Islamic Values and Management Practices

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  • February 2012
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The author of this thought provoking addition to Gower's Transformation and Innovation Series has worked as a management consultant in the Arab Middle East for 25 years. In Islamic Values and Management Practices she acknowledges that businesses and other organizations in the region face urgent concerns in relation to quality and transformation, but argues that these issues might be more appropriately addressed by the application of an Islamic Management Model, rather than the 'Western' one hitherto applied.

Over time, a set of management systems based on Islamic values has been developed by the author. These systems recognise the need to build human organizations, socially and politically as well as commercially, and also the recognition that for Muslims, justice is the ultimate value, bringing balance between the individual's soul and spirit on the one hand, and the organization's soul and spirit on the other. This Islamic management model stresses that effectiveness is an outcome of operating efficiently and at the same time unifying the organization's objectives with those of its employees and wider society, and ensuring that at the strategic level the long view is always maintained.

Recounting her own personal and business journey, Maqbouleh Hammoudeh presents the outcomes of research that has tested the application of the Islamic Management Model and its ability to deliver the desired quality and transformation outcomes in a major civic or profit making organization.

At a time when many practitioners and business educators are seeking new management approaches, this revealing case study sheds light on the evolution of a contemporary theory of management for the Muslim World.

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-Part I Context: Orientation; The origin of the transformation: our stories; Management consulting as a path to quality and transformation.

-Part II Methodology: Methodology: towards an integral consultant.

-Part III Content: Total quality and transformation; Quality in Islam; Comparative management philosophy: an initial outline; I. theory systems; The values of I. theory.

-Part IV Application: Case study 1: Royal Society for Conservation of Nature, Amman; Case study 2: Al-Quds Paints Co – Amman/Jordan.

-Part V Conclusions: Quality and transformation: I. theory re-visited; Bibliography; Appendices; Index.

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'..successfully combines the classical Islamic theoretical perspectives towards Management generally and Human Resource Management particularly with the related cotemporary theoretical and methodological perspectives that led to produce a blueprint for guiding Management Development and Human Resource Management transformational programs which are compatible with Arab World and Middle East socio-cultural contexts.
The author's acknowledged long standing expertise as Management consultant and trainer in Jordan and in the Arab World and the successful implementation of the developed blueprint in various organizations in Jordan add to the credibility of this book.' – Adel Al-Rasheed, Professor of Management, German Jordanian University & Yarmouk University in Jordan

'Dr Hammoudeh's work is a testimony for the imperative for knowledge mining in Islamic culture to inform and enlighten the Business literature and practice. Her insights on the linkages between culture and business are of value since her model has resonance with basic notions of Tawheed (Unity), Ihsan (inner beauty) and Mizan (social justice). There are windows of opportunities to harness and embody local knowledge inspired by Islamic values as a humanitarian and universal business charter that will both enhance cultural diversity and innovation through sound and smart understanding of text and context in both Islam and Business.' – Prof. Odeh Al-Jayyousi, Regional Director- IUCN

'This book, takes you through several journeys to explore and help you live the experience of management in Islam through the personal journey of the author, the transformation journey of two local organizations, the journey of total quality management in Jordan to the journey of consulting in an Arabic country. For sure, one thing Maqbouleh is not going to deprive from: the inquisitiveness to learn and find more about the fascinating subjects she succeeded to open widely for research and reflection.' – Zain E.A.M. Tahboub, Ph.D., Researcher, Consultant and Strategy Adviser

'Reading Dr Maqboulah Hammoudeh's book, I admired her courageous approach to I - Theory. She provoked my intelligence to read more about management in Islam as tactics and strategy, and about objectives and means by which to attain quality transformation. As a secular educationist, it was an unprecedented approach to take the lead and dig deeply into this sensitive subject which is a taboo dominated by religious thought in this part of the World. While reading through the book, I admired her simplicity in delivering the I - Theory's core and concept, considering balance and justice as means of development and transformation.
Dr Hammoudeh's work will attract more researches in this untapped field.' - Mohammad Shahin, CEO, JOSWE medical, Amman, Jordan.

'This book is extremely important and unique as it examines Islam from a management and social dimension which has been neglected, even though it was the main contribution to human development for decades. I hope this book will provoke further use of the principles of Islam in the revitalization of human cvilisation.'- Yehya Khaled, Director General, The Royal Society For The Conservation Of Nature (RSCN), Jordan.

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