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Softletter has led the industry on analyzing the rise of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model after the ASP collapse of the 1999-2001 time frame. Softletter now provides SaaS performance benchmarks and best practices data you can't obtain from any other industry source (and they include organizations such as Forrester and Gartner). They've paid close attention to the impact of Cloud computing on software companies (and have at times been unimpressed by all the hype).

Softletter are keeping a close eye on how recent accounting changes are impacting revenue recognition practices and legal liability. They've collected definitive data on software marketing programs, effective uses of Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media systems. Softletter track and report on OEM trends and best practices, aligning marketing and sales, and the use of ""Agile"" programming methodologies in your R&D. And they're constantly analyzing the the latest trends in venture finance and company valuations.

Softletter doesn't just write about hypothetical ""big picture"" trends, either. Softletter go behind the scenes to interview key innovators about real costs, tangible results, and pitfalls. So you can make an informed judgment about how new trends will impact your future

Softletter is widely respected for its insightful trend analysis. Softletter keep an eye on emerging business models. They explore innovative marketing concepts, technology trends, and pricing movements. They look for unexpected market competition.

Performance Benchmarks You Can Trust

As a subscriber, you'll get dozens of benchmarking studies every year on financial ratios, executive compensation, online marketing trends, tech support costs, growth rates, employee productivity, and other key business metrics—the data you need to measure and fine-tune virtually every aspect of your operations.

And this is data you can trust. For 25 years the industry's best-managed companies have relied on Softletter to help them track virtually every aspect of their operations, from the board room to the shipping department. And because of their reputation for reliability, Softletter statistics regularly show up in business plans, in executive presentations, even in courtroom testimony.

In addition to these major surveys, your Softletter subscription will bring you dozens of shorter statistical reports. How do your Web sales compare to the latest trends? Are you charging enough for shipping & handling? Are you collecting receivables as fast as the competition? Softletter have the answers to questions like these—answers that can help you stay profitable when everyone else's margins are collapsing.

An Executive's Toolkit of Invaluable Advice and Insight

Of course, you can't run a company by the numbers alone. So Softletter also bring you expert tips and insights from their network of industry consultants, veteran managers, and strategists. You'll hear about how to improve your lead generation programs. How to market services more effectively. How to forecast new product sales, create powerful communities of customers, tech support hold times, optimize your social marketing campaigns, and measure public relations results.

In fact, you might think of these interviews and tips as part of a ""manager's toolkit""—a collection of practical ideas you can use to get better results or even shake up your organization.

And because a manager's toolkit should be crammed with lots of resources, they've created an online knowledge base for the exclusive use of their subscribers. As soon as you place your subscription order, they'll send you a personal password that unlocks more than a 1500 Softletter interviews, charts, and reports on the Softletter Web site, carefully summarized and retrievable by direct access and via their new archive search engine.

A one-year subscription to Softletter, the leading source of hard data on the software business. Includes 24 issues for one year from subscription date and complete access to the Softletter archives, with issues going back to 1995.
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"When Softletter shows up, everything else goes on hold."
—Richard Rabins, president, Alpha Software

"...Intelligent and compassionate interest in our industry and its participants, diligent research into the facts of everyday life, and all accompanied by an ironic wit to keep the whole thing in perspective."
—Geoffrey Moore, president, The Chasm Group

"As a software entrepreneur, I never cease to be amazed at all there is to running a company in this business. Fortunately, Softletter gives me access to the best practices in our industry as well as benchmarks to measure our successes and failures."
—Lee Jay Lorenzen, president, Altura Software

"If I had to choose to read only one software industry publication, Jeff Tarter's Softletter would be it. Somehow, he's figured out the exact issues that I'm interested in during any given month. If you have any management responsibility in a software company, you owe it to yourself to subscribe."
—Yoav Etiel, senior vice president of marketing, Bentley Systems

""A must-read for any software exec who wants to get beyond the fluff.""
—Jim Gottstein, chairman, Touch N' Go Systems

