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Library of Connecticut Employment Law Forms

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  • January 2012
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Library ofConnecticut Employment Law Forms is a comprehensive set of over 140 forms used for every aspect of an employment matter, from pre-judgment remedies to post-litigation issues.The forms in this book are efficiently divided into those used in federal court, those used in state court, and CHRO forms which are used in both state and federal court.            These complaints are presented in book and electronic format on a CD-ROM, which may be opened in MS Word and in an online format. These forms may be edited to suit the unique facts and circumstances of each case. Use these forms as your templates and save valuable time drafting and typing. In addition, online access will be available at no extra cost.
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Chapter 1.    Pre-Litigation
1-001                    Breach of Contract -- Application for Pre-Judgment Remedy and Preliminary Injunction
1-002                    Breach of Contract -- Memo in Support of Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Pre-Judgment Remedy
1-003                    Breach of Contract -- Memo of Law in Response to Defendant's Objections to Prejudgment Remedy Ruling and Order
Chapter 2.    Complaints
2-001                    Complaint -- Race Discrimination -- Federal Court
2-002                    Complaint --Age Discrimination -- Federal Court
2-003                    Breach of Contract -- Change of Control Provisions -- Federal Court
2-004                    Complaint -- Race Discrimination -- Federal Court
2-005                    Amended Complaint
2-006                    Amended Complaint -- Race Discrimination
2-007                    Amended Complaint -- Pregnancy Discrimination
2-008                    Sixth Amended Complaint --Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
Chapter 3.    Pending Litigation
3-001                    Rule26(a) Initial Disclosures
3-002                    Plaintiff's Memo in Opposition to Defendant's Partial Motion to Dismiss
3-003                    Requests for Admission --Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
3-004                    Second Requests for Admission -- Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
3-005                    Plaintiff's Memo in Support of Motion to Compel --Wrongful Discharge
3-006                    Plaintiff's Objection to Defendant's Motion to Compel
3-007                    Plaintiff's Reply Memo in Support of Motion for Protective Order
Chapter 4.    Discovery
4-001                    Notice of Deposition Federal Court
4-002                    Re-Notice Deposition Rule30(b)(6)
4-003                    Plaintiff's First Interrogatories and Requests for Production (Federal)
4-004                    Plaintiff's First Interrogatories and Requests for Production -- Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
4-005                    Request for Production
4-006                    Plaintiff's Second Request for Production -- Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
4-007                    Plaintiff's Third Request for Production -- Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
Chapter 5.    Summary Judgment
5-001                    Memo of Law in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment -- Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
5-002                    Plaintiff's Memo of Law in Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment -- Race Discrimination
5-003                    Summary Judgment Opposition
5-004                    Summary Judgment Opposition Memo -- Pregnancy Discrimination
5-005                    Rule 56(a)(2) Statement of Disputed Facts -- Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
5-006                    Joint Pre-Trial Memo -- Pregnancy Discrimination
Chapter 6.    Trial
6-001                    Proposed Jury Instructions -- Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination
Chapter 7.    Pre-Litigation
7-001                    Application for Prejudgment Remedy --Intentional or Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress
7-002                    Complaint -- Intentional or Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress
Chapter 8.    Complaints
8-001                    Order for Prejudgment Remedy Against Defendant
8-002                    Complaint -- Wrongful Discharge
8-003                    Amended Complaint -- Wrongful Discharge
8-004                    Complaint -- Disability Discrimination
8-005                    Amended Complaint -- Disability Discrimination
8-006                    Second Amended Complaint --Disability Discrimination
8-007                    Complaint --Wrongful Termination Section 31-51q
8-008                    Amended Complaint --Wrongful Termination Section 31-51q
8-009                    Complaint -- Breach of Contract
8-010                    Amended Complaint -- Breach of Contract
8-011                    Complaint -- Defamation
8-012                    Amended Complaint -- Defamation
8-013                    Complaint -- Sexual Harassment
8-014                    Complaint -- Section 31-51q Public Policy Violation
8-015                    Amended Complaint- Section 31-51q Public Policy Violation
Chapter 9.    Pending Litigation
9-001                    Plaintiff's Response to Request to Revise -- Sexual Harassment
9-002                    Notice of Deposition
9-003                    Plaintiff's First Set of Interrogatories and Request for Production --Breach of Contract
Chapter 10.  Discovery
10-001                   Confidentiality Order -- Breach of Contract
10-002                   Motion to Compel -- Breach of Contract
10-003                   Opposition to Motion for Discovery of Medical Records -- Memo
10-004                   Memo of Law in Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Protective Order
Chapter 11.  Summary Judgment
11-001                   Plaintiff's Memo in Opposition to Defendant's Motion to Strike -- Section 31-51q --Free Speech Claim --Public Policy Claim
11-002                   Memo of Law in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment --Wrongful Termination --Section 31-51q
Chapter 12.  Trial
12-001                   Motion in Limine
12-002                   Request to Charge -- Sexual Harassment
