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The right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) remains the largest party in parliament. Its main rival, the left-wing Social Democratic Party (SPS), is the second-largest party. Both are present in government, along with the Free Democratic Party (FDP), the Christian Democratic Party (CVP) and the smaller Conservative Democratic Party (BDP).

An election is due on October 18th, and The Economist Intelligence Unit expects the SVP to take the highest vote share. However, the party is unlikely to surpass its 2007 high point of 28.9%. We expect few if any changes to the composition of the five-party government, although it is possible that the BDP's representative will be replaced with a second councillor from the SVP.

Switzerland's relations with the EU will be strained by the success of a 2014 referendum on limiting immigration from the EU. The EU has dismissed the government's draft proposals for implementing the decision as irreconcilable with a bilateral agreement on the free movement of people. Six other bilateral accords with the EU (concerning mutual access to other key markets, public procurement and agriculture as well as aspects such as technical barriers to trade and research) are now also at risk. However, the Swiss government is likely to address the issue pragmatically and has suggested that another referendum is possible. The government recently appointed its former EU ambassador, Jacques de Watteville, to negotiate with Brussels.

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Country Forecast Switzerland Updater

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