""Incredibly useful for framing the issues we deal with as a software company.""
—Jean Belanger, chairman, MetroWerks

""Softletter is always on my 'must read' list, and I have a shortcut on my desktop.""
—Howard Diamond, chairman, Corporate Software & Technology

""Softletter's information, metrics and data have been my Bible for almost as long as I've been in the industry—and that's a long time.""
—Bruce Fredrickson, president, Tactical Marketing Ventures

""The first place I turn for solid facts and intelligent opinions on the ever-changing software industry.""
—Michael Murphy, editor, California Technology Stock Letter

""Always seems to address topics that are critical to our company, at the time they are critical.""
—Bruce Law, vice president of corporate communications, Knowlix

""Jeff Tarter's depth of perspective is unparalleled in the software industry. Not only is he on top of all the latest trends, but his historical knowledge of past successes and failures helps temper vendor hype with customer realities.""
—Heather Clancy, editor, Computer Reseller News

""...A must-read for software professionals.""
—Shahira Hoffman, marketing manager, Media Cybernetics

""Provides a precise snapshot of where vendors stand in terms of sales, salaries, support programs and other important benchmarks.""
—Joe McKendrick, research consultant, GartnerGroup/Datapro

""When Jeff Tarter speaks, the software industry listens—and listens hard. Why? Because nobody else has Jeff's incredible depth of knowledge, his wide range of contacts, and his unique perspective. He's simply the best.""
—Ivan Levison, principal, Ivan Levison & Associates

""Practical, real-world stuff that I can use.""
—Dave Galloway, director of technical support, Seagate Software

""One of the few newsletters that I'll read cover to cover.""
—Gary Gysin, president, PGSoft

""The more I learn about the software business, the more I value my Soft-letter subscription!""
—John Beaird, CEO, SoftDisk

""I usually have the Softletter 100, the salary survey and one or two other benchmark reports quite dog-eared after a few months.""
—Howard Morgan, president, Arca Group

""A fabulous publication for anyone interested in the packaged software industry.""
—Alan Kusinitz, De Novo

""Always timely—or ahead of its time.""
—Bob Johnson, vice president of advisory services, ITSMA

""The original and best source for anyone who wants to stay abreast of this fast-moving industry.""
—Sam Albert, president, Sam Albert Associates

""For more than 15 years, Softletter has provided the software industry with timely, insightful and very useful analyses of the marketing issues every executive faces. You're at a disadvantage without Softletter.""
—Ken Wasch, executive director, SIIA

""Jeff Tarter's Softletter is the standard by which I measure industry publications. It's knowledgeable, smart, and very on point. Jeff's an industry insider who has great instincts and even better contacts. It's the one newsletter I always read first.""
—Amy D. Wohl, president, Wohl Associates

""...The ultimate authority on the software publishing industry.""
—Calisa Cole, director of marketing,

""The best way I know to stay current with the PC software business.""
—Peter Schmidt, division manager, NorthStar Internetworking

""Comprehensive, data-driven coverage. Real beef.""
—Bart Stuck, managing director, Signal Lake Venture Fund

""A must-read that's shared throughout our management team.""
—Kay Heiberg Bransford, vice president of marketing, Capitol Hill Software

""An uncanny ability to deliver information that is timely and insightful, month after month.""
—Doug Strohm, vice president of product planning and marketing, Attachmate Corp.

""A keen sense of the subjects that will affect decisions we are making every day.""
—Jill Besse, channel sales manager, Seagate Software

""If you want to understand the nuts and bolts of running a software company, Softletter must be a regular read.""
—Todd Currie, general manager, General Software

""I get 20 or 30 industry magazines on my desk each day. Most go in the trash unread, but I eagerly grab each issue of Soft-letter and read it on the spot.""
—Rich Diehl, CEO, Diehl Graphsoft

""Jeff Tarter is truly plugged in. If there's a new trend in the industry you need to know about, he's the one to get you that information long before it hits the rest of the press.
—Adam Grossman, president, Atlantic Media

""A source of industry insights and practical day-to-day practices that has influenced positively thousands of software marketers and product developers.""
—Joseph W. Jennings, senior vice president of marketing, InterTrust Technology Corp.