12-003                   Supplemental Request to Charge -- Sexual Harassment
12-004                   Jury Interrogatories

Chapter 13.  Post-Trial
13-001                   Defendant's Post-Trial Brief --Defense Against Enforcement of Non-Compete Clause
13-002                   Plaintiff's Brief in Support of Prejudgment Interest
13-003                   Plaintiff's Reply to Defendant's Objection to Plaintiff's Claim for Interest
13-004                   Memo in Support of Award for Attorney Fees Costs and Punitive Damages
13-005                   Plaintiff's Memo for Attorney Fees, Punitive Damages and Offer of Judgment
13-006                   Plaintiff's Memo in Support of Future Lost Wages Damages
13-007                   Plaintiff's Memo of Law in Opposition to Defendant's Post Verdict Motions
13-008                   Plaintiff's Omnibus Response to Defendant's Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict, Motion to Set Aside the Verdict, Motion for a New Trial and Motion for Remittitur
13-009                   Plaintiff's Omnibus Response to Defendant's Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the  Verdict,  Motion for a New Trial and Motion for Remittitur
CHRO - State & Federal
Chapter 14.  Complaints & Affidavits
14-001                   Age and Disability Discrimination -- CHRO Affidavit
14-002                   CHRO Amended Complaint-Sexual Harassment
14-003                   CHRO Complaint -- Sexual Harassment
14-004                   CHRO Complaint Disability
Chapter 15. Replies
15-001                   Pregnancy Discrimination --CHRO Reply
15-002                   Race Discrimination -- CHRO Reply
15-003                   Sexual Harassment -- Hostile Work Environment -- Reply to Position Statement
Chapter 16.  Misc. Forms
16-001                   CHRO -Important Information When Filing a Claim
16-002                   CHRO -- Appearance
16-003                   CHRO -- Sample Affidavit
16-004                   CHRO -- Complaint (fillable)
16-005                   CHRO -- Initial Filing Cover Letter
16-006                   CHRO -- Withdrawal Form
16-007                   CHRO -- Release of Jurisdiction
16-008                   EEOC -- Charge of Discrimination Form
16-009                   EEOC -- Withdrawal Form
Chapter 17.  Demand Letters
17-001                   Demand Letter -- Age Discrimination
17-002                   Demand Letter --Disability Discrimination
17-003                   Demand Letter -- ERISA
17-004                   Demand Letter -- Pregnancy Discrimination
17-005                   Demand Letter -- Sexual Harassment
Chapter 18.  Authorizations
18-001                   Authorization for Employment Information
18-002                   Authorization Personnel File
18-003                   Authorization HIPAA Medical Records
18-004                   Authorization Disability Records
Chapter 19.  Misc. Cover Letters & Forms
19-001                   Notice Re Requests for Admission State Court
19-002                   Expert Witness Disclosure Preliminary -- Federal Court
19-003                   Expert Witness Disclosure --Federal Court
19-004                   Expert Witness Disclosure -- State Court
19-005                   Letter to State Marshall for Service of Summons and Complaint
19-006                   Letter Regarding Deposition and Errata Sheet
19-007                   Application to Confirm Arbitration Award
19-008                   Subpoena Duces Tecum
19-009                   Certificate of Closed Pleadings -- State Court
19-010                   Claim for Jury -- State Court
19-011                   AAA -- Demand for Arbitration
19-012                   AAA -- Answering Statement and Counterclaim
19-013                   AAA -- Demand Cover Sheet
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  • Joseph D. Garrison
Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Chimes, Richardson & Fitzgerald has  long been recognized as the pre-eminent law firm in the state representing individuals in employment disputes. The firm has litigated many of the landmark cases in the employment field in Connecticut and won some of the largest verdicts in the history of the state.
Joseph D. Garrison founded the law firm in 1975. From the beginning of his career, he has represented individuals. Employment law became an important part of his activities, and after some early successes he has concentrated his practice in this field. Mr. Garrison has tried numerous employment cases to conclusion before juries, as well as before arbitrators in arbitration proceedings. He is experienced in the federal and state trial courts of Connecticut.
Since 2003, Mr. Garrison has increasingly acted as a mediator and an arbitrator. He is a panel member on the American Arbitration Association's selective list of mediators and arbitrators. His experience in these procedures has further enhanced his ability to represent clients at all levels of employment in negotiations and other settlement processes.
The year 2007 will be the 20th consecutive year that Mr. Garrison has been listed in The Best Lawyers In America. Placement in Best Lawyers results from peer selection and represents the top 1% of lawyers in the particular listed fields. In addition, Mr. Garrison was selected as a Connecticut Super Lawyer, and within that group he earned a spot in the top 50 lawyers in the state. Because of his jury trial work, he has also been selected to the American Board of Trial Advocates, an honorary group in which he is the only lawyer selected in Connecticut who represents employees in employment matters.
Mr. Garrison has been writing a monthly column for the Connecticut Law Tribune since 2003, concentrating on issues in arbitration law and procedure. He contributed a chapter to Connecticut's Mediation Practice Book on mediation from the employee's perspective. He has acted as a book reviewer for works on alternate dispute resolution, arbitration, and jury instructions for employment litigation.
Mr. Garrison is also a nationally-known speaker. He has spoken annually at various seminars, including New York University Law School's employment law workshop for federal judges, the National Employment Lawyers Association's (NELA) conventions, and the Law Education Institute seminar for employment law. He has also spoken at many American Bar Association annual meetings and seminars, and is a frequent lecturer in Connecticut.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown