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The radical left party, Syriza Unifying Social Front (Syriza), won the pre-term election on January 25th 2015 and formed a coalition government with the far-right Independent Greeks (IG). The Economist Intelligence Unit's baseline forecast is that the government will not last a full term.

Acceptance by the prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, of punitive terms and conditions for a new reform programme in July led to a political revolt in Syriza in the run-up to a parliamentary vote on a series of immediate reforms ("prior actions") on July 15th-16th. Mr Tsipras is likely to reshuffle his cabinet and, after the long-term deal has been negotiated, call an early election to strengthen his reform mandate and sideline leftist critics. We expect him to win a majority.

The government will face problems implementing reforms tied to a third bail-out package, as harsh austerity measures and unpopular structural reforms meet opposition, including in the form of strikes and social unrest.

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Country Forecast Greece Updater

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