""If you want to know what's about to happen in software, Tarter's the man to call.""
—Tom Steinert-Trelkeld, editor-in-chief, Inter@ctive Week

""Don't let the name fool you—Softletter covers topics that are relevant to anyone involved in building a high-tech, high-growth company.""
—Charlie Tillett, CFO, NetScout Systems

""Covers the software industry hot buttons.""
—Candice Steelman, vice president of corporate communications, PowerQuest

""The de facto source for an arsenal of software marketing resources and insight.""
—David E. Ulmer, general manager, Adaptec Software Products Group

""Often I see information and I say, 'So what? That doesn't mean anything to me'—only to find myself quoting it weeks or months later.""

—Lyle Borton, associate principal, Control Data Systems

""I've been reading Softletter for 15 years and every issue is a learning experience.""
—Gordon Eubanks, chairman, Oblix

""Valuable insights into the nuts and bolts of the software industry.""
—Judith Hurwitz, president, Hurwitz Group

""Every year there are 3-4 issues, each one of which pays for the annual subscription with information that contributes to a client's bottom line.""
—Bob Pritchard, president, R.J. Pritchard & Associates

""Jeff has consistently been at the beginning of the curve on such crucial issues as packaging, support costs, call centers, and e-commerce.""
—Rick LePage, MacInTouch

""Unlike so many product- and fad-driven publications, Softletter gives companies invaluable practical insight that only Jeffrey Tarter's years of industry savvy could provide.""
—Frank Catalano, vice president of marketing,

""The only newsletter I've ever enjoyed reading cover to cover every time I get it. Timely, insightful, useful, honest.""
—Thomas McLaren, principal, McLaren Associates

""I like Softletter because it's practical and offers real-world advice. It has a nitty-gritty feel to it that makes you feel the people quoted in it have actually tested their own advice.""
—Esther Dyson, chairman, EDventure Holdings

""As a newsletter publisher, I know how difficult it is to produce something this good, week in and week out. Jeff does a terrific job, and I highly recommend subscribing.""
—David Strom, editor & publisher, Web Informant

""Softletter is the industry standard. I've been a reader for more than 15 years and find it full of sensible, I-should-have-thought-of-that advice, put clearly and directly, as if Jeff were a wise friend, writing just to you. You'll underline issues and save them.""
—Richard Shaffer, president, Technologic Partners

""An excellent tool to keep tabs on changes in the software industry.""
—Charlie Cooper, senior executive news editor, ZDNet News

""...Incredibly insightful on the key issues in the software business.""
—Vinod Khosla, general partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers

""...Consistently reports on the latest trends in the software industry.""
—Bruce Chizen, executive vice president, Adobe Systems

""The definitive newsletter for the software development industry.
—Michael Miller, editor-in-chief, PC Magazine

""I can't imagine why any software executive wouldn't be reading Softletter regularly.""
—Ron Tilden, CFO, WRQ

""...Timely, factual, accurate and frequently fun!""
—Garner Lester, principal, Lester & Lester

""The whole industry should be grateful that Jeffrey doesn't understand value pricing. Softletter is worth at least ten times the price he charges.""
—Seymour Merrin, president, Merrin Information Services

""If you're interested in staying on top, write Softletter a check immediately.""
—Betsy Kosheff, president, Kosheff Communications

""Jeff has done a great job of capturing the spirit and collective creativity of the software publishing community.""
—Janice Brown, president, Janice Brown & Associates

""A constant stream of insightful, useful articles...""
—Michael Krigsman, president, Cambridge Publications

""Well written, and addresses high-impact subjects.""
—Frank Della Rosa, vice president of sales, Omnet Technology

""Shared experiences from software companies condensed into powerful insights.""
—Dave Tarrant, president, Servicesoft Technologies

