bag
131. Potato tower packaging
132. Highly stable plastic distribution boxes
133. Braille salad dressing bottle
134. One touch opening plastic container
135. Itoham Foods revamps wiener packaging
136. Cosmetic gift set
137. 2-capsule blister packs
138. Embossed laminate film
139. Wine can with plastic drinking cup
140. Egg shaped tofu container
141. Vegetable specific packaging from Sugimoto Nousan
142. Insulated shaved ice cups
143.Environmental Awareness raising biomass toys
144. Small glass size wine carton
145. Coca-Cola use wide moth bottle for milk drink
146. Easy squeeze condiment tube
147. Cap locking device for deodorant spray
148. Crown Defeating eco rubbish sacks
149. Low CO2 emitting packaging from Kao









Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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