""Forward-thinking, insightful and data-driven. It's always at the top of my reading list.""
—Rory Cowan, president, LionBridge Technologies

""Softletter is an integral part of our strategic and tactical planning process at Xerox. Both the market data and insightful analysis of software market trends have consistently helped us to drive our thinking forward.""
—Doug McLean, vice president of marketing & sales, Xerox Internet Software Solutions

""A finger on the pulse of the software publishing industry.""
—Kevin P. Kalinich, chief executive officer, Altima Technologies

""Jeffrey Tarter is a rock-solid analyst and interpreter of important software trends.""
—Jesse Berst, editorial director, ZDNet AnchorDes

""An excellent balance of strategy and tactics. Just enough high-level guidance with plenty of hands-on, how-to advice.""
—Dave Brown, president, Service Management International

""Jeffrey Tarter puts out one of the finest newsletters in all of IT. He knows his segment like few others, and for that reason has consistently shown up on our annual list of the most influential technology journalists.""
—Jeffrey O'Brien, editor in chief, Marketing Computers

""I've had clients tell me that 'everybody who's anybody in software reads Softletter.' It's an unusual blend of trends, practical advice, and watch-your-back insights that help all software companies do a better job of selling, strategizing, and servicing their customers.""
—Kristin Zhivago, editor, Marketing Technology

""No matter what, I come away from each issue with some valuable nugget of advice that I put into practice in short order.""
—John Dearborn, senior vice president of marketing, MetaCreations

""Jeff never actually tells you what to do, but he generally makes sure you go in the right direction.""
—Pat Bitton, director of marketing, Perpetual Systems

""The best computer industry intelligence.""
—Thomas H. Friedman, president, Retail Systems Alert Group

""On a personal note, Softletter was there for me when I was between jobs. They called me unsolicited and offered to extend my subscription free of charge. Now that's good business.""
—Ned Pendergast, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Global Technology Center

""Great analysis, good data, and a sense of humor. I am glad Jeff is a part of the software industry.""
—Michael Troy, president, KnowledgePoint

""Renewing our subscription is my easiest decision all year. I certainly don't need more things to read, but Softletter is so intelligently written and covers desktop software so well that it saves me time as well as keeps me informed.""
—Al Hahn, president, Hahn Consulting

""Quotes, examples, numbers and results—a terrific way to gain insight into industry trends, new ways of doing marketing, new business models for the Internet economy.""
—Kristen Olson, vice president of marketing,

""A hard-headed, practical, experienced voice.""
—Bob Brown, president, ZD Market Intelligence

""I am a religious reader and I look to Softletter for practical perspectives I can apply the day I read them.""
—David Solomon, director of product marketing, Preview Systems

""Jeff has a knack for transforming a pile of raw data into trendlines that tell a story.""
—Ann Stephens, president, PC Data

""An innate understanding of the industry.""
—Omid Rahmat, principal, Doodah Marketing

""A superb roadmap to success.""
—David Webster, editor & publisher, Software Developer & Publisher Magazine

""The one newsletter that I save and refer to on a regular basis.""
—Sam Poole, president, Arista Knowledge Systems

""Cuts through the chafe... pertinent to real-life issues.""
—Dana Gardner, editor-at-large, InfoWorld

""Jeff Tarter is one of the smartest people in the software business.""
—Katherine Grayson, editor, Customer Support Management

""One of the few publications I read immediately. I think of Softletter as an effective, low-cost management consultant.""
—John J. Hallinan, CFO, CambridgeSoft Corp.

""A must for any software professional and a damn good read for business professionals in general.""
—Christopher Moore, principal, Seven Woods Audio

""A vast number of tips on marketing and selling and the needs of publishers and buyers.""
—Gerrit Schumann, ShareIt!

""Each time I open the envelope, intending to scan the newsletter—only to find I read it cover to cover. Softletter always surprises me.""
—Alison Harris, publisher, IT Support News

""Only Softletter gets read right away, all the time..""
—Michael Krieger, attorney

""Critical insights for growing our products and service offerings.""
—Michael Tomasic, chairman, CambridgeSoft

""I've never missed an issue since Day 1. It's the best reference source in the industry for financial analysis, pricing, compensation, and company performance metrics.""
—Michael Gonnerman, CFO, DataWare

""A concise look at the business of software... a must-read.""
—Ray Hardee, principal, Engineered Software

""Data and analysis that's relevant... without ads, pitches, or corporate-sponsored comparisons.""
—Lyle Ball, director of communications, Caldera Thin Clients

""Particularly valuable for operational and financial trends... unique.""
—Kathryn Hughes, vice president of marketing, Softrax Corp.

""A wealth of valuable information. I particularly appreciate the inclusion of third-party perspectives.""
—Daniela Gaudert, director of analyst relations, Corel Corp.

""No-nonsense stuff to help you... always something of value.""
—Dan Bricklin, founder, Trellix Corp

""If you can only read one page of text every two weeks, the back page of Softletter will ensure you're up to speed on the giants and wannabe giants of this crazy digital economy.""
—Mike Neumeier, technology group director, Duffey Communications

""Out of the piles of newspapers, magazines, and newsletters that mount up on my desk, Softletter is one that I always take time to read.""
—Posy Gering, president, Brainwave

""With business cycles tremendously compressed by the Internet phenomenon, Softletter has become required reading. Jeff Tarter delivers in every issue.""
—Dominique Goupil, president, FileMaker Inc.

""I've been subscribing since the 1980's, and Softletter keeps me abreast of the changes and trends in the software industry.""
—Laurie Martin, director of sales and marketing, Bertelsmann Industry Services

""If you're looking for insight into the software and Web world, Softletter is a must-read!""
—Joyce Plotkin, executive director, Massachusetts Software Council

""I look forward to each issue, and invariably I find a nugget I can use.""
—Jim Lussier, vice president of operations and corporate strategy,

""News and information I can't get anywhere else. I look forward to each issue.""
—Eric Kurjan, vice president, Solomon Software

""Entertaining, relevant, and useful.""
—Steve McChesney, channel marketing manager, Visio Corp

""Jeff gets the trend right before it happens.""
—Mitch Russo, founder, TimeSlips Corp.

""Absolutely required reading.""
—Max Hotopf, publisher, PC Europa

""It's a 'read right now' kind of publication. There's always something I don't find elsewhere.""
—Tom O'Flaherty, technology practice leader, Ernst & Young

""There are only a few publications I pay attention to religiously. Softletter is one of them.""
—Bruce Milne, president, Corum Group

""Information that is vital to our daily business.""
—Ewald Gehrmann, managing director, Trados

""A little software thinktank that's consistently ahead of the curves in the marketplace. While other luminaries speculate, dodge, and wish, Jeff dishes up the facts.""
—John Brodeur, chief executive officer, Brodeur Worldwide

""Pertinent, real-time information and trends.""
—Paul Vaillancourt, call center director, Intuit

""...A unique resource. I count on Softletter to stimulate ideas about how the industry operates.""
—Jim Fawcette, president, Fawcette Technical Publications

""Softletter helps us assess our business practices, avoid or correct potential problems, and create new opportunities.""
—Wayne Crandall, vice president, ScanSoft

""One of those resources you accept uncritically. It has veracity, because of the industry knowledge and work that's gone into it.""
—Barry Gander, director of outreach, Channelware

""I read every issue from cover to cover. Jeff has a way of distilling the key points like no other.""
—Rich Kline, director of publisher partnerships, BITSource

""The inside skinny.""
—Jim Daly, editor in chief, Business 2.0

""Truly useful information.""
—Jim Louderback, vice president/editorial director, ZDTV

""The first place I turn when I need critical business information. I know I can rely on Softletter.""
—Valorie Cook Carpenter, senior vice president of marketing, Caere Corp.

""Newsletters in the computer field come and go. Softletter, age 16, perseveres. It's no accident.""
—Will Fastie, principal, Fastie Systems"